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Interstate Battery Reviews | Who Makes Interstate Batteries [2020]

Interstate Batteries are one of the most reputed brands whenever we talk about batteries, they not only deal in automobiles batteries instead they manufactured other types of batteries as well. Known for strong build and robust performance, interstate batteries are one of the most popular battery brands in America. Designed to top industry standards, these batteries serve all kinds and sizes of vehicles

Interstate Batteries, also known as Interstate Battery System of America, is a privately held battery and marketing distribution company. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, it is known for offering top-quality and an extensive variety of batteries that fit and serve almost any automobile.

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It is one of the oldest battery makers and distributors in the industry and possesses decades of experience, thereby serving a wide customer base. 

Interstate Battery Reviews | Brand Analysis

Interstate Batteries

It markets and distributed automotive batteries created by trusted brands like Exide Technologies, Brookfield Business Partners, and other individual distributors.

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Why Anyone Need That

Just think! You are in the middle of a road and your car battery died? You have an urgent meeting and your car is not starting because of a dead battery? I am sure you would never want to fall into such a situation. But this is what most people experience because they never pre-purchase a car battery. 

A bad or dead car battery can completely ruin your day. Hence, it is best to stay prepared in advance. While you are out in the market, you may find innumerable varieties of batteries available for purchase.

So, which one to pick? Well, definitely, the end choice is yours but I recommend buying Interstate Batteries.

Now, you would want to know, why? So, here check my opinion on the best car batteries review and why I believe that these are the best ones to go!

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What it markets?

It markets automobile, RV/marine, lawn, garden, and motorcycle and other range of batteries in the ignition, lighting, and starting markets. 

In the coming years, the company holds plans to expand global locations as a part of companywide development and growth.

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Highlights About These Batteries

  • The company operates a wide distributor network supplying batteries to over 200,000 dealers.
  • From the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Honduras, Panama, to Bermuda, Canada, Bolivia, and other international destinations, they have distributors all across the world.
  • Interstate Batteries operate over 200 franchise and corporate-owned retail outlets.
  • Instigated with a Studebaker and a company handshake, Interstate expanded into a billion-dollar privately held firm over the last 65 years and is looking forward to the decades to come.
  • The company is one of the leading in recycling and has recycled innumerable car batteries that they have sold.

History about Interstate Batteries

Interstate batteries have been inducing trustworthiness and compassion into the surrounding communities. The company has been into existence since 1952 and holds a rich history.

Over the years, it has earned the trust of professionals by offering them consistently high-quality and impeccable service. The company is committed to making a positive impact on not just its customers, but also on its partners and team members.

  • 1950 – John Searcy started selling automotive batteries from his Studebaker pickup.
  • 1952 – Searcy discovered Interstate Battery System.
  • 1961 – Interstate paired with Milwaukee-based national battery manufacturer Globe-Union Inc. and introduced the popular label and comic icon, ‘Mr. Pro.’
  • 1963 – The company introduced its original battery system logo.
  • 1976 – 1 million batteries solid in one year.
  • 1978 – John Searcy retired and handed over his rein to Norm Miller.
  • 1980 – Interstate introduced the lightning bolt logo.
  • 1983 – The Great American Race created, cross-country vintage car race with a price of $250K in prize money.
  • 1987 – The distributorship of Alaska opened and established Interstate in 50 states.
  • 1989 – Interstate extends its reach worldwide by signing its first distributorship in Canada.
  • 1990 – Interstate awarded for North America’s top replacement battery firm.
  • 1993 – First Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series win for Interstate Batteries and JGR, the Dayton 500 at the Daytona International Speedway.
  • 1998 – First Interstate All Battery Outlet opens to offer a battery for every need.
  • 2004 – Carlos Sepulveda headed CEO and president.
  • 2006 – Launch of new automotive product line along with a free replacement warranty of 18, 24, and 30 months.
  • 2007 – Labeled ‘Best Battery’ by Auto techs in an independent survey by Frost & Sullivan.
  • 2010 – 1.5 million batteries sold in one month.
  • 2012 – Awarded with the Frost and Sullivan ‘Overall Best Brand of Automotive Batteries’ for a sixth continuous year. 
  • 2017 – Sold a record 18 million batteries in one year.
  • Presently, Interstate stands as a leading and one of the most trustworthy sources of power worldwide.

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Interstate Batteries offer a culture filled with motivation and trustworthiness. The values and purpose coupled together make this firm a trusted company among the users. 

The company believes that it is not the profit that drives success, and this is why it stands out from other firms.


The aim to enrich lives and glorify God by offering the most trusted source of power worldwide.

The company runs a business based on Biblical principles like humility, care, honesty, and service and loves and welcomes all.

  • It offers a caring and welcoming environment offering a positive experience for team members and others who Interstate meets and touches, no matter their belief or background system.
  • As a contributor to the company, a person is free to communicate with the purpose in a way that is most useful and meaningful.
  • With unchanging values, it aims to deliver the best to live them as they serve the stakeholders including customers, franchisees, vendors, suppliers, team members, distributors, and shareholders.
  • It encourages no partial and discrimination of anyone based on background or belief. 


The values at Interstate Batteries are never-changing and have been defined in relation to their purpose. The values of Interstate are the foundation of this firm and represent who they are.

  • Consider people’s needs as the top priority.
  • Treat and respect others the way you want to be treated and respected.
  • Treat your skills, talent, and strength as a gift from God and use it to practice only great things.
  • Improve, learn, and be bold while driving change. If it matters, it has to happen.
  • Laugh often and work hard.
  • A team that works together delivers better results.
  • Live up to your commitments and always be who you actually are.

