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How Long Does It Take To Charge a Dead Car Battery? [Time It Takes]

The battery of our car is the most unpredictable working part because we cannot find it easily when and how it exhausts. We all want if this thing happens with us we should know how long it takes to charge up the battery again depending upon the emergency of the need of the vehicle. The time batteries take for charging depends upon various factors like what is the type of charger and how much volt and amperes of charger is under use for charging purpose. So here in this article, we will tell you in need according to your battery’s condition how long it will take to charge the battery.

How Much Time To Charge A Car Battery

Types of Chargers

The different types of chargers have different ways to charge the battery, hence they take different span times to charge the battery. Here are the three types of chargers described below:-

1. Linear Charger

Linear chargers are the simplest form of chargers having non-complex set-up which can charge our car’s battery with continuous charging. Although it’s a simpler type due to this very same reason it also takes a longer time to charge the battery. Standardly it takes about 12 hours to charge up a 12 V battery. In this type of charger, we cannot stop its working due to which it may continue its charging even after the battery charges fully, because of which we may counter inefficiency in battery working and also its explosion in some cases.

2. Multiple Chargers

Multiple chargers are intelligent kinds of chargers which give great efficiency in charging the battery. This charger charges the battery in a burst which prevents excessive charging of the battery hence making it safe for prospects. Multi-stage batteries come in up to 50 Amp chargers range which charges the battery in an hour.

3. Trickle Chargers

A trickle charger is a very low power charger which especially charges the battery of the cars under less usage. This charger takes a time of about 1-2 days to charge the battery.

How long does it take to charge a 12 volts battery

12 volts batteries are the most frequently used batteries in cars so here we will see how long does it takes to charge them by considering different Amperes chargers

2-Ampere Chargers

2 Amp chargers take 1-2 days to charge a car because they have a charging rate of 1 Amp per hour. This is a trickle charger, this is present in cars that ride less very occasionally. Hence we do not have to worry about charging them frequently.

4-Ampere Chargers

4 Amp takes 12 hours to charge the battery fully since a car holds 48 Amps battery. This charger helps the battery to maintain its proper working for a long period of use time for the future.

6. 10 Ampere Chargers

10 Ampere charger charges a small RC 40-60 grouped batteries fully in a 4-6 hour duration. It charges medium RC 60-85 grouped batteries completely in 6-8 hours of duration and a large RC 85-190 typed battery in 8-14 hours to make this happen.

12 Ampere Chargers

A 12 Amp charger has 5 miles charging range per hour. It uses a separate circuit board for charging which does not charge any other device simultaneously.

40 Ampere Chargers

40 Amp charger is a multi-stage charger which charges a car battery under an hour. Since it has such a high power charging speed it can also damage our car batteries on overcharging.

How Long does it Take to Charge a Driving Car?

The time need for charging a driving car depends upon the following factors:-

Car Uses Cycle

The car usage cycle is a factor that affects the charging of the battery. If we do not use the car for a very long duration of time or leave the lights of the car and AC in ‘ON’ state then the battery of the car gets drained by itself.

In this situation, we can go for a process called “idling” for charging. In this process, the alternator of the car turns and charges the battery. Also, we can move the car and go for a short start trip. 

* This method will not be sufficient to charge the car properly after these methods also we will have to charge the car using a multi-stage charger up to some extent.

The Initial Charge Time: This factor depends upon the time of the last recharge. Ideally, the car should have a 1000 RPM rate on a regular period of duration. If a particular car rides on a free and long highway it will have great battery efficiency so it charges within half an hour. On the other hand, if the car travels on a road full of traffic it will take longer than an hour or some more to get charged fully.

How Long Does It Take To Charge a Dead Car Battery | Finally

Time to charge a dead battery varies from 4-24 hours. This change in time of charging occurs due to the size of the battery undercharging and the amperes of the charger. The higher the charger’s Amp size shorter period will take to charge the battery and also the smaller the Volt size of the battery going through charging the shorter will be the time to charge it. A mid-size volt battery gets charged easily by a 40-80 Amp charger. But also with this, we have to take care that these high Amp chargers do not affect the battery in the wrong way due to overcharging.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if anything doesn’t work out?

If after performing every possible process also the battery does not get charged then it might be possible that we will have to use the jump-start method to charge the battery. If the problem persists then there must be some technical fault in the battery due to which we should change it instead of wasting time in getting it charged.

How does the need for charging the battery arrive?

The following are the reasons due to which we may find the need for charging the battery:-
1. If the battery of the car is old or recharged long ago.
2. If there is any corrosion in the battery
3. If there are damage or wear and tears due to cold weather in any engine part. 

What is Jump starting?

A jump start is a process of charging the battery by providing a sudden high amperage power to the battery.

How fast should I charge the battery?

How fast we charge the battery depends directly on how much the Ampere charger are we using. The higher the Ampere size of the battery faster will be its charging rate. So a regular car battery charges with a 4-15 Amp charger.2-4 amp Charger just charges for maintenance purposes.

What car battery charger should we use for charging?

For checking this, which car battery should we use depends on the Ampere size of the charger or the type of charger(Tickle, multi-stage, Linear) we are using for charging purposes.

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