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🥇Best Low Profile Creeper Review To Buy [2020] | Buying Guide

You are working in a garage or automotive repair shop? you definitely know the importance of having a strong and high-quality low profile creeper. Driving a car is enjoyable but repairing it without any additional aid and while being uncomfortable and straining the neck can be a pain. Luckily, we’ve got you covered as we can let you pick the best mechanics creeper available on the market. Among the varieties of creepers, this type is one of the most popular and comfortable. 

A creeper can drastically enhance your efficiency in repairing your car. It offers great flexibility, support, and comfort and lets you repair easily even when fixing are for hours.

It gives convenient access to the underside of a car and lets users easily perform inspection or maintenance.

Don’t give a second thought and check this post as our experts have shortlisted the some best low profile creepers just for you.

FAQ’s From Buyers

Q1. Are car creepers meant only for mechanics or I can also buy it?

Ans. A car creeper is a useful equipment for any garage worker and for everyone who owns a car. A low profile creeper offers easy access to underside car and is useful when an unexpected repair work may occur.

It allows multidirectional movements and allows you to conveniently roll in and out from underneath the car. Most of the top models are available with additional accessories like tool trays. Hence, it is best to pick a high-quality product only.

Q2. Are locked-in wheels better or swivel casters perfect?

Ans. Both locked wheels and swivel casters have a set of advantages and disadvantages. When you are working underside a car, the swiveling casters may jostle around, while locked-in may move only backward and forward. But locked-in allows movement only in two directions and swivel casters allow convenient movement all around.

Swivel casters let you move in any direction you want, left, right, backward, forward, diagonally, and more. Hence, swivel casters are much better for most of the repair works than locked-in wheels. But definitely it is your personal choice to pick the one you find more suitable and useful.

Q3. Is it possible to repair a creeper if it gets damaged or broken?

Ans. The repair work is possible depending on the part of the creeper broken. If anyone part has become loose, it is possible to tighten it back. But if the creeper has a broken body or any part is smashed into pieces, it is non-repairable. 

Similarly, if the screwing has loosened or the part can be repaired through welding, it is possible to do it. But it is essential that the repair work must be within the warranty period.

Q4. This can be an ideal choice If I am having a back pain?

Ans. If you suffer from chronic back pain, lying straight on the ground can definitely make it worse. In such a case, this creeper is of great help and support. A creeper with a padded headrest gives comfortable support and cushioning between your body and ground.

Even there are some creepers available exactly in the shape of the human back, which offer more comfort. If you experience such problems, we suggest you try different mechanic creeper and pick one that gives you maximum comfort.

This will not only make the repair work simpler and effortless but will also be a great addition to your automotive repair tool kit.

Q5. What does ground clearance of a creeper means?

Ans. A. Ground clearance is also called the ride height, which indicates the height of the lowest surface of the creeper in context to the ground. It is the most important aspect to consider while buying a creeper because it determines whether you will be able to fit under the vehicle with a creeper or not.

The preferred rule of thumb is the lower it is ground clearance, the better it is. This will enable you to conveniently slide under the automotive with zero or little discomfort. A low profile creeper is known to offer the least ground clearance, and hence, is the most popular form of mechanic creeper among users. If you are as close to the ground level as possible, it eventually offers you more space to work on the car.

Q6. How can I clean and maintain a low profile creeper?

Ans. Working in an automotive repair shop means your repair tools are exposed regularly to oil, dust, and grease. However, proper functionality can be availed only if you keep your tools clean.

The best thing about mechanic creepers is that each model can be cleaned. It is because most of them come with abrasion-proof coating and anti-rust body that makes it very easy to clean them. But the durability of creepers depends on the user’s handling.

Aspects To Consider Before Buying

The important features to consider while purchasing this creeper

  • Design
  • Types of Wheels
  • Material
  • Mobility
  • Portability
  • Comfort
  • Ground Clearance

In addition to this, you must consider other additional aspects such as a headrest, multifunctional, tool holders, and shape.

Top 10 List Of Low Profile Creeper

#1. Pro-Lift Mechanic Plastic Creeper (Winner)

Why We Like It

  • Ergonomic lightweight yet strong body
  • Double tool trays on each side
  • Great weight-bearing capacity
  • 6 swivel casters resistant to grease and oil
  • Padded headrest
  • Easy to carry handle
  • Comfortable dimensions

Engineered out of HDPE plastic, the Pro-Lift Mechanic plastic creeper is an affordable and premium product available in our list. This lightweight creeper allows easily performing various repair works. It is a single piece of a blow-molded creeper, which is highly strong and possesses great resistance to impact. The padded headrest gives additional comfort to the users. With a width of 19 inches and a length of 40 inches, it conveniently accommodates most of the users.