Things We Consider

  • It is known for recycling old batteries, which ensures that toxic acid and lead is recycled. It is a great contribution to the environment. 
  • You can always get the best fit battery for your automobile. You can choose among the wide varieties of batteries available. 
  • Interstate Batteries is famous for offering fast, friendly, and professional services across its stores.
  • You don’t have to fix an appointment prior to on-site installation and testing of the battery.
  • You can avail of all battery accessory and equipment from a single store. Hence, you don’t have to look at multiple places or stores.
  • It offers trusted and honest services within the desired time frame required for work completion.
  • The company boasts of informative staff and readily checks the battery before offering. 
  • You can gain helpful and supportive tutorials in less than a few minutes.
  • Interstate Batteries is associated with AAA, which makes it an even more trustworthy and reliable brand.
  • Every single staff in the interstate battery store is helpful and knowledgeable about their products. The courteous and skillfulness of the staff ensure you get the best service and products as per your preference and requirements.
  • You no more have to offer physical receipts for physical adjustments of your battery.

Things We Avoid

  • Some of the stores may offer bad warranty service. They may fail to offer the warranty resulting in losses.
  • Newly hired staff may hold the poor experience and therefore may not offer customer service at par. They are still not aware of the company’s values and culture, and hence, fail to offer customers a rich experience.
  • Some of the interstate batteries may expire before its mentioned lifespan.

Frequently Asked Question [FAQs]

  1. Do interstate batteries need water?

    Before you know about the requirement, you must know about the mechanism of the Interstate battery. Most of them are built with an electrolyte. This is prepared by adding water to the electrolyte. But the manufacturers have been keen on not using any additional water. So as a consumer, you won’t have to add water.

  2. What grade of the interstate battery should I buy?

    There is no such grade of battery that you can opt to buy. If you are using the battery for your car, just make sure that the requirements are fulfilled. The best option would be to choose a battery that has the highest warranty.

  3. Why are Interstate Batteries switching to all black casings?

    Honestly, this has got nothing to do with the build quality or the performance of the Interstate battery. This is mainly to reduce the production charges of the manufacturer. The two different colors reduce their costs. So you won’t have to worry about buying Interstate battery with black casing.

  4. Does Interstate make the car batteries used by AAA?

    Now, this is another factor that does not determine the quality of the battery. There are a lot of manufacturers that use a different manufacturing unit and just label them with their brand name. So even if they do the same with AAA battery, it hardly makes any difference.

  5. How long should an Interstate battery last?

    If you just buy a new Interstate battery, you will get a minimum 1-year warranty with it. However, if you regularly keep using it, you can always expect a good run. So you can assume that the Interstate battery will last for 3-5 years with proper maintenance. But you need to keep properly servicing the product for a better result.

To Sum Up

Interstate Batteries has been serving customers with top-notch services and industry-standard products. From the past few years, the company has not been able to offer services as per customer’s expectations but is still a leading battery firm in America and worldwide. 

6 thoughts on “Interstate Battery Reviews | Who Makes Interstate Batteries [2020]”

  1. Just want to let you know was very careful on choise of batteries for a car but interstate battery was very impressive its a Megatron m47 h5 dated 2006 and it’s 2019 14 years just starting to have trouble with it very impressed on how long it lasted

  2. Bought an interstate battery. Probably a decent average battery but I lived in the desert of Arizona. Found out my 5 year battery lasted 2 years in the heat. Moved to Pennsylvania found out they last 2cyears in the cold. They sell a 2 year battery with a 4 year warranty so battery dies and you keep buying them because you get half off. They suck.

  3. Interstate uses independent dealers that charge what they want and the company does not care. If you buy a battery from a dealer and have to pay a $25 core charge you can’t get that back from any other dealer even with a receipt.The most they would pay is $7.50. Also look at their website where you can see their class action law suit for not honoring battery warranty. I would suggest going to aan auto parts chain or Walmart where you can get worry free warranty service and support at any location

  4. I have bought 10 of your batteries last year.
    6 for my golf cart
    3 for my Motor home
    1 for my car.
    I was told these were the best!
    Two 6 volt batteries for my Motor home for back from Workcamping. Both were not holding a charge.took back to dealer( Ed Whiteboards in WWellton Az.tha y told me to leave it and what would check it outSpent back head day,asking about them,that told me that were good holding 11.4 boots took home and I realized that could not be from a 6 Volt battery.that denied saying that. At that point I checked one battery,it was given back to me with no Acid or water in it. I was told them that thay that they did not trust there charger.At this point,All I wanted to do was to get right.Called Mr. Whitehead,Was told that would go with Interstates warrenty.went back to see what that found out.I was told SORRY,OUR OF WARRANTY. Then to cap off the day,if I bought new battery s there there would be a service charges to install them. Funny, that did not charge the first time in any of my vehicles.

  5. Bought Alstate battery less then 1 year ago.It won’t start my truck if it sets more than 2 weeks. Replaced a Sears Diehard that held charge for at least 4 weeks. My sears battery was 6 years old and I felt it should be replaced. Not happy with Alstate batteries.

  6. Yes interstate battery suck only last less than 2 yrs even when they offer 2 yr replacement they are junk I’ll never buy another one if my life depends on it I have had several in different vehicles and none of the last at all buy DIE HARD they work good last 5 yrs at least


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