10 Best Mechanic Creepers Review (Automotive Creeper) | August 2020

Are you working as a professional for repairing auto parts? or Do you own a garage? So this one is for you, I am going to talk about one of the necessities that every mechanic need somehow. Confuse! don’t be, an automotive creeper is something, that I am talking about.

A creeper is a very useful accessory that helps you to reach out to the odd places of any auto car on which you will be working. A mechanics creeper or garage creeper provides you the ease of work.

However, if you are looking for the best mechanic stool for your garage need, picking any random product will not do the job good for you.

There are so many garage creepers already available in the market today and choosing the best out of them is a real daunting task. There are so many parameters that you need to keep in mind.

So here with the help of our guide or real-time buyer experiences, we collect the few most demanding creeper stool reviews, After analyzing all listed creepers, you will get several benefits as per your working behavior in the garage, and you could save some money as well as your time.

So let’s go threw it…

Traxion 2-700 ProGear
Editor Choice
Traxion 2-700 ProGear
  • You can easily access your tools and parts.
  • Carry this seat with one hand.
  • Plastic for a best in class mobility.
Premium Choice
MB-THISTAR Rolling Creeper
  • High quality casters for easy rolling.
  • Ajustable headrest for maximum comfort.
  • Fully padded back.
KINCROME Garage Rolling Mechanic Stool
Value For Money
KINCROME Garage Rolling Stool
  • High quality polyurethane castors.
  • Large under seat storage area.
  • Maximum comfort and reduces fatigue.
RTJ 250 lbs Roller Seat
RTJ 250 lbs Roller Seat
  • Convenient drawer and tool tray for easy access.
  • ideal for your garage, workshop and other workplace.
  • C-Frame design is stable and sturdy.
House Deals Floor Folding Platform Mechanics Creeper
House Deals Floor Folding Creeper
  • Long lasting padded vinyl cushion.
  • Converts into 3 different creeper/seat.
  • Use as a laydown creeper.

10 Best Mechanic Creepers Review To Buy

#1. Traxion 2-700 ProGear Rolling Gear Mechanics Stool

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  • The Traxion 2-700 ProGear Mobile Rolling Gear Seat comes with a completely adjustable height feature which allows you to adjust the height. Oh! There is that single push bar so that you can adjust the height easily.
  • I like the concept of the huge 5-inch casters made of synthetic rubber. It was easy for me to transfer the products from one place to another.
  • The race seat seems to be extremely comfortable and I’m extremely comfortable with the heavy-duty materials.
  • You will also get a carry handle along with 4 wheels at the bottom. So you can always get easy access to transfer the chair from one place to another.

How Can I increase the seat height?

Oh, I found an easy way to increase the height. The product includes a simple push bar so that you can easily increase the seat height. In fact, you can adjust it from 15.5 inches to 19 inches easily.

#2. MB-THISTAR Rolling Mechanic Creeper Seat

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  • The MB-THISTAR Rolling Creeper Seat Mechanic Stool features a red leather cover seat which I found to be very comfortable to sit on.
  • Most interestingly, I found that it has a great leather cover which makes the seating option more comfortable.
  • Apart from this, what I like is this one is a mechanic stool with wheels which allow you to easily transfer the stool from position to another.
  • The tray under the stool that this product has was very helpful for me to always keep the essentials.
  • I found the Red cushion for dirt resistance to be very helpful. Since the leather made is of premium quality, it can be easy to clean and great to use.

Can I use the product for a long time?

Yes, the built is very good and I loved it. The steel frame seems to be very good and can last longer.

#3. KINCROME Garage Rolling Mechanic Stool

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  • The KINCROME Garage & Work Shop Mechanics comes with a padded vinyl foam seat at the top. In fact, the seat is so soft and ergonomic for you to continue for the long hours. I quite liked how comfortable it was for me to work seating on it for longer hours.
  • The high-quality polyurethane castors are a great addition to the product. It provides proper stability to the body that allows a decent weight capacity.
  • The color seems to be very attractive to me. In fact, I loved the small and compact size of the seat. It seems to be a perfect fit for any garage and any car.

Can I attach new seats with this product?

Yes, you can easily get the option of choosing new seats with the product with the help of casters. Just take out the casters and then get your new seat installed.

#4. RTJ 250 lbs Capacity Mechanics Roller Seat

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Why Do I like It?

