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Check Out These 51 Key Tactics Used By Professionals To Save Fuel In This COVID Era!!

We all love traveling and going for a long drive, isn’t it? And when it comes to traveling with our own domestic vehicle it’s more fun. But have you ever thought about how much fuel you consume on a daily basis?  Day by day our fuel consumption has been increasing and we have no idea how bad it is affecting our environment and our pocket as well. Let us have a glance over the fuel consumption over the years.

Every day we travel from place to place either by domestic vehicle or by public transport. Without a vehicle, it seems too difficult to reach the other end. But wait, did you notice how much you spend on fuel? According to a survey it is found that we spend about 142.17 billion gallons and on an average of about 389.51 million gallons per day (source). Gasoline is the major fuel that is consumed in the US. Here are some graphs that will represent the fuel consumption.

51 Key Tactics To Save Fuel In COVID Era

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Stats and Data Revealing the Fuel Consumption

Now the only thing left to do is save fuel. Now how to do that?  So no worries guys because we are here with some amazing hacks that will help you save your fuel and will be proven as a boon for your pocket. 

Well, with this increment in the fuel usage has also rapidly raised the fare of the fuel. So what should be done?  Look we cannot cut-off the usage of the vehicle neither can we downgrade the fuel cost. 

All you need to know is the right methods that can cut-off your extra usage and expenses over the fuel. So let us understand what they are?

save fuel tips

SOURCE: After GREET Program, Argonne National Laboratory,

Methods to Save Gas & Fuel

As we know different-different vehicles use different fuels to run. Some run with gas, some use petrol while for some diesel is necessary.  Here are some hacks that need to be followed according to the fuel compatibility. Gas is the best fuel that causes minimum pollution in the environment. Let us see the methods to save and efficiently use the fuel.

Methods of Saving Petrol

One should buy the gas during early hours or when the climate is cool, especially during warmer seasons because early in the day gas is quite cold and denser whereas, during day time the density of the gas falls and some amount of gas gets escaped and you get less amount of gas when you pump it.

Avoid Buying Gas Early or Late In The Day

Walk Instead of Drive

If you want to cover a smaller distance then you should go by walking instead of driving. As it will benefit you with good health and also saves your fuel and money.

Walk Instead of Drive

Turn off the Engin

If you are stuck in the traffic or you are waiting for someone then do turn off the engine so it can save up your fuel. If you keep on practicing this method then surely you will see the difference soon.

Turn off the Engine

drive the vehicle slowly and steadily

Most of us love to drive at a faster pace but it will also consume much of your fuel. So it is better to drive the vehicle slowly and steadily. This will consume your lesser fuel and you don’t need to fill your tank more often.

Go slow and Steady

Duty of The Driver

Modern cars are way too fast to warm themselves. So don’t let your vehicle start and wait for it too long. Don’t static your engine for more than 30 sec.

Don’t Warm up Your Car

If your vehicle is too installed with some extra ski rack or luggage rack then remove it if not in use to make it more aerodynamic.

Eliminate Wind Resistance

®Maintenance of Car

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®Maintenance of Car

Right Motor Oil

This is the most important thing you have to check for. If you use the wrong or undesirable motor oil then it can harm your engine and a lot of gas will be wasted. If you don’t know which motor oil is best for your vehicle then you should prefer the owner’s manual or you can simply go online and search it off.

Right Motor Oil

Monitor your Tire

Incorrectly inflated tires cause a lot of wastage of gas. So use properly inflated tires for better mileage.  Also note that the temperature causes tire pressure to fluctuate for two to three pounds psi, so do check psi regularly during summer days.

Monitor your Tire

Tune-up Engine

As your body needs proper care, the engine needs to be tuned up from time to time. So take your engine to the mechanic if you haven’t tuned-up yet.

Tune-up Engine

Filters should be Changed Often

Change filters more often especially if you live in a dusty place. It will improve your car efficiency and you can store up to a good amount of fuel.

Filters should be Changed Often

®Transmission & Fuel Efficiency

Whenever you drive a vehicle, consider like you are riding on a bike and your speed should be according to that. Follow average speed, because moving faster will consume extra fuel.

Monitor Speed

Fuel is saved more with a manual transmission as compared with automatic transmission. One should drive shift up early and down late to save fuel and that is really effective.

Drive Manual

You should know when to use the AC. Try to keep your AC off until it becomes necessary to use as it can cause heavy fuel consumption. Always use when neede any how.

Use AC Sparingly


Smarter applications can help you save some extra gallons, maybe up to $0.20 per gallon. Use them to reveal more. Some applications are not available for the iPhone, while some are not available for android and many others. So I have mentioned the application that you can use.
Smart Application
Find the Best Route
Before leaving prepare yourself by organizing the best route with the least signals and traffic.​
Buy Fuel-Efficient Vehicles
Try to buy a fuel-efficient vehicle if you are planning to buy any. Also, suggest others to go with fuel-efficient cars.


Petrol or Gasoline is one of the major fuels consumed by most of the people. Let us see how we can save our fuel and make the best use of it. Obviously this is one of the most valuable asset over planet we as a human forgot our responsibility like always, but as people said “it’s never late”.

Yes, we should definitely change our daily routine just because of that we collect some key points just have a look and analyse the whole scenario and do your own part.


Try Carpooling

Enjoy carpooling some time. This can help us to save a lot of fuel.

