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10 Best Catalytic Converter Cleaners Review | Do They Really Work [2020]

Being tucked down in the middle of the road just because of the high emission of smoke can be dreadful. It can get very embarrassing if you need to reach somewhere with your private car and it breaks down in the middle. The process of calling a professional, repairing the cyclic converter of your car and cost you a fortune. But it doesn’t mean that you will simply throw away the car.

If it’s because of rust and formation of debris in the engine, the option of having a best catalytic converter cleaner will be helpful enough to clean the entire unit easily. However, choosing the best one out of the lot can be a challenging task.

What Is The Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner Reviews To Buy

1. Cataclean 120007 Complete Engine Cleaner

Cataclean 120007 Complete Engine Cleaner

The Cataclean 120007 has outshined every other product because of the balance in both budget and the performance that it offers. This product offers a complete solution to the engine fuel system when it tends to build up more exhaust. Thus, applying this catalytic converter cleaner additive can give you multiple benefits to keep your car in better health. Coming to the utility, this product tends to be compatible with almost all vehicles. I have personally tried with both my car and the utility vehicle and it seemed to be perfect.

Why is it Unique?

Most of the catalytic cleaners can reduce the emission levels of hydrocarbon by a mere margin but not with the Cataclean cleaner. This product can easily reduce the levels of hydrocarbon emission by 50 percent. As a result, this allows the engine to perform better under such circumstances and will allow a better projection.

Another impressive feature of using this product is the option of having better fuel efficiency. Once you clean the cyclic converter with this solution, it will help to reduce the levels of contaminants on the oxygen sensors, the cylinder heads as well as the fuel injectors. This will have a direct impact on fuel efficiency and will increase the span.

Buyer’s Experiences

One of the consumers on Amazon has quoted that “Saved my Mazda RX-8”. The owner of the Mazda RX-8 purchased the car back in 2003 and it seemed to be having multiple failures because of the rubbing. By far, his experience of driving the same car after using this one of the best catalytic converter cleaners is highly impressive. The user highly recommends this product to be used before you go to a test on the MOT.

Best Fit For

The Cataclean 120007 comes with Xylene and is composed of less than 2% of Aromatics. As a result, it becomes much safer to use this product for any type of fuelled based vehicle. Moreover, this product includes N-Alkenes and also Acetone to make it up as a safe exhaust from your car. This will help to directly improve the overall performance of the car and will help you to drive better. Simply pour in all the contents of the bottle and enjoy driving.


  • Can easily clean the catalytic converter
  • It is suitable for all types of engine fuel systems
  • Prevents from any type of contamination
  • Can be used for all utility vehicles
  • Cuts the emissions by 50%


  • Not for the 2-stroke Engines

2. Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Cleaner

Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Cleaner

The Chevron Techron Cleaner is another impressive cleaner that has been liked by most of the professionals in the automotive industry. It is mainly because the chemical formulation of this converter cleaner has been highly impressive. As a result, it can easily increase the performance of the converter cleaner to make it much more effective for all types of vehicles. However, the most impressive part is that this device comes with decent compatibility for street-sport motorcycles and also the street-touring motorcycles that will help the product to perform better.

Why is it Unique?

This catalytic converter cleaner additive comes with an advanced formulation that will allow you to easily optimize the MPG. As a result, every time you can use the solution to clean the fuel system, it will allow you to gain a few miles of driving the vehicle. This has a direct impact on the fuel efficiency of the product. As a result, you can be ensured about the maximum fuel economy.

Coming to the interior specification of the fuel system, it may be filled with harmful hydrocarbons. Because of this, it will start forming ethanol and other impurities inside the engine system. But with the help of this solution, you can get complete relief from here. The simple formulation used with this liquid solution allows the engine to restore all the power and increase efficiency while performing.

Buyer’s Experiences

One of the consumers on Amazon has quoted by saying “Does make a difference”. The owner was supposed to drive a Mazda Miata and has completed almost 50000 miles before purchasing the product. The fuel system was of course with premium gas and the engine did not run as smooth as it would. But after applying the Techron, it got better and the engine appeared to be much smoother to drive on.

Best Fit For

This solution from Techron proves to be one of the most effective engine flushing solutions for utility vehicles. It simply helps to clean up the older engines that have drastically reduced the engine systems and power. The product is designed to provide cleaning spark to the microscopic amounts of engine deposits. The Techron is thus responsible for providing advancement to the hybrid and spark ignition technologies.


