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Do I Need To Replace The Ignition Coil With Spark Plug?

An ignition coil is a transformer. It produces electricity to create a spark by which the engine can start. So we can understand its importance. But what happens as the car age passes the ignition coil becomes weak and stops functioning properly. Now in this case replacement of the ignition coil is the only left solution. Now, the very first question that comes is about money and how do we replace it? Shall we take it to a mechanic or can it be done by us?

Firstly, ignition coil replacement will cost you in-between $264 to $376 that depends on the compatibility of your car. Secondly, it’s your choice to take it to a mechanic or not. Well, I opinion if you have experience and knowledge with regards to this field then you can fix it alone at home. However, if not then consult a mechanic.

Step By Step Tutorial To Replace The Ignition Coil

1. Bring all tools together

Before beginning the mechanical work, the first step is to gather all the tools that you will need to fix. Not for this case every time you repair your car takes all the belongings or your tool kit with you. Make sure that you go through the owner’s manual to understand your specifications.

What are the requirements?

  • Ignition Coil pack (NEW)
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrenches
  • Ratchet
  • Socket set
  • Dielectric grease
  • Rubber gloves(optional)

2. Disconnect power supply from the battery.

Cut off the power supply from the battery before you begin. Firstly, remove the negative terminals by making use of a wrench and unscrew the bolt. Cutting off the power will ensure that you won’t get any harm or shock. Make sure not to touch the positive and negative terminal touch together.

3. Inspect ignition coils location

Different models have different locations of the ignition coil. Most of them have it on the top of the engine. Some vehicles come with a single ignition coil for each cylinder while some have coils for each cylinder. 

Find the location and then operate.

4. Label the cables

Before disconnecting the wires label the coils for sure. As discussed above if you have multiple cylinders then label them. Starting from left to right so that it can be saved for later purposes. Also if it has two rows and columns then start from top left to right and then he bottoms one. 

5. Disconnect the cables

Carefully disconnect the cables. Make sure that you don’t harm yourself. Grab the ignition cables and squeeze them. Now pull out the ignition boot cable from the ignition coil. Make sure that you squeeze the cables smoothly so that they don’t break. After removal, place them together and keep them aside so that you can replace them easily. Don’t worry that cables will be mixed as you have already marked them.

6. Eliminate the old ignition coil

You will notice an electric plug-pull it aside. unscrew the bolts or screws. Make use of a socket wrench to loosen the bolts. After you have unscrewed, hold the coil and pull it. If facing any problem then make sure that you have unscrewed all the nuts and bolts and still if it is difficult then it may be because of the dirt and grim.

7. Installing new ignition coil

Before installing apply the dielectric grease inside the surface of the ignition coil. Doing this will help the ignition cable to prevent from sticking to the spark plugs.

Now install the new ignition coil inside the cylinder. Screw the coil with bolts to secure them. Use a socket or a ratchet to fix them properly. Now made all the connections that you have disconnected like connect the electric plug and reconnect all the cables followed by the proper numbers. If you hear a popping sound then this indicates that it has been connected correctly.

8. Reconnect the battery

The second last step is to make all the connections to connect the negative terminal of the battery with the cables. Tighten the bolts firmly. And that’s all.

9. Test and done

Start the engine to ensure that it’s working properly or not. If you didn’t succeed then recheck all the connections. And if it works well then hurray.


Replacing an ignition coil is way too easy. All you need are some tools that will help you do that. Follow the above steps to replace the ignition coils correctly. Make sure that you made the right connections and that’s all. I hope you have enjoyed the article.

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