Use Cruise Control

Make use of cruise control. It will maintain the right speed for you and save some extra fuel.

Look at the Wheel Alignment.

Make sure that the wheels are aligned correctly and don’t affect your brakes as they can increase the rolling resistance which results in friction.

Ask Drivers to Observe Posted Speed Limits

It is very essential to follow it as this can save life and fuel. According to the EPA, we can improve 10% to 15% fuel economy by driving at 55 mph instead of 65 mph.

Encourage Drivers to use Energy Consciously

Encourage drivers to effectively make use of the fuel. Ask them to view the instant fuel economy to check their driving habits if they have a computer.

Do Not Drive While Raining

Driving while raining can increase the risk of an accident. So, do not drive when it’s raining because it also results in wasting a lot of fuel.

Save Fuel for Diesel

Often we wonder how to save diesel. Here are some methods that you should follow to save up more fuel.

1. Clutch

Avoid setting your foot on the clutch as it can too cost you with a good amount of fuel.  Make sure that you use the clutch well while changing gears.

2. Use Shore Power

It is also known as Truck Stop Electrification, with the help of which driver plug-in, in spite of idling, and also helps in cooling the vehicle when it is stopped. According to the estimation, it is observed that it can save $3,240 per year.

3. Discover your sweet Point for Better Mileage

After achieving the cruise speed, when the torque zone is at the peak it will give you the best horsepower and can save you much fuel. To understand it.

4. Be Careful of Fuel-Saving Devices

Most of the companies claim that they provide the best fuel saver but only some stand front in this race. So if you are too looking for such a device then be careful and choose the right one for you.

5. Minimize the Use of Cars

If you think to save your extra fuel then you should use public transport or carpooling to save enough fuel. It will be good for the environment and also for your pocket.

6. Don’t Punch the Throttle

To avoid fuel burn try to use smooth, steady fuel acceleration

7. Plan your Journey

To save some extra fuel, try to find the route with less traffic. Sometimes it is better to cover some extra distance instead of going with the traffic. According to the estimation it is found that it’s better to travel some extra miles to save fuel instead of going with the traffic.

8. Parking

Try to park your car in the shed to avoid heat and the use of more AC and it will take less time to cool down the car.

9. Strong Acceleration Should be Avoided

No need to over accelerate the car when it is not required. Accelerating unnecessarily consumes a lot of fuel. Driving at speed will help you save some extra fuel. So try that. Drive at a moderate speed of 90 km/h.  Keep in mind that every time the engine is accelerated it enters the fuel enrichment mode. So, take note of this.

10. Use Air-Con

Learn when to use Air-con. Using AC can consume 10% more fuel. So it is better not to use it. However, if the distance traveled by you is more than 80km/h then you can use AC instead of opening a window.

11. Aerodynamic drag

Every time you open the window while traveling you should know that it is reducing fuel economy. You should try to minimize this drag by keeping windows rolled. So, the wind flows over your body rather than in the cabin. This wind drag especially while traveling through the highway can downgrade the fuel economy by 10%.

12. Start the Car Normally

Do not idle your vehicle. The newer vehicles are so advanced that they just take 30 seconds to warm up themselves. So, it’s better suggested not to idle for long Or if it’s not the right time to leave then do not turn on the engine till then. Just start the car when you are ready to leave.

13. Ditch the Car

It sounds weird but yes Ditch your car. Make some time to travel by walking, or try carpooling or you can also try public transport. Prepare a routine in which alternate days or once in a week you will ditch a car. It will save fuel and your health.


The maintenance of cars is the most essential part. Proper maintenance of the vehicle will secure the parts and make them long-lasting. Also, it will add more life to your vehicle and it saves a lot of fuel.

15. Drop revs

Instead of running up to 3,000per minute (petrol car) and 2500 with diesel before changing gear, it’s better to move up gear at 2500 for petrol and 2000 for diesel.

16. Weight Rules

Travel light. Don’t overload your car simply. Weight is directly proportional to the fuel, the more is the weight the more it will chew fuel. So avoid extra elements and if you have any then eliminate according to the needs.

18. Pump up Your Tires

Keeping your tires inflated is one of the easiest and essential ways to reduce petrol usage. Saving petrol = saving money. Thus, you should try to improve your fuel economy.

If a range is recommended by the manufacturer, the higher pressure should be used to maximize fuel efficiency. Deflated tires run hot and jeopardize safety. It will cause the tires to wear out prematurely, and affect the vehicles adversely. It also decreases the fuel economy by increasing the rolling resistance.

Tires lose about one psi pressure per month due to air loss caused by the tire hitting holes, bumps and kerbs. There is thus a need to check tires at least once a month. A tire deflated by two psi will result in a one percent increase in fuel consumption.

17. Don’t Punch the Throttle

Use smooth, steady fuel acceleration in order to avoid fuel burn spikes.

Outrageous Ideas For Your Vehicle

  • M is for maintenance: maintaining the car properly.
  • A is for action: driving sensibly, throttle, working well with brakes, and steering.
  • P is for the product: use high-quality oils and fuel.


Wrap Up

Saving fuel is not rocket science it’s just the simplest method which you can implement and learn quickly all you need to follow some basic methods and that’s it you are ready to save fuel. Saving fuel can be essential both to your pocket and for the environment. So check out the methods and let us know which method helped you a lot. I hope the article guided you in the right information.

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