  • Helps in restoring the lost fuel efficiency
  • It becomes easy to clean with this product
  • Completely safe for any environment
  • The product can reduce engine hesitation
  • It can be ideal for engine surge


  • Not good for diesel engines

3. LUCAS LUC 10013 10013 Fuel Treatment

LUCAS LUC 10013 10013 Fuel Treatment

When it comes to multi-tasking, this solution from LUCAS outshines every other product available in the market today. With a single solution, it allows you to clean, lubricate as well as protect the engines. As a result, it becomes much more sufficient to use this product for your utility vehicles. It allows you not only to re-discover the lost performance of the gas-based engines but also allows it to stay healthy and get a better production rate. If engine health becomes a priority factor for most of the auto industry experts, this product is the epitome of them.

Why is it Unique?

The LUC10013 comes with a simple and yet effective formulation for regular use. To be fair, it is created with multiple advanced technologies that are specifically dedicated for a complete flushing system of the engine. It can easily clean and lubricate the entire fuel system. Moreover, this product is manufactured to reduce Sulphur diesel and fuel problems.

Coming to the cyclic converter system, it may be filled with debris and other sediment formation. The benefit of applying this lubrication system is that it can clean and then increase the life cycle of the engine system. You can use the solution to increase the lifespan of the device. It will be highly helpful to increase the efficiency of the engine system.

Buyer’s Experiences

One of the consumers of this product has recommended this cleaner as “Use it in both gas & diesel engines”. This user has driven his 2004 Toyota Tundra for more than 150000 miles. The 1-ounce bottle pack of this catalytic converter cleaner should be enough for you to let the engine run smoothly and also provide you with a breakthrough performance. However, the best part is that you can even pass out the smog test.

Best Fit For

This product comes with an effective formulation that is built to help you by providing a proper solution for the injector and the carburettor of the vehicle. Because of this technology, it becomes evident that the Lucas LUC10013 is designed to provide the ultimate relief. It seems to be highly effective to apply when you are preparing your vehicle for the smog test. Simply apply it and you will be able to clean the fuel system.


  • Helps to clean the smog formation
  • Can reduce the harmful emission
  • Features lubricants
  • Increases the life of injectors and pumps
  • Increases power and miles per gallon


  • May not be cleaning the residue formed

4. Marvel Mystery Oil 50665 Ultimate Fuel Treatment

Marvel Mystery Oil 50665 Ultimate Fuel Treatment

The best part of having the Marvel catalytic converter cleaner is that it is supportive to mostly all types of engines. As a result, you can expect it to deliver properly for your vehicle irrespective of the fuel source. It can also provide adequate services to both GDI powered and hybrid models. Thus, you can expect the solution to be suitable for both the 2-cycle and also the 4-cycle engines. Though the price is a bit high, it can be very useful if you start using this product for all your works. Having the 50665 oil will mean to simplify your fuel flush system needs.

Why is it Unique?

One of the biggest reasons why people trust this product is because of the presence of the advanced formula. It is arguably one of the best that you will be able to find in the market today. If you are using a gas-powered engine for your car, it is likely to form Ethanol inside the engine system. This may also start the formation of rust inside the engine components. But with the help of the marvel oil, you can easily reduce this.

Another reason to opt for this cleaner is the effective performance that it can generate. The mystery oil is formulated to remove almost 99 percent of the deposits than any other cleaner available. As a result, it will have a huge impact on engine performance and also stability. Moreover, it helps to eliminate the dense smoke and reduces harmful emissions.

Buyer’s Experiences

One of the consumers on Amazon was spotted saying “A clear difference”. The owner has spent out two years changing the oil filter and the flush system lubricants. But when he found out about the Marvel catalytic converter cleaner, it seemed to be a top choice for offer. Simply, it is an ideal product to choose when it comes to improving the performance of the engine system.

Best Fit For

This product from Marvel is capable of protecting the modern car with the help of the advanced system that it has. With the help of the lubricant, you can easily eliminate the deposits and also prevent the formation of corrosion. Overall, it helps to allow the fuel to burn out efficiently which eases the mechanical energy of the old engine. So you can easily take a drive to the smoke test lab and pass it out.


  • Can easily eliminate the nasty deposits
  • It can reduce the levels of exhaust smoke
  • Compatible with most of the engine types
  • The product blocks any formation of rust and corrosion
  • Advanced engine technology can stabilize the fuel economy


  • Price is a bit high

5. Redline 60103 SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

Red Line 60103 SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

As a token of trust, this product from redline catalytic converter cleaner has always been a prolific performer. Automobile experts from all over the world can always trust this catalytic converter cleaner to do the job well enough. To be specific, this product is mainly designed as a system cleaner treatment. But it always does more than what is asked for. It can help you to easily clean the entire engine system in one go. On top of this, it is specific to prevent any type of rust or corrosion formation on the entire flush unit. As a result, it has to be amongst the top picks.

