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Cheap Short Term Car Lease for 3 Months | How It works USA [2021]

Own a car with ZERO down payment, sounds like a dream? Well, this is true as it seems. Most people nowadays want to avoid the hassle of buying cars while some just wish to enjoy the occasional rides. 

Earlier fulfilling these wishes would have sounded a bit complicated, but now one can avail of the option to rent a car when they want to drive. This may be for a few days or could even go for leasing/buying the vehicle for a certain period, say three months or more. Usually, Leasing or renting a car comes with many terms, and conditions such as new cars are not provided. Some may include the number of lease days or even mileage. It is even more challenging to get a proper car on lease with good Maintenance, and also, if you can bag one, there are always some hidden clauses! 

We can provide you with affordable mobility solutions that are flexible according to the user’s choice, get a brand-new car or cars which are less than two years old with No down payment or loan. You can avail any car with a lease, and the period will depend on the user; the longer the usage period, the better deal you can grab. This is possible as you can modify the term period of the lease while using the vehicle.

Why Do You Expect In Leasing for Short Term?

  • You need to look for custom leasing options according to your needs.
  • Go for a wide range of stock of cars available from sedan to SUVs.
  • Easy cancellation process after booking.
  • Regular tracking of the process of your car’s order or proper maintenance system
  • Avoid no extra amount to be paid on behalf of Maintenance, breakdown cover, and even Road tax is included in your lease agreement.

Why should one go for leasing a car?

There are several reasons where you choose to rent a car, and that would solely depend on the nature of the event you are involved in.

  • It can be as taking an extended trip to for a different residence till a season.
  • Working on a project at a different location far from your primary home.
  • Military posting as Military personnel must move regularly; it gives them a hassle-free option.

How does the car lease work?

  • You need to enquire about your preferred card from our website with your term period, Model, insurance, and maintenance requirements. 
  • Once you have made your selection, you will be guided towards an online form where you need to provide your details.
  • After submitting your details, make your payment via credit card/debit card or even UPI; we will notify you once the car is ready to be delivered.

Types of Leasing you will find in Market

They can provide you with a long-term lease for a more extended period, Short term lease, and even a custom lease for absolutely specific needs as per our customers.

Long term lease can go around a maximum of 3 months. This is generally preferred by individuals who are moving to a specific place for a particular period, let’s say for a project. While short-term lease could go around 2-3 weeks where people would like to go on a specific trip of destination.

We also provide custom lease as per the requirement of the user, making it tailored as per their needs.

If you want to return the car before your usage period expires, that is also possible, but you must pay the Accumulated differential amount. It will be calculated on by pro-rata basis, but if you want to use more than the agreed period, that can be done as well, and the lease fee will be reduced to reflect as the usage period is long.


Customers do not have to bear the road tax or any down payment, only the security deposit and the rent amount for the lease period.

The first payment will be after the 7th day of the delivery of the car. The date of the payment will become the monthly billing cycle. Customers will receive a notification along with an invoice two days before the due date. If the customers fail to pay on the given due date, 5% of the lease amount will be charged as a penalty.

While providing the details, an automated debit mechanism will be set up against the customers’ bank account for the lease period. This will ensure debiting the money automatically from the customers’ accounts. Along with the bank details, the customer needs to provide five post-dated cheques, and 1 canceled cheque, which will be used in case of automated mechanism does not work. The customer will be informed prior two days before the cheque is posted. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You lease a car for more than three months?

Yes, one can lease the car for more than three months. It can be done by custom, or if the lease is of around 2-3 months and the monthly payment is on track, the rental can be extended for a maximum of up to 2 months more.

What is the minimum time one can get the car on the lease?

The minimum time where the car is provided on lease is a week. However, for brand new cars, the minimum lease period is about a month.

Will the car come with accessories, or do I have to install it on my own?

The cars will have pre-set accessories which are provided by the manufacturers. Also, GPS and safety devices will be additionally added by us. You can also install your accessories, but that must be informed to us after you receive an email confirmation you can install. If the parts can be removed without altering the car quality, then you can remove the installed components, else the car must be returned along with the accessories.

Will there be any restrictions on places where one can travel?

There shall be no such restrictions in traveling to any certain places. However, we shall advise taking SUVs for bad terrain areas and civil unrest areas.

Bonus Tips: What to do in case the car breaks down in the middle of the road?

If there is a break down kindly inform us of the customer helpline number, our nearest team will reach out to your location and make the necessary repairs.

The duration of your activity will determine if you need a short-term lease of 3 months or a week. A lease of 3 months would give you flexibility when moving for a certain period, but if you want to go for a trip with family and friends, we cover that too.

Our leasing service gets you the most affordable and flexible way to lease a car according to your needs. With low cost and professional service, our team is willing to offer you the same. One must go by the thumb rule, analyze their need, and go for the deal where they are certain they are taking a great car on lease.

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