5 Methods To Unclog Drains Hair | How To Get Hair Out Of Drain

Hair fall can be a common problem in every home. But when it comes to hair blockage in your drain pipe, things may get untidy. You may often face sewerage block resulting in water overflow in your pipeline. So it is very important to clear the clogged hair every week and make sure that you do not have to face such issues. Of course, it may difficult for you to get it done without specialized tips. So to help you with it, you can follow this guide on how to get hair out of the drain and get the best results. You can follow any of these tips below to get the desired results as per your needs. 

methods to Get Hair Out Of Drain

1. Tweezers Methods

The first thing that you need to do is to lift the plughole and them remove it. 

  • Take a pair of tweezers and then try to reach as deep as possible.
  • Try to have a firm grip on the hair that is present on the opening of the drain.
  • Pull them out before it sits back again. Once you are done with this, you can again fit in the plughole back to the normal position.
  • Allow some water to pass through the plughole to smooth the flow of the drain.

2. Soda and Carbonate

The combination of soda and vinegar might be one of the best solutions in such cases, you just need to follow few steps.

  • The first step that you need to do is to make a proper mixture of soda and vinegar.
  • Next, you need to make the same proportion of vinegar along with baking soda and then mix it well.
  • Once done, you can pour it down the plughole. This will burn down the hair that is present on the drain.
  • Leave the solution as it is for 1-2 minutes and allow it to make the reaction.
  • Now you can use hot water to flush out the debris. The pipeline will be cleared immediately.

3. Using Hanger Methods

Easy as sounds like, just need few things to clean and bing you are done. Just go threw with given below steps

  • The hanger may work like tweezers but will help you to go deep.
  • You need to open and remove the plughole completely out from the drain.
  • Next up, use the pointed end of the hanger to reach out to the deepest point and then scratch the surface of the drain.
  • Pull out the clogged hair that is formed. Once you are done, you need to force in water to clear out the small bits.

4. Cleaning Products

  • If you are unsuccessful in pulling out the hair, you can use commercial chemicals to do it.
  • Use a pair of gloves before opening the bottle.
  • Cautiously open up the bottle and start pouring in the chemical through the plughole.
  • Leave the chemical on the drain pipe for a few minutes and it will burn out the hair and the debris.
  • Apply 1-2 buckets of hot water and ensure that the chemical is completely drained off.

5. Plunger Methods

  • Using a