Why is it Unique?

The SI-1 comes with one of the most advanced formulae that include major traits of the polyether amines. These amines are responsible for cleaning the fuel injector efficiently and can easily provide them with a proper fuel system flushing mechanism that can clean up the entire unit in a few minutes. Using the entire unit of 15 ounces for the bottle will help you to clean up the complete system.

There are a lot of vehicles that run on the road with old engines. As a result, the formation of dense smoke is a common habit. Moreover, it can also break the laws of pollution. But the SI-1 catalytic converter cleaner comes as a rescue for such situations. It has high fuel efficiency and reliable stability that is enough to fill up the tank. Needless to say that it can serve you with top priorities!

Buyer’s Experiences

One of the consumers on Amazon was spotted to quote as “The Best Performing Fuel System Cleaner currently available.” This refers to the SI-1 cleaner which the owner has used for the 20003 S2000 car engine. It has been almost 17 years of a drive with 997000 miles and the engine genuinely seems to be left out. But with one unit of this product, the consumer has left satisfied. This has saved him a lot of money from hiring a professional and getting it repaired.

Best Fit For

This product from Red Line comes with an easy to use mechanism. All that you need to do is to use one bottle per tank. This will give you the most effective treatment to clean up the entire unit. So if you are sticking to the reliable brand and effective display of product, this liquid solution can be an ideal choice for you. It will serve you with the right choice of formula that enhances the gasoline stability inside the engine.


  • Helps to restore the engine power
  • One use is enough to clean
  • Environment friendly for repeated use
  • Comes with a more affordable option than others
  • Easily cleans the entire fuel system


  • Not good for gas fuel system

What Factor To Consider When Buying Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Not every catalytic converter cleaner additive will be able to suit your needs. To make them work for your vehicle, there should be a specific set of requirements that it needs to meet. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider while purchasing the cyclic converter.


One of the major factors that you need to consider is the compatibility of the cleaner. The compatibility mainly depends on the range of engines available including the 2-stroke engines as well as the gasoline ones. If they are compatible with all, it can be highly beneficial for you. Of Course the price of having such a cleaner will be much higher than others.


The responsibility of the cleaner is to reduce the amounts of deposits and also clean the exhaust. But you need to understand that the cleaner is made up of chemicals. Some of them might be harmful to the surrounding environment as well. To get rid of this, try to choose a cleaner that meets the basic standards of the VOC and the OTC regulations.


Another big factor that you need to consider the capacity of the bottle! To make your car healthy and run it for a long time, you need to understand that you have to repeat the process of cleaning. So, cleaning the unit just for a single time will not do any good for you. To help yourself with this, you can also purchase a bigger quantity bottle.

Do Catalytic Converter Cleaner Work?

Engine performance

The one important benefit of why one should purchase a cleaner is because it can improve engine performance and stability. There are multiple hydrocarbon deposits inside the engine which needs to be cleared out. As a result, the option of having a proper catalytic converter cleaner will help you to get rid of these particles. They help in improving the fuel injection system as well.

Emission levels

Once your car gets old, they tend to increase the density of smoke. Because of this, the car also tends to exhaust harmful materials through the smoke. One of them is carbon monoxide. Using a catalytic converter cleaner will help you to cut down the emission levels of the vehicle. It will allow the car to be run at permissible levels and will help you to get the best out from your car.


Cleaning the entire fuel system and the entire engine system is a complex procedure. If you are not an auto mechanic, you may need to ask help from a professional. This may spend you a fortune. But with the help of a proper catalytic converter cleaner, things can get easier for you. It will help you to clean up the entire fuel system and at a minimal cost. Also, it lowers down the cost of maintenance and fuel refilling.

Removes the Egg Smell

When your car runs for long hours without any maintenance, it may form an immense amount of carbon contents in the spark plug and also other specific parts of the carburetor. As a result, a rotten egg smell tends to come out. With the help of the Catalytic converter cleaner, you can easily clean the entire unit and also remove the carbon deposits. As a result, there will be no more rotten egg smell from the car.

What can cause the Catalytic Converter problems?

There may be multiple reasons for such problems occurring within your car. However, one of the major reasons is such that it mainly happened because the converter is completely clogged up. This may have a direct impact on the engine system, the emission of smoke as well as the fuel consumption economy. To get rid of this, the only option is to clear the deposits. That’s the major work of a catalytic converter cleaner.

