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Cheap Options In Car For Lease with No Down Payment in 2020

To own a private or commercial car is not that easy but leasing the same can be possible. If you’re interested in leasing a car, it is very possible to get one with little or no down payment. You might be tempted by zero-down leases, which are offered by many automobile dealers to allure shoppers looking for attractive deals. These leases require no down payment, meaning you can grab a new car and drive it off without paying anything.

Although zero-down lease deals are available, you will still be paying fees like your first-month installment and sales tax. On the contrary, leasing a brand new car can be more affordable than purchasing. Whether you are making a down payment or getting the cheapest car lease deal without a down payment, make sure that it may depend on your credit score.

Working Mechanism Of Zero Down Payment

Always consider offers with fewer installment periods like a 6 Month Car Lease without any deposit to save money.  On the other hand, when you lease a car, you are paying for the depreciation during the contract term, including some fees and interest. In the world of leasing, this is often called the “money factor”. Expected depreciation of the car would be evaluated by the Experts while leasing according to its worth at the lease expiration.

Finally, a residual value would be coming up by the expert calculation. The method is to take out the cap cost and subtract the residual, divide the result by the total months in the lease, and finally add in the interest or money factor to get your monthly payment. This easy method will help you in finding out the cheapest monthly car payments in the market for a new model.

Of course, there is a difference in situation, but it is strongly recommended to make proper calculations before signing a lease, as the zero-down payment deal might end up being more expensive than the one that requires a down payment.

Zero-down deals are typically for buyers with excellent credit. Those shoppers with bad or even average credit mostly required to pay a lump sum down payment before approving a lease deal.

Moreover, there is a requirement of a documentation fee by the dealers, which they’ll often require at signing — even if you’re leasing a car, and even if your deal is supposed to be zero-down. If it’s not the doc fee you have to pay, sometimes there will be other fees, including a title fee or sales tax, which some states collect at the beginning of a lease. 

Nowadays, most leases carry a structure of optional down payments; to access the deal car manufacturers have special lease deal offers in monthly promos with a down payment. You could still avail that lease without paying upfront, but the real deal might not be as great since some lease parameters often change. Mostly, consumers are unaware of those changes unless they use a comparison tool to track that.

A lease deal is good considering the following factors

  • A low interest rate
  • A low-cost lease price
  • A high lease-end residual

None of these factors should change if you are making a down payment or not. It means the deal value will remain the same.

Following factors to be considered while signing your lease papers

  • Making your down payment or not
  • Sales tax payment on your down payment
  • Paying the installment of the first month
  • Are you required to pay a refundable security deposit at the end of the lease
  • Any other official charges imposed by the local government’s regulations

Therefore, a deposit or down payment will be part of the cumulative fees at lease signing. Some of the hottest car models are available from the Toyota lineup as part of their zero Down Lease opportunity. You can check out what they have in their specials in 2020, and then consult one of the sales specialists to chalk out your options to get the wheel of your perfect vehicle. 

Toyota RAV4, Toyota Camry, Toyota Highlander, and Toyota Sienna are the super car models available for leasing. If you have decided for a New Year resolution to drive a new car, securing no money down lease can be a great place to begin.

Obtaining a car lease under zero down deal can save you lots of money instantly and you do not have to settle for something you won’t like. Lease deals generally vary according to region and dealer participation, so make sure to check in with your local dealership to find out what’s available to you. Your credit score will also play a significant part in qualifying for a low-payment deal.

How to proceed

After detail analysis it is found that there are 5 cheapest leases available for small cars, midsize cars, subcompact SUVs, compact SUVs, midsize SUVs, trucks, luxury cars, and luxury SUVs in April 2020.

  1. Selecting your new car – Search, Compare, and Test Drive will be the right procedure to select your New Car
  2. Selecting the Best Leasing Option – Comparing Lease Rentals from the trusted leasing partners and then customizing the options will be the right and best option for you.
  3. Online submission of documents – When your Lease Eligibility is confirmed, submit your Documents online through the dealer or leasing partner’s website.
  4. Get your New Car delivered – Book Your New Car through the defined process and get it delivered at your doorstep.
Car Name
Interest Rate Range/Lease rental rangeProcessing Fee Range
Loan Amount
Tenure Range
Revv – OPEN Car Lease9.8K – 58.6K Lease Rental RangeNo Processing feeFlexi-Lease offer1-4 Years
2020 Kia Forte17.09 K per monthNo Processing feeNo Processing fee1-4 Years
Honda Accord14.4 K per monthNo Processing feeFlexi-Lease offer1-3 Years
2020 Toyota Yaris21.75 K per monthNo Processing feeFlexi-Lease offer1-3 Years
Kia forte9.8 K per monthNo Processing feeFlexi-Lease offer1-4 Years

Hyundai has announced a Subscription that is an entirely new and distinct option of getting a branded new car, without buying or owning one. Hence, it is more flexible than traditional car ownership, and also affordable.  Hyundai Subscription is currently available in major cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, and Kolkata. Only 1 month’s subscription fee in advance is needed and a refundable 5,000 INR security deposit.

Frequently Asked Question [FAQs]

How can you get a car with zero down payments?

If you need total finance for your car purchase, your increased credit score can qualify you for better terms. You can finance the whole purchase at interest rates ranging as high as 12% to 22%.

What are the Features and Benefits of Leasing a Car?

A. Vehicle owners typically spend a good amount on maintenance. But in case of leasing a vehicle, the maintenance of the vehicle is done by the company that owns the vehicle. 

B. The pay for usage model is followed in Car leasing where you pay only for the period during the car usage period. Here, the period of usage is pre-determined and agreed upon by the user. After the completion of the usage period, you can surrender the vehicle to the owner and stop your installments.

C. One of the major advantages of car leasing is zero down payments. Here, you can start using the vehicle without making any down payment and you pay only your monthly installments.

D. Another notable advantage of car leasing is that you are getting a brand new vehicle in good condition. After all, a brand new car provides great performance. 

E. The insurance charges are included in the installment amount you pay for leasing a car. Comprehensive insurance coverage is available against all kinds of repairs, accidents, and thefts, etc. You can enjoy all these benefits with leasing without worrying about the insurance renewal or any additional expenses.

F. You will get tax relief on the lease amount you pay for a vehicle. 30% savings on leasing a vehicle could be a great tax benefit for you.

Is leasing beneficial than a car loan?

This varies from model to model. The car price should be compared along with the monthly EMI payments for car lease and car loan. Therefore, before deciding the lease, you need to calculate your payments and compare them. On average, the tax benefits and lack of maintenance charges, leasing may be cheaper than taking a car loan. 

Can you end your lease tenure early?

There are fixed terms attached to typical Car lease contracts. It will not be that easy to end the contract early as most of the dealers include a specific clause for early termination of the lease tenure and can attract additional charges. At first, check your lease document to go through the expenses involved in terminating this agreement.

During the lease tenure, is it possible to change cars?

Certainly not. The lease contract is applicable to the vehicle you have chosen. You cannot alter your vehicle in the middle of the tenure.

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