The six multi-terrain swivel casters of industrial-strength allow easy movement and hold great resistance to grease, oil, and chemical. The 3 inches wheel size offers great maneuverability and durability. The rugged ergonomic design is impact resistant and offers extra comfort for users. The best part is that it comes with two tool trays on both sides offering ease of work and additional aid.

#2. ATD Tools 81046 (Runner Up)

Why We Like It

  • 1/2 inches ground clearance
  • 3 inches oil-resistant, swivel wheels
  • Excellent weight holding capacity
  • 2 inches minimum height

The next creeper in our list is the 81046 model from ATD tools. This creeper is an excellent addition to your workshop. It is made using high-quality material, and hence, is durable and robust. For this reason, it can easily withstand the weight of 400 lb. The best thing about this creeper is its low profile design, which allows users to work under the lowest levels of vehicles.

The industrial-grade six swivel casters allow easy mobility. The minimum ground clearance allows easy access to the underside of the car. The strong, polyurethane wheels hold great resistance to oil and grease thereby enhancing the use of life. It weighs only 28 lbs. that makes it a highly portable equipment ideal to perform repair work for most of the vehicles.

#3. Omega 91452 Black Creeper

Why We Like It

  • Z-shaped creeper in a two-in-one design
  • Excellent weight holding capacity of 450 lbs
  • Six polyurethane swivel casters
  • Padded headrest and bed for comfort
  • Robust steel construction
  • Perfect to carry all kinds of repair works

This is another low profile available in a unique Z-shape. It is a two-in-one creeper ideal for auto repair shops and garages. It gives lasting assistance and excellent support even when fixing a vehicle is for hours. For this reason, it is one of the top choices of professional mechanics. This foldable creeper allows performing all sorts of strenuous automotive works. When unfolded, it gives the lowest level of ground clearance.

The thick padded cushions, padded bed, and extra workspace offer superior comfort. It comes with six swivel caster wheels offering great mobility and portability. You can easily move in all directions while repairing your car. It is made using a heavy-duty steel frame lending great durability and comfort. With a rich weight-bearing capacity, it can hold all sorts of loads.

#4. Pittsburgh 40 in. 300 lb. Capacity Creeper

Why We Like It

  • Excellent resistance to solvent and oil
  • Low-maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Padded headrest
  • Rolling swivel casters
  • Built-in storage for tools
  • Durable and strong

The Pittsburgh creeper is an excellent tool and must for every garage or automotive repair shop. This oversized automotive creeper is made with a high-impact PVC body, which makes it sturdy and durable. It is resistant to rust, solvent, and oil, and hence, can be used for rigid repair works. Engineered as a single piece, it holds excellent resistance to severe damage.

The padded headrest offers additional comfort to the user while performing repair work. The six swivel caster wheels render smooth movement making it easier for you to reach difficult areas. Cleaning and maintaining this creeper is simple and affordable. It is one of the best low profile creepers that make it easy to carry different repair works.

#5. Pro-LifT C-4031 Red ‘The Bone-Ster’ Mechanics Garage Creeper

Why We Like It

  • Molded structural ribs
  • Molded handholds for easy portability
  • Resistant to grease and oil
  • Unique and comfortable bone-shape design
  • Perfect for a tall and big crowd
  • Easy access underneath a vehicle
  • Limited shoulder movement makes working easier

Next, we have an all American made bone-ster mechanics garage creeper from Pro-Lift. It is a lightweight and compact design with a great ground clearance of 1-1/4 inches. It is highly comfortable, durable, and easy to use. It is perfect even if you are a tall or hefty user because the smaller wheel pods permit limited shoulder movement. It comes in a lovely dog-bone shape, which adds to its durability, comfort, and grip.

It features a one-piece body, which is molded of special engineering grade. This creeper is comfortable, smooth, resistant to oil, gasoline, and very easy to clean. The deep molded structural ribs and ventilation lanes make it an excellent choice for both personal and garage use.

#6. MaxxHaul 80748 Rolling Knee Creeper

Why We Like It

  • Rolling knee pads impart complete protection to the knees
  • Caster wheels permit convenient movement to all directions
  • Built-in tool tray makes the repair work handy
  • Multifunctional
  • Padded cushions for knees
  • Robust and durable body
  • Great weight-bearing capacity

The MaxxHaul rolling knee creeper is another premium-quality product designed to offer great comfort and increase efficiency while performing repair works. Equipped with moveable knee pads, it lets you conveniently move from one side to the other without harming your knees.

