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Traxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper [2020] | (Review & Buying Guide)

Before talking about Traxion 3 -100 foldable creeper you need to know a few things about this specific model, and in the next few lines, I am going to ask a few questions.

So just keep up with us.

If you are opting for an engineering workstation that helps in making your work easier than obviously, you are always in need of tools or machinery that makes your work easier.

Also, when we talk about car maintenance, there are some tools that are good but also some tools that have a caliber of awesomeness.

A creeper, topside creeper (overhead creeper) is one of the inventions that reduce your efforts like a robot.

Also in creeper, there are some models, loved by top mechanics or champion of the automotive industry. Traxion 3-100 Foldable Topside creeper is one such device that stands out alone over all the creepers available in the market.

The best part is that the company launch this popular product with new specifications again.

How To Use Traxion 3-100 Foldable Creeper

It genuinely gets difficult when you need to get up and work on some specific auto parts in your garage. Professionals take the help of a proper workstation that is both safe to work on and is also efficient.

So if you are willing to buy this multipurpose overhead creeper, it is always important to know all about the product. You can opt to know more from this Traxion 3-100 best selling creeper review to know more.


The Traxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper comes with a decent design and many features which helps any user to work on the car. However, several features make the product a great choice for professionals who are willing to use it regularly. There are some features including height adjustable option, Locking clusters and comfortable hold which makes the Traxion topside creeper a great purchase. Here, are some of the specifications that you must know about the product. 

  • Capacity 400 lbs
  • Weight 77 lbs
  • Dimensions 55 X 24 X 64
  • Wheel Diameter 3 inches
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Caster / Wheel Count 4

Mian Features

1. Adjustable Height

The adjustable height feature in the product is a great feature for any professional. It allows you to work accordingly and reach to the places with an inclined angle. Apart from this, the adjustable-height makes sure that the Creeper holds you firm and makes way for you to work form the top. You may need to repair some auto parts where you cannot reach out just by standing. This feature helps you to reach those areas and work on them. The product has an adjustable height feature that adjusts from 52 inches to 72 inches. It follows increments of 6 inches which lock the height.

2. Padded Deck

Padded deck in any creeper allows you to have comfortable support in which you are working. You may require hand support or complete chest support when you are in an inclined position. But if the creeper is completely made up of a hard and steel deck, you may find it difficult to deal with. The Traxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper comes with a padded deck at the top which allows you to get proper armrests and chest rests while you are working. The padded deck is 2 inches thick and is made up of soft foam to give you proper comfort. 

3. Ergonomic Design

It takes up long hours when you are standing continuously and doing delicate work on your automotive part. So to support you with long hours of work, this Traxion over the engine creeper comes with an ergonomic design The product makes sure that you always get the right angle when you are inclined and doing delicate work with proper grips on either side. So whenever you climb up to finish your work, you will not face any major problems. This ergonomic design is specifically made for you to work on a longer duration. 

4. Locking Casters

The locking caster feature in the Traxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper is very unique and handy. The main function of the caster is to provide you support so that when you climb up, it can give stability to the creeper. In this product, there are 4 different casters available which allow you to easily move the unit. Apart from this, two locking casters allow you to lock your position. So you can modify the creeper according to your choice of angle and inclination. Each of the casters comes with a maximum weight capacity of 56 pounds. 

5. Storage

The product comes with a modern and foldable design. In fact, it is easy to fold so that you can easily save space after your work is finished. This eases down the storage space requirements once your work with the creeper finishes. It folds into three sections which make the caster to be compact and precise. So you can easily save a lot of space in your garage or your home while storing it.

Traxion 3-100 Vs 3-700

  • The height adjustment feature for the 3-100 creeper ranges from around 48 inches to 64 inches. However, in the case of 3-700, it is slightly higher. The latter can extend the height up to 75 inches. 
  • Coming to the weight of the 3-100, the optimal weight is around 70 pounds which is just a fractional less than the 3-700 creeper. The 3-700 models weigh around 75 pounds. 
  • The maximum weight capacity of both the 3-100 and 3700 is almost the same. Both can take a maximum load of 400 lbs at full stretch. 
  • The 3-700 is a much flexible model that becomes easy to assemble and to install. It takes just 12 minutes to install the product. The 3-100 models do not come in an assembled state and it may take more time to assemble. 
  • To lock a position, the 3-100 creeper comes with two lock clusters while it is different for the 3-700 models. This product uses an I-base like structure to secure a compatible grip onto the product.
  • Coming to the design of the two products, the 3-100 seems to be more ergonomic for longer use. However, the 3-700 seems to be more professional in terms of inclination which makes it apter. 
  • The 3-100 creeper allows the professional to cover 100 inches of the engine compartment. The 3-700 allows the professional to cover a range of 140 inches because of the wide angles present.

why you Need To Choose This

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and ergonomic creeper that will last for long hours, the Traxion 3-100 foldable topside Creeper is a perfect choice for you. There are even some features that make the use of the 3-100 to be much simple and effective in the long run. There may be many other professional models available, but the 3-100 will surely fulfill your job with easy. For us, it is a great buy if you are purchasing a creeper for the first time.

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