How To Clean Catalytic Converter

Using the catalytic converter cleaner is not the most difficult task for all. Even if you are not a professional, by following a DIY guide, you can easily apply the catalytic converter cleaner to flush the entire engine system. Simply follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Spark Plugs

Before you start pouring in the solution, the first thing that you need to do is to check the health of the spark plugs. You must know if they have an excessive amount of carbon build-up or not. If the amount of carbon content is more, it may suggest that the fuel and the air mixture are not working properly. This will create more carbon deposits. So to get rid of this, try to change the spark plugs from time to time to avoid such mishaps.

Step 2: Using the cleaner

Once you have checked up the plugs, it will now be the time for you to look after the cleaner solution. All that you need to do is to open up the bottle and empty it onto the tank. However, before doing so, you must have a look at the instructions present on the solution. This is mainly because every cleaner comes with different levels of concentration and similarly they may have a different set of instructions as well.

Step 3: Filling the Tank:

After you have completed pouring in the entire bottle, you must not keep the tank empty. You must have at least 10 gallons of fuel present in the tank or even check the recommended amount of fuel that is printed on the label of the bottle. You need to keep in mind about the mixing ratio and then determine the amount of fuel required to fill up the tank.

Step 4: Drive till it is empty

Simply filling up the tank will not do any work and you need to allow the cleaner to reach the entire engine system. So start to drive around until the tank is empty and then the cleaner will be able to run through the entire engine unit. Make sure that you drive till the entire unit is empty as this will give the cleaner with the best performance to achieve.

Step 5: Engine Light

If you were facing problems with the engine and carburettor, the engine light should have been lit up. As a result, there should have been multiple problems for you to consider. Once you drive off till the tank is empty, the light should be automatically off as well. If you find that the engine light is still on, it means that 100 per cent of the sediments have not been removed. As a result, you may have to repeat the entire procedure.

Step 6: Refill your tank

Now the entire process of cleaning is complete and it is the right time for you to fill it up again. Simply fill up your tank again with the proper fuel and you can continue to use your car. But make sure that you are productively repeating the steps after frequent intervals and you will be able to maintain a healthy car.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Can I directly pour in the solution?

To be fair, the amount of solution that you need to pour in completely depends on the saturation that is present. If you see that the concentration is more acidic, simply apply some lubricants onto a 1:10 ratio and then pour it to the fuel system. If you find that it is already added with fuel, simply pour the cleaner directly on the fuel system of the car. It will easily clean the entire engine system.

How Often Should I Use Catalytic Converter Cleaner?

Let’s assume that your car is old and now it has started to form rusts and sediments in the entire system. Still, the frequency that you need to consider will completely depend on multiple factors like the fuel type and also the potency of the product. Honestly, if the engine is too old and starts forming the rust frequently, you can easily take it for almost 3-4 times in a year.

Will this not work if it’s a bad O2 sensor?

O2 sensors can be highly sensitive and also it can be damaged at any time. So you may not have to worry much about the formation of rusts and the catalytic cleaner cleaning your entire flush unit. So even if the O2 sensor is damaged or not responding, it will not highly affect the cleaner to perform.

Editor’s Pick

To be fair, there are innumerable numbers of catalytic converter cleaners available on the market. But only a handful of them can be effective for you to choose from. To cut down the time, you can easily look up to the product choices that I have mentioned above. Each one of them is desired to do your job well. However, if you are still running out of time, you can simply have a look here which will help you to find the right product. For me, the Cataclean 120007 Complete Engine Cleaner is desired to be the premium pick of your choice. It has some of the most advanced features which you can easily look up from here.

  1. This product comes with Xylene and Acetone that are responsible to lower the perks of hydrocarbon emissions formed inside the engine system. It can lower the emission by 50 percent.
  2. One of the major benefits of using this feature is to reduce the carbon build-up in a catalytic converter. Moreover, it can improve the fuel efficiency of the car which will help you to get the best out of the vehicle.
  3. Another important feature is that the solution is safe for all the fuel types. Cars with both gasoline and hybrid engines can be easily used with the product.


Using catalytic converter cleaner for your car can be very helpful. To be fair, it has all the potential to clean the entire flush system. Keeping your engine system clean is always important before you drive. If you own an old car, there may be rust formation, but with the help of such a cleaner, you will be able to drill out the rust. Do let us know down in the comments below about which cleaner you have purchased and how well it is working for you.

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