CAR Wont Go In Reverse But Runs | What Causes a Transmission

CAR Wont Go In Reverse But Runs | What Causes a Transmission

Have you all ever been in a situation when you realize that your car is running perfectly but as soon as you start reversing it, you observe some difficulty or the car does not reserve? Did this happen with you? Well, this mostly happens due to the lack of care and maintenance of the car. You may feel offended when a car won’t go In reverse but runs why did this happen? As we all know the transmission system is the most vital component of a car because without it you cannot move your car and to secure it the cost is way too expensive. 

Now, what can be done to resolve it? To understand this read the article and check it out the instruction given below.

My Car Wont Reverse But Will Go Forward | How to fix it?

First of all, don’t panic! Transmission system failures are usual. Take your car to a mechanic you trust. Make sure that your car is in safe hands. However, you can fix this on your own. Yes, you got me right, if you are a little bit experienced in this field and know how to operate then that’s not a difficult task for you. Let us check out the option that you can try over.

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Try To Operate With A Transmission Switch

The very basic step is to operate using the transmission selector switch. The main reason behind the failure of the transmission system can be transmission switches. Now to fix it quickly move it from high to low repeatedly so that if any corrosion or rust lay down on it should be removed and the switch may function well. If it still not works then take it to a mechanic.

Replace Transmission Filter and Fluid

The other major reason behind the failure of the transmission system is the low transmission fuel. Now if you are in the action to pour more oil rather than replacing it then this might not work because the contaminants are still left. To replace the fluid and the filter. As it won’t cost you much.

Examine The Seals and Link Under The Engine

The engine can be an issue too. So check the seals properly and also checkout under the engine to examine the link. If you find a bad connection or worn gaskets then immediately fix them up. Remember these are responsible to make your car run smoothly. So inspect for each possibility.

Check Clutches If You Have a Manual Transmission

Does your car have a manual transmission? Pump the clutches for some time. Release clutch when you shift to reverse. Turn off the car engine if you observe that transmission does not work. Now what you should do is shift into First and then neutral. Possibly the car will shift into reverse even if the engine is turned off then there is a problem with your clutches and not with the transmission.

Look For The Transmission System

If nothing of the above works for you then inspect the entire transmission system thoroughly. Now you have to check for every possibility in the transmission system from point to point. If you feel it is difficult then take it to a mechanic. This will help you know where the actual problem is? So give it a try as this is the last option.

Final Verdict

If this problem is bothering you then pick up any of the above methods to solve this problem. It’s not the matter of the type of car or of the size you have to properly take care of your car. Whenever you realize that this is the problem, fix the issue promptly because you never know when you will need to reverse a car. This was all about the article. I hope that the above methods mentioned in the article will help you. tries to give you one platform that saves your time in today’s hectic schedule and also puts an extra effort to make your decision better, wiser and, economical whenever you spend even a single penny over the internet.

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