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Winplus Car Jump Start Review | AC55929 | [2020]

Before talking about winplus car jump start, guys just let me know, what if you are between a trip with your friends, in heavy snowfall, over the mountain and sudden you stuck just because of your car.

Then how you feel !! Worried? You should be, I am also facing the same 6 months back.

That’s why now I am with this winplus jump start which comes along with a portable power bank.

So I’ll assume that you’re looking for a reasonable jump starter because your car battery is not working properly. Well, just like lots of wise people, my first choice was the winplus car jumpstart! I must say….it’s a helpful one which has served me for months.

Just check this video first before going further.

But before you opt to buy this product, just go through the review first. Hold on… Let’s elaborate on the winplus car jump start review for you and then you’ll decide if it’s worthy to buy this or not! 

The first time I took over the Winplus car jump starter was mainly because of the effectiveness and the abrupt efficiency. I’ll be honest; it has left me quite impressed. But there are certain points which I must mention about this car Jump starter which has impressed me the most.

  • I received a full box storage case with the car jump starter kit. It has helped me always to carry the product easily.
  • The USB car charger has impressed me the most. Well, it took me just 2 minutes to configure and go. That’s a big thumb up for me!
  • The one thing that impressed me the most is the jumper cable. I already knew that it has protective gears so I used them with bare hands. Have to say… I used it to perfection.

Now let’s come to the components that I’ve figured out in the Jumpstart. I’ll be reviewing them in detail.

Obviously There Is A Power Than There Is A Charger

Winplus charger

I’ll be starting with the two important features of the charger that I’ve seen. There are two different charging ports which seem to be very fair. But the charging speed seems to be not so fast. However, when it came to my car, over four hours of charge was enough for e to recover 50% battery. But the one thing that has impressed me the most is the solid light indication. Now, there are four solid lights always glowing on the charger which will give you an idea about the charge left. Each of the lights represents 25% of the battery power.

Let’s be honest, a proper winplus charger with 1000 times the full charge! Well, it’s a good contribution!

Winplus Car Jump Start Won’t Charge! Worried?

I’ve faced this issue once when I was irregular to use the winplus jump starter. But over long research, I found out a way to get it does and oh! It’s so easy…

  • You need to simply take the help of an AC adapter and then connect with a 120-volt power outlet.
  • Next up, take the DC plug from the starter and then connect it to your power bank. Just leave the charger to be ready for 5-6 seconds and it will start charging.

If it’s still not working for you, maybe the battery has dropped. Just try to charge it for 1-2 hours and you’ll expect a minimum of one solid light. If it still does not brighten up, I’ll suggest you contact the manufacturer.

Winplus Car Jump Start Flashing Lights: Much Needed

I’ll be honest here… the concept of flashlights to work with the car on the dark roads is a booster with the winplus car jump start. You’ll find a single button to operate with the flashlight, and also if you start to experiment with it, a proper jump start manual comes along with this, maybe in packing, you’ll find some more features. The lights come with three modes which helped me a lot while charging on the road. I got options like SOS, Strobe, and Direct from the Flashing Lights. What do you need more from the winplus car jumpstart!

Virtual assistants on the dark roads with proper charging options, yes I got everything that is required to jump-start my car. This is an added feature I wished to have…

Winplus 12v Car Jump Starter Ac56388

I found this item recently with the car mechanic who came to help me out to jump-start my car. Oh man, I was astonished to see this product for the first time and later when I came back to research about the product in my home, it became my latest target. I’ll be telling you why… Firstly because of the effectiveness and mostly because of the wonderful features it has.

  • 8000 mAh of power… that’s a monster! I have liked the full battery capacity which provided me more than fast charging requirements.
  • It comes with an integrated LED flashlight. This seemed to be bright when the mechanic was working on my car. I have genuinely seen him using all the three modes according to the necessities.
  • The battery bank is really good. But what impressed me the most is the log staying charge. The presence of the 12 V chargers seems to be very fast. I’ll assume it will take 6 hours for a full charge.


  • 2 USB ports for mobile devices
  • Easy to use
  • Has a 3 mode USB flashlight


  • Not great for rainy conditions

Winplus Car Jump Start: Best But With An Alternative

The Winplus Jump Starter seems to be a great product when it comes to choosing a proper car jump starter for your needs. But, if you are still looking for more options, here are some alternatives that I will like to mention:

1. Rugged Geek RG1000

  • Great for gas and diesel engines
  • 3-in-1 USB cable options are available
  • Secure and safe to use


  • Comes with a built-in compressor
  • Includes a high power flashlight
  • Comes with 3 USB charging ports

3. Beatit BT-D11 800A

  • Great for both diesel and gas engines
  • Can work effectively from the first charge
  • Completes charging in only 5 hours


After using the winplus car jump Start for more than a year, I have found it to be worthy to invest in… Well, there are a lot of features that you will like to have in any car jump start and the winplus jump starter composes of all of them. So if you are willing to buy it, this can be a great choice for you!

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