  • The RTJ 250 lbs Capacity Mechanic Stool comes with a 250 lbs capacity which I found to be very helpful. So you can even sit on the seat or even stand on it.
  • I liked the heavy-duty construction of the product and found it a great addition to the product. It has a complete metal frame for better stability.
  • The product includes a convenient drawer for you to keep things properly in space.
  • You can also get swiveling casters which help you to move the product from one position to the other. It is a great tool if you are carrying multiple auto parts.

Buyer’s Query

Is it a comfortable height for using with my SUV car?

The product has some great space and decent height. But since it comes with 18 inches off the ground, I have liked to use it for my SUV.

#5. House Deals Floor Folding Platform Mechanics Creeper

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Why Do I like It?

  • The House Deals Floor Folding Platform Creeper seems to be a great choice for professionals. It is foldable in design which allows you to use it both as a stool and a creeper.
  • I liked the heavy metal frame that the product has. This allows you to get a sturdy metal frame for the product.
  • You can also get swivel casters which allow you to easily transfer the product from one place to others.

Buyer’s Query

Can I use it as a stool?

Yes, and you will love to use the product as a stool. Simply fold the creeper into a stool position and use it.

#6. Ejoyous Mechanic Roller Seat

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Why Do I like It?

  • The Ejoyous Mechanic Roller Seat seems to be one of my first choices for the products which come with storage tray. I simply love using it as it is very useful for me to carry my stuff while working.
  • I found the construction to be very sturdy and durable. Since it has a high-quality stainless steel product, it is a great buy.
  • The product comes with a high-density sponge cushion. So you can work on it for hours after sitting on the product.
  • You can also get a comfortable and easy installation. It took just 5 minutes to assemble the product and then start using it

Buyer’s Query

Are The Caster Nuts Fitting Properly Every Time?

Due to continuous use, these caster nuts may tend to get a bit loose. However, you can just tighten them after some time to get the best result. There is no problem with the nuts.

#7. MB-THISTAR 300 LB Mechanics Rolling Creeper Seat

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Why Do I like It?

  • Coming to style and comfort, I found it to be extremely comfy and elegant while testing the product. Because of the strong construction, it gives great stability while working.
  • It seems to have a plastic tool tray at the bottom which is quite good to keep your tools.
  • The space in the tray is decent for you to carry multiple tools.
  • You can get almost five wheels with this mechanics creeper seat which allows you to easily move with the product.
  • The thick padding cushion has attracted me. I found it to be extremely comfortable to sit on for long hours.

Buyer’s Query

Are the seats padded with vinyl?

Yes, they have vinyl cushions which allow you to get the proper comfort while working. So you can always stay comfortable while using the creeper for long.

#8. Allbest2you Mechanic Creeper Rolling Stool

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Why Do I like It?

  • The best thing that I liked about the Allbest2you Mechanic Creeper Rolling Stool is the soft padded cushions available with the product. It is very soft and ergonomic.
  • The product comes with a standard height which I found quite comfortable to work with.
  • Apart from this, it has swivel casters with four wheels that help you to travel with the product.

Buyer’s Query

Can I remove the wheels?

The product allows you to easily remove the wheels. I found an option to unscrew from the casters which allowed me to easily remove the wheels.

#9. CASTOOL Pneumatic Mechanic Roller Seat

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Why Do I like It?

  • The CASTOOL Pneumatic Mechanic Roller Seat seems to be more like a compact tool for your use.
  • I like the concept of easy height change features in the stool. It allows the user to adjust the height according to the needs.
  • It also comes with an onboard tool to provide you easy storage options. So you can always keep the important things present.

Buyer’s Query

Are there brakes on the wheels?

Oh No! There are no brakes at all! But since there are hard casters, the stool is completely stable in all terms.

Buying Guide- How to Choose the Best Mechanic Stool

How much weight a mechanic stool carries?

The weight capacity of any mechanic creepers decides on how much holding capacity it can carry. Naturally, your creeper may be used by several people if you are using it for a public garage. So different people may have different body mass! So the product must have a high weight capacity.

Most of the best mechanic creeper sets come with 300 lbs capacity considering the weight. This allows you to easily work with the creeper and also to give it to anybody for use. So make sure that your product has a high weight capacity.

Quality of material for long-lasting purpose?

The next important thing is the material of the product and how well the body is constructed. The material of the garage creeper determines the construction and the stability it can provide.

The lightweight materials like plastic may be easy to carry, but at the same time, they are not much durable to hold onto the weight. Heavy-duty materials like stainless steel can be a better option for you to choose when you are willing to get an automotive creeper. They are more stable than any other materials available so that it is easier for you to work on.

The ease of work or comfort level?

