How to Measure Trailer Hitch Drop? [What Size do I Need]

Most vehicles have hitches installed by the manufacturers. For those that have no hitches, there are some easy steps you can follow to install the hitches. Most collector hitches today are no-drill applications. Installation is thus made easier since the hardware and the trailer hitch fit into existing bolts in the vehicle’s frame. When installing a hitch, outrageous caution ought to be taken in case you have to do fascia trimming or remove exhaust segments from the way.

How to Measure Trailer Hitch Drop

How to Measure Trailer Hitch Drop and Install it?

  • Step 1: If your vehicle’s frame isn’t boring, drill the openings with a heavy obligation ½ inch toss handheld drill. Bolt the beneficiary into place and safely fix all fasteners. The manufacturer’s manual will assist you with this.
  • Step 2: Utilize a jack to raise your vehicle and place jack stands to help it.
  • Step 3: Go under the vehicle and locate the bolt openings utilizing great lighting. This can be done utilizing the installation sheet. You will be compelled to remove or lower the spare tire to perform the installation if it’s available. Utilize the snips to cut and trim the bumper or any other material.
  • Step 4: Drop the carriage bolt through the opening in the frame that focuses downwards. This makes sure the hitch is presented to the frame easily. The initial two screws drop through the frame while the other two are installed with the nuts on top of the frame.

  • Step 5: Place the hitch under the vehicle and position it. If the hitch is heavy, utilize a jack stand to lift or ask somebody to take care of you. The helper can assist you with placing the spacers and tie the nuts each in turn. Utilize a wrench to turn the nuts. Make sure all stray pieces are fixed to the specified force.
  • Step 6: When installing the ball mount, guarantee that it is sufficiently long to expand the ball out from the vehicle safely. Guarantee it doesn’t stretch out too far to even think about avoiding multiplying the tongue weight of the recipient. Utilize the apparatuses that accompany the ball for installation. They incorporate a sleeve that consumes extra space between the ball and the ball mount’s opening. Utilize the thread locking treatment when installing the ball into the ball mount.
  • Step 7: Carry your trailer to your vehicle if it’s light. If heavy, utilize a brilliant hued stick mounted on a magnet. It will help you see the stick through your rearview reflection. To forestall the tow ball from hitting the coupler guarantees that the trailer coupler is off the ground sufficiently high. Estimate the distance you need to move to the ball by leaving the door open while you back up.
  • Step 8: When your trailer ball is under the trailer coupler, utilize the trailer jacks to bring down the coupler onto the ball. The couple ought to be in a free position and the clamp in the coupler open.
  • Step 9: Your coupler clamp lock being down and the release latch safely snared, install a safety pin. The pin helps the coupler switch from busting open. Remove the trailer jack from under the car.
  • Step 10: To hold the ball mount in place, utilize a hitch pin lock. Avoid utilizing makeshift retainers. Attach the safety chains by intersecting them under the trailer coupler. By doing this, you guarantee that the coupler falls onto the crossed chains in case of a breakaway.
  • Step 11: Associate the trailer wiring to the vehicle’s connector. Affirm that all are working, including the brake lights.

What Size Of A Drop Hitch Do I Need With A 6 Inch Lift?

The basic drop of any hitch is around 2 inches. To get the exact measurement, you will have to get a competitive measurement from the ground to the top of the hitch. Then balance a basic drop hitch receiver at the bottom of the ball mount. This will lift your vehicle by 2inches. Directly finding a 6-inch drop hitch is a bit difficult to ask for. You can attach three basic balls at the bottom of the hitch to get an accurate result.

Wrap Up

Installing a drop hitch receiver with a ball mount will always require a professional hand. It is not something which you will be able to do freely for the first time. Having a consultant beside you will be much helpful. Moreover, the ball mount must be locked precisely in the proper place. Only then will you be able to get the right height. There are changes that when the car moves, the ball slips out from the place. So it would help if you were sure about placing the parts tightly while installing. tries to give you one platform that saves your time in today’s hectic schedule and also puts an extra effort to make your decision better, wiser and, economical whenever you spend even a single penny over the internet.

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