Flat Tire No Spare What To Do | 3 Quick Hacks

Flat Tire No Spare What To Do | 3 Quick Hacks

Imagine yourself on a journey and suddenly you realize the pressure-drop of your tire. As you come out of the car you see a flat tire. What will you do then? The biggest problem nowadays is the newer car doesn’t come up with spare tires, to gain better fuel efficiency. As you don’t have a spare tire also then what are the possibilities left? First of all, do not panic because there is still hope. Read this one to discover some great hacks that will help you get rid of the situation.

Hacks that will save your Time In Case Of “Flat Tire, No Spare”

We know this is not a comfortable situation while driving but it still happens in our daily routine so obviously we need to consider this problem without panic, here we cover three methods to resolve flat tire situation, just go threw it, this will definitely save your time.

Method 1: Must have a tire Puncture kit  

As we know that newer cars don’t come with spare tires but in its resemblance, they have provided us with a tire repair kit. It is a must to keep in your car. Read the kit to understand the working. By the way, they all have the same working principle. So let us see what can be done.

Step 1: Check from where the tire is puncture

The very first step in this tutorial is to find where the tire has been punctured. Look around for every possibility to understand what is the cause of puncture. Check by applying hands over the surface or in my opinion you should use the bubble soap technique. Spray some soapy water solution on the tire and find the bubble emerging out.  You can do it either by removing the tire or without that.

Step 2: Bring the infixed item out

Once you find the puncture region, remove the nail or glass which or whichever material that has been stuck in the tire. As soon as you remove the item with the help of a tool, air will blow out at a faster pace. Immediately insert the rasp tool to clean the puncture. Just do in and out of the puncture hole. Let the cleaning tool be fixed until you get ready for the next step. Be quick.

Step 3: Be prepared for the next step

Once you are done with the cleaning, be prepared with all the things ready. Take out the tire plug and insert it inside the insertion tool.  It is a T-shaped handle.  Most of the kit comes with rubber cement. Apply the layer of it and insert it inside the hole. Let it settle and be quick to pull out your tool.  Make sure that you don’t let it go in completely only 3-4 inches and that’s it. It will take some effort to pull it out so be careful. And there you go. Cut off the excessive part of the plug but wait for a few minutes before.

Step 4: Re-inflate the tire

Re-inflate the tire to its required psi and do check the pressure with the help of pressure gauge. You can use a foot pump or an electric pump for this purpose. Do check before you pack up that it is properly fixed. To check further, spray some soap water solution.

NOTE: This method cannot be used at the sidewall. If you find the puncture at the center or nearby then its fine but this cannot be fixed on the sidewall. So do not try because this won’t make any sense.

Method 2: FIX- A- FLAT

Although it’s not a great idea, in this situation, everything is a boon. So, in this method, the CAN contains liquid air that you operate by using the valve. However, I feel that you should not use it because this can damage your tire. It is just a temporary solution. So if you are left with no option then choose this.

Step 1: shake the can vigorously.

Step 2: Unscrew the valve cap.

Step 3: connect the nozzle with the valve.

Step 4: Now use the can and fill it.

Step 5: fill the tire to appropriate psi and cover the valve again.

Method 3: call for help

If nothing of the work then the only option left is to call for help. If you have insurance then you can call triple-a to help you from this situation. Or you can call your insurance company to help you with the situation. But that will work only if you have paid for it.


These are the methods that can save you from getting stuck. So try these easy steps because anyone from this can be your savior. If none of the methods work then try driving a flat tire but do it only when there is an urgency because it can also harm your tire as well as the car. You may lose control of the car. so try avoiding it. I hope the article is guided with the best information.

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