Want To Have More Depth At Foam Gun Vs Foam Cannon? Read This!

Want To Have More Depth At Foam Gun Vs Foam Cannon? Read This!

Cleaning or washing any vehicle may eat up a lot of time. But with the right set of tools and a little DIY effort, you can have a bonanza. With the help of a proper foam gun or foam cannon, washing your car seems to be a moment of fun and quick work. Of course, hiring a professional will shell out a lot of money. But, it’s not the same when you have either of these handy gadgets and can complete your work. Before you buy any of them, it’s important to consider the perfect model for you. Picking out just a random foam gun or cannon may not do the job well for you.

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What Is Foam Gun?

The foam gun is basically a device that helps you to connect with a standard garden hose adaptor and a sprayer with the gun tank. This is a great option for professionals to access the pressure washer.

What Is Foam Cannon?

A Foam cannon is basically designed to work with higher force and relative pressure. As a result of this, they are intended to work much faster than others and can be applied at around 1-5 gallons per minute. The pressure also allows creating a thicker coverage with foam.

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Major differences between Foam Cannon & Foam Gun?

Choosing any type of cleaning device completely depends on what your requirements are. There are a lot of products easily available and purchasing any one of them completely depends on the personal preferences that you have. However, if you just shell out to consider the recent trending tools, it’s the foam gun that leads the way. The mechanism of using a foam gun is simple-it allows the spray nozzle to get fitted to a garden hose allowing the gun to spray. But the role of foam cannon is quite similar to the foam gun according to such structures. Here are a few differences mentioned below that you can consider.

1. Water Flow Rate

While you are preparing the foam, the delivery of water is an important part. With faster delivery, the rate of foam formation also becomes faster, and thus, it becomes far easier to spray. Comparing the two, there is a major difference in the delivery of water between them. The foam gun requires a garden hose which is attached to the nozzle tip for foam spray. On the other hand, the foam cannon require the hose to increase the rate of delivery.

2. The difference in the Nozzle Spray

Every foam gun or cannon includes liquid foam that can lead to the formation of foam inside the device. The high-pressure nozzle spray is very much responsible for the formation of foam and also increasing the delivery rate of foam. This nozzle allows determining when the volume will optimize the soap to form quicker and much more effectively than others.

This procedure will also start the formation of thick layers of foam soap that can easily remove the grime. Apart from this, the spray nozzle will also help to replace the swirls when you apply it correctly. But if you are thinking that the higher amount of soap will also increase the d of the foam releases, it is not true.

To be fair, there is no such theory that proves that the formation of foam in cannon is faster than that of the gun. It’s all a jinx. They both are specially designed to provide thick layered foam on the car as a part of the pre-washing procedure. This can easily help remove the dirt on the exterior of your car. To be specific, the foam removes the contaminants and the procedure initiates almost immediately.

As a result of this, it can help to remove the debris, the bird droppings, and bug splatters almost immediately. You can easily take the help of a drying tower or any other drying methods to clean the layer of foam formed here.

How to Apply Foam to your Car

Applying foam tot your car is not the most difficult ask for all. Of course, you may either use a cannon or a gun, but the mechanism used for both are quite same. So before you get started, you need to make sure that there are adequate amount of soap available inside the tank which will prevent the gun from drying. So you need to fill your foam gun tank with suds.

Step 1:

The first step that you need to do is to rinse off the car. It’s better if you keep the surface of the car moist as it will allow the foam to sit properly on the surface. Try to avoid keeping the surface dry.

Step 2:

Once it is ready for use, you will now have to apply the foam on a particular section of the vehicle. Allow it to run for at least 20 to 30 seconds. It is always better to work in sections.

Step 3:

The next thing that you need to do is to rinse off the foam. You can apply clean water to force the foam out of the car. This will allow the surface to get cleaned.

Step 4:

Now, you need to apply a second layer of foam. Repeat the same procedure to work in sections. Take the help of a dry towel to wipe off the complete foam and then you can take it out. Apply water on the surface to get the car completely washed.

What Do We Recommend – Foam Gun vs Foam Cannon?

Ease of use

When it comes to the ease of use, nothing can be better than that of having a foam gun. Simply because of the easy to configure option and easy to set-up value, it becomes much more flexible for any person to use these types of foam gins available. However, the best part is that they do not even use a higher volume of soap or detergent at the same time. They can be highly beneficial to use.

Perfect Application

One of the most important factors to consider is the application of the device that you are choosing. If you require an excessive application of soap, you can always opt for the cannons. But if you need higher settings with the gun, you can always try to look for a foam gun. The guns will allow you to get more soap on the vehicle and the suds will be removed instantly.


Installing a cannon for your car washing will require a high-pressure nozzle and also a high-pressure hose. As a result of this, the cost is much higher than that of the foam gun. The cost-per-wash for the foam gun is much lower because you can operate it with just a simple garden hose. So it will not allow you to spend a fortune while you are using a foam gun.

Final Talk

Using foam while washing your car helps it to clean better and shine further. Comparing the foam guns and the foam cannons, any professionals will put their hands on the foam guns because of the minute differences that it has. Though the speed of foam emission in cannon is more, the gun seems to be much more effective. Using a foam gun as a pre-wash formula has amazing benefits and can prove to be a real gem in nature. But, at the same time, the key is to purchase a device that is easy to use and also can provide the flexibility that you require. Do let us know in the comments below about which product you liked the most.

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