Looking For Car Wash Near Me | Prepare Your Checklist

Looking For Car Wash Near Me | Prepare Your Checklist

Just like we take a bath every day, your car will also require a thorough wash at a regular interval. Car washing may appear to be simple, but if you want your car to stay fit and fine, it requires regular maintenance and also complete attention while you are following a DIY process or handing your car to a wash service station to get it cleaned. so whenever you are looking for car wash near me must pack your bag with these solid pieces of information.

Keeping your car left along for months may lead to multiple problems within your car. Not only the outer body, but the interior specs could be more damaged. So if you are confused between what to choose and how to go forward, this guide is entirely for you. You can follow the entire guide below and start washing your car!

Types of Car Wash Available

While you are opting for a typical car wash, you must understand what will benefit you the most and what will not. To be fair, multiple types of car wash available will help you more to find the best results. You can have a look at them and then decide accordingly on which type to go for.

Home Car Wash

Considering all the other types of car wash available, the home car wash could be the best option for you to go through. Honestly, it is ideal for you to have a home car wash if you can spare the time and also save money. But to wash it all by yourself and at home, you need to first understand what to do and how to do. Make sure that you follow the step by step procedure if you want to clean the car.


  • It is affordable
  • You won’t have to take your car
  • Wash it to the standard


  • May take time

Self-Service Car Wash

The next type of car wash available is the self-service car wash. This is usually a place where you can travel in your car, park it and then wash it all by yourself. The biggest thing is that you need to consider is the option of having an advanced tool for your car wash. Of you opt for a self-service car wash; the charges will be higher than that of your home. But, at the same time, you must have the skills to do the job well.


  • You can get advanced tools
  • Completes in a low time
  • Save a professional’s cost


  • You need skills to complete

Local Hand wash

Now, this is a mixture of both by going to a service station and then asks for a professional to complete hand wash. To be fair it’s one of the most economical types of car washes that you can opt to if you want to get the best services. All that you need to do is to take your car to the cafe and ask for the professional to help you. You won’t get the most advanced tools, but the job will be done much faster since they are professionals.


  • Price is low
  • You won’t have to put in efforts
  • The services are quick


  • No advanced instruments will be used

Mobile Car Wash

If you are leading a busy life and willing to make use of a touch and go situation, you can always take the help of a mobile car wash. This mobile car wash means that you just arrive here with your washing requirements and a professional is already prepared to serve you. With all types of advanced tools for car washing, it takes up a very low amount of time to complete. By far, it has become a popular method for busy drivers.


  • Good quality products
  • Time-saving in nature
  • Proper denting services


  • Price is very high

Automatic Car Wash

Another type of car wash that can be easily available in the automatic car wash. Here, you may not even have to touch or use any instrument while washing, because everything will be done automatically and in a jiffy. To be fair, it’s the fastest way of washing your car successfully without taking much help with hands. Because of this, it has become one of the most popular options to wash your car with the automatic procedure.


  • Affordable in nature
  • Faster than any other procedure
  • Easy cleaning


  • Longer queues to follow

Tunnel Washes

One of the most advanced and detailed procedure for car washing can be with the help of a tunnel wash. This procedure takes place in a completely automated way as it requires you to just stand and enjoy the washing session. With the most advanced type of spray and soap formulation, the washing allows every inch of your car to appear fresh and integrating. As a result, it becomes much easier to use a tunnel wash.


  • It is faster
  • Affordable in nature
  • You won’t have to personally wash


  • Cross-contamination with previous cars

How to Wash Your Car?

Washing your car always requires the right type of types of equipment and the right skills when you are trying to do it all by yourself. Without a piece of proper knowledge and a guide, it becomes more difficult for anyone to properly wash the car. However, you can easily follow the steps mentioned below which will help you to complete the procedure.

Wet your Car

The first thing that you need to do is to get your car wet. Try to use a force of water with the help of a hose that will remove the dirt, the crud and the bird poop out from the windshield of your car. The key is to create a liquid environment for your soap which will sit easily on the car and help you to wash it thoroughly.

Use the soap

The next thing that you need to do is to apply the soap on the car. Here comes the tricky part on which soap you need to use and which soap not to. Try to choose any organic soap that is free from any type of chemicals. It will not harm your paint. Apply the soap onto the car with some lukewarm water and start from the room. It will help you to work faster.

Two Bucket System

Once you are done with the soaping, you will not have to implement the two bucket system. This is very helpful for you to use soap water along with clean water simultaneously. To do this, take the help of two individual buckets and fill one of them with soap water while the other with clean water. The soapy water can be used for scrubbing while the other can be used for rinsing the car.

Use a sponge

It can get difficult if you are using your bare hands or just a piece of cloth. Scrubbing gets much easier when you take the help of a big sponge! Since you are working fast, sponge scrubbing with force will not apply any dent on the surface of the car. Instead, it will also help you to cover the metal surface area of the car and then bring out the dirt that is completely stuck.

Proper care products

If you are cleaning the car all by alone and without the help of any professional, you can easily take the help of available professional products. Using such products will help you to clean the car more effectively than any other regular soap. Try to buy a complete kit that includes soaps with polish and shiner. This will also help you to clean the interior parts.

Rinse it down

If you are done with the soaping and scrubbing, do not allow it to sit for a longer time. Until it is wet and you are done with the scrubbing, you need to rinse off the soap from the skin of the car. The buckets of water may not have enough force. You can also use a different hose which will help you to rinse off the soap with a proper force of water.

Dry the water

Once you are done with the rinse session, it will now be the time for you to dry off the water that is still left on the car. You can take the help of towels to do the drying part. But remember not to overdo this because it will leave scratches on the surface. To avoid this, you can easily take a microfiber towel which will help you the most to get over with proper drying.

Vacuum it

Now the exterior is done, it is the time to focus on the interior of the car. To clean off the dirt from the mat or the floor, you will require a vacuum. Using a duster or a rubber pad won’t just be enough. Set the speed to low and use a narrow mouth to clean the interior components of the car in a better way. This will help you to get better results.

Use the wax and the shiner

After the vacuum is done, spray some polish on the dashboard of your car. You can also take the help of wax as a better option to provide the wheels with better care. When you use the wax to the allow wheels, it retains the shine and can provide better looks as always. So you must use the right set of products for the right places. This will help you to get better results.

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Regularly opting for a car wash is never a bad idea at all. It keeps your car safe and ready to be driven. However, if you can’t hire a professional to wash your car, you can either take it to a washing station or do it yourself. Of course, you will save up a low of money if you do wash your car with your own hands. Do let us know what procedure you liked the most and keep your eye on the soap that you use to wash the car.

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