Choosing a comfortable creeper will allow you to work on it for long hours. There are two types of creeper stools available with regular design and ergonomic design. However, the ergonomic design rolling mechanic stool comes with soft padded cushions.

This allows you to be much more comfortable to lean on the creeper or to have a seat on it. However, if you are willing to choose the best automotive creeper, try to go for a product that has both padded and contour options. This makes the mechanic stool, be much more stable while you are using it.

The portability of rolling seats around all directions?

While you are working on any auto part, you need to work from different angles. Because of this, you need to move around with the creeper. If your product is too heavy, it may get difficult for you to move around with the product. So it is important to choose a creeper that comes with wheels at the bottom.

So these wheels allow you to easily carry the creeper from one position to the other without any hassles. Try to choose a product that includes a heavy frame and wheels. This keeps the creeper stable while you are leaning on it. 

Is it really worth it to buy?

If you are willing to buy a mechanic seat for the first time, you need to have a close look at the budget. Choosing an expensive product for the first time may not be an easy thing for you. A lot of people do look for budget-friendly options. But in the course of this, it becomes much more difficult for you to choose a product without proper features.

So if you are buying a new creeper, make sure to buy a budget-friendly creeper that has all the essential features like stability, ergonomic design, and wheels at the bottom. 

The clearance factor of creeper towards the ground?

The next important factor is the clearance of the creeper. The ground clearance of the creeper denotes how closer you reach the car and what is the gap between you and your car while you are working.

If the creeper clearance is too low, you will have difficulty in reaching out to the parts and it is too high, you will feel suffocated. Thus, the best mechanic stools come with a recommended clearance of 2 inches from the ground. This becomes a suitable height for you to work below and above the car.

Accessories come along with that creeper?

Accessories on every mechanic creeper stool are always an important factor for you to choose from. Some of the brands offer you several accessories with the product while some of them do not offer. However, there are some minimal accessories like the mechanic’s seats or the screw gauges.

They allow you to easily deal with the creeper set for long hours. So try to choose a product that allows you to get proper results and make your work easier.

Obviously the warranty period?

The warranty for any product is very important while you are opting to choose the best creeper. Most of the renowned brands offer you a high warranty with the product that allows you to get proper services from the manufacturer for a long time. Getting a higher warranty means that the spare parts of the creeper will be available for a long time and you can always get several benefits.

So try to choose products which allow you to have a higher warranty of minimum 1-year. This will also reduce the maintenance of the product.

Casters to avoid inconvenience?

Casters are a unique feature in any creeper that you are going to opt for. The main function of these casters makes sure that you can lock a position of the seat while you are willing to work in an inclined position. While working for long hours you may have to change the angle of the creeper several times.

However, in such situations, the casters help you to lock the position and allow you to work on it. The top products will have durable casters which are very useful for running it for long hours.

Safety: It should be the first concern, isn’t?

While you are purchasing a new creeper, you must also consider the safety factors to keep in mind. You may work in an inclined position or by standing on it or by sitting on the creeper.

So make sure that the lock casters are comfortable and durable to work with. Apart from this, make sure that the edges are properly finished and there are no many chances for any accidents. So be sure that the product that you choose has the best safety concerns making it is an ideal purchase for you.

Ejoyous Mechanic Roller Seat
Ejoyous Mechanic Roller Seat
  • Constructed with heavy-duty tubular steel.
  • Large, segmented tool tray storage.
  • Fully padded seat.
MB-THISTAR 300 LB Mechanics Rolling Creeper
MB-THISTAR 300 LB Rolling Creeper
  • Cushioned red vinyl cover.
  • High quality casters for easy rolling.
  • Power coated steel frame.
Allbest2you Mechanic Creeper Rolling Stool
Allbest2you Creeper Rolling
  • Comes with a standard height.
  • Soft padded cushions.
  • Very soft and ergonomic.
CASTOOL Pneumatic Mechanic Roller Seat
CASTOOL Pneumatic Roller Seat
  • Multi-layered padding.
  • Steel-frame construction.
  • 2 floor adjustable stool.

Editor Choice

Choosing the best mechanic stool is never an easy task for you since there are several parameters that you need to consider. You need to spend hours of research on the product which will allow you to get the best results.

If you ask for my personal opinion I would suggest Traxion 2-700 ProGear Mobile Rolling Gear Seat, it provides all the major comfort related to your work done in all manner also for those who prefer looks, as one of the concern than also this Traxion 2-700 is one of the best options.

There are several creepers available and still, if you are facing difficulties in getting the proper results, this research guide on the behalf of buyers point of view will surely help you to choose the best creeper stool this new year 2020.

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