It is made from a strong ABS high-impact frame of plastic with cushion pads. With its five 2 inches non-marring rotating castors, it offers maximum maneuverability.

You can use it for not only performing automotive repair work but also while laying tile, painting your car, auto detailing, landscaping, or auto maintenance and repair. The inbuilt tool tray offers great support while you are at work. Being resistant to oil, grease, and dust, maintaining and cleaning this creeper is very easy.

#7. Traxion 1-200 King Crawler Rolling Automotive Mechanic Creeper

Why We Like It

  • Durable high glass deck with pads 
  • 40 inches length easily accommodates most individuals
  • Full freedom X-frame design offers great comfort and additional strength
  • Big 5 inches casters resistant to grease, oil, and damage
  • Designed to last long
  • Made with easy to clean materials

The Traxion crawler automotive mechanic creeper is advanced equipment, 40 inches long. It comes in full freedom X-frame design that conceals the frame and offers added support to the unit. The high gloss, the long-lasting padded deck looks great and offers excellent comfort during use. The perfect length and width make it ideal for most people to perform conveniently and gain support by the completely padded deck.

Its exclusivity lies in big 5 inches casters engineered using tough synthetic rubber delivering unmatched mobility. It is a thoughtfully manufactured product created for durability. It enhances accessibility and makes the repair work more productive and safe.

#8. Garage Kingdom Grip Creeper Seat

Why We Like It

  • Adjustable cushioned backrest
  • Adjustable wheels and legs height
  • An exclusive design ideal for vehicle strenuous repair work
  • Comfortable seat assembly
  • 1-inch ground clearance

The next product on our list is highly useful to perform strenuous and difficult automotive repair works. It is a creeper seat from a reputed brand that comes in a unique design. This low profile seat also works as a knee creeper and is perfect for car detailing, suspension work, brake work, and more. The wheels and legs can be easily adjusted to a height of 5 inches or 8 inches. The seat top is cushioned offering great comfort.

This seat creeper is 30 inches wide and holds 1-inch ground clearance making the repair work easier. The adjustable cushioned backrest is 3 inches wide and offers a fast release pin. With a weight of 12.95 pounds, it can withstand heavy weights conveniently.

#9. Toolstud 17 inches Steel Frame Flag Creeper

Why We Like It

  • Strong and durable construction
  • Resistant to stains, grease, and oil
  • The fully cushioned body offers great comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Impressive print
  • Swivel casters offer easy mobility

Finally, we have the flag creeper from Toolstud, which is a durable and robust product engineered using the best quality materials. The steel frame construction makes it a sturdy and long-lasting creeper. It comes with 6 swivel caster wheels offering smooth mobility in all directions. The padded headrest and fully cushioned body offer great comfort to the user. It comes in an impressive print, which makes it appear different from the rest. The body is resistant to most of the abrasive materials used in repair work. It is easy to maintain and clean this creeper.

#10. Whiteside DTS2 Low Profile Detailing Seat

Why We Like It

  • Highly comfortable offering full support to the back
  • 4 2-1/2 inches roller swivel conveniently from one place to the other
  • Spacious side pockets with holders for polishes, waxes, or your beverages
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy and durable

This low profile seat is a premium quality product made using industrial-grade materials. It is a comfortable seat ideal for those who want precision while doing detailing and alignment work of vehicles. It is equipped with an inverted tray that offers enough space for convenient leg clearance. With the help of this tray, users can easily hold small tools or parts along with other accessories to keep things handy and perform repair work smoothly.

This comfortable tractor seat gives complete support to the back and makes performing minute detailing works very convenient. Despite being lightweight, it can easily bear hefty weight and can be carried to places in case of need. The steel tube frame ensures it is a sturdy and durable construction.

Editor Pick

Each model is different and here we have shortlisted the 10 best ones. Just shortlist your preferred creepers and compare them to make a fruitful final decision.

In the above-given review guide, I am very sure that you made your decision on the basis of creeper specifications and uses, but also as per my personal opinion and market research I ll go with Pro-Lift Mechanic Plastic Creeper. Just because the pro lift is something that definitely fulfills our all basic necessities like smooth wheels movement, spacious as per different body sizes and space for carrying some car repairing tools as well, which we always looking in any kind of low profile creeper.

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