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✰ Zodi Hot Vent Tent Heater | [2020-Review Guide] ✰

Three things can describe this tent heater manufactured by Zodi. It is costly, compelling, but it is very safe to use. You can use this heater for camping in tents. It has a heating block with high heat output. Moreover, it also has two metal pipes along with it. One of the pipes has a 12 V fan that can warm up the tent when in use. The other fan is an outdoor fan that gets rid of propane smoke from coming out of the canvas.

This design allows you to have peace of mind without worrying about the carbon dioxide that has been accumulated when burning the fuel. Once you start using the heater at night, you will have a proper sleep without worrying about getting cold at night. The power is also durable and you can use it for industrial usage and can warm many large tents in the surrounding area.

Specifications of Zodi Tent Heater

This heater uses a propane tank to work properly. The tank output will last a good 7 to 8 hours. It seems that the price seems to become higher and higher, but if you reside in a tent camp or always go camping, then you should know that the tent heater is safer and better for usage.

The Zodi tent heater is a high performing tent heater that can withstand intense weather conditions and camping seasons throughout the year. The device pumps up 20 000 BTUs of energy per night, making it warm enough to endure a camp near a lakeside as well. Even the cold wind cannot enter the tent to give you chill in the middle of the night.

To avoid different issues on the tent heaters that consist of varying gas emissions in the tent, Zodi solved the problem. Zodi came up with a heat exchanger right outside the tent. 

All the air is heated up using the exchanger, and all the warm air is pumped directly into the tent. The bad breath is then recycled by the air duct back to the exchanger. This cycle is rather tricky, and it makes the tent heat up fast. It is a more significant plus because the heater on the outside of the tent has no moisture inside the tent making the air breathable.


The only bad part about this system is that it runs on a 12V power output system that is required to make the fan run. The fan might make a bit of noise if you sleep on it next to your head at night. However, the sound is only slightly more than a PC fan. Therefore, if you cannot handle it, chuck it in a different corner, and you will not hear much noise after that.

The heat exchanger has two propane tasks for all the energy the heater needs. It depends on the setting, and you can have up to 8 hours of combustion using one tank.

Although the tent heater isn’t as compact as other heater units, you can still fit it into a carry bag that makes it a compact carry around the group.

Steps On How To Use A Propane Tent Heater Properly

It would help if you bore in mind safety when using the propane tent heater. We are going through many essential rules to properly use the propane tent heater.

  • Read the instruction manual properly. Apart from the real details on putting the propane tank together and connecting the device to the fuel, make sure to know whether the current model of the propane tank can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • When you start to turn on the heater inside a tent, make sure that the tent is properly ventilated. Don’t close up the whole canvas as you need to have ventilation inside a tent. Unless you want to die of suffocation in the tent, make sure that you have airflow correctly. Proper airflow is needed if you do not want to be poisoned alive inside your tent. 
  • Even if the devices do not have safety features when the oxygen level drops and you start to feel breathless, have some common sense! Turn off the machine and begin to move out of the tent for some fresh air.
  • Make sure to install the heater on a stable, hard surface. It should not be assembled on an uneven, or cover that can catch fire.
  • Do not leave the heater on with kids around you without any parental attention. It is very dangerous, so make sure that no pets and kids can go near the heater when you are not there. Even if the phone rings, don’t leave your baby inside the tent near the heater!
  • Do not use the heater when you are trying to sleep in a tent. It would help if you had supervision on the radiator.
  • Heat the tent at a proper temperature before you attempt to sleep. Turn the heater before you sleep, and when you want to relax, turn it off. Most heaters cannot be left on during sleep; only our Zodi Tent Heater is an exceptional case.
  • Use the tent heater for its primary objective – which is heating the tent. Never cook on the metal grid of the heater. Don’t dry any wet articles of clothing on the heater as well.
  • If you find out that there is not enough fuel for your camping trip, use the heater on its minimum temperature. This way, the gas will burn out slower, and you can still manage to sustain heat throughout the whole camp trip. It will not get too warm in the tent, but at least it won’t be too cold.

Final Thoughts

Using the Zodi Tent Heater is very efficient, and you can sleep with the heater inside the tent as it is safe. It is more significant than most of the other models, and the primary purpose of using this tent heater is because it is safe to use.

There is a heat exchanger that you can use on the outside of the tent. This is because it will not build-up gas emissions inside the tent as it is installed on the outside of the canvas. If you feel that there will be lousy weather conditions, then you don’t have to worry, it can handle the cold, wet weather even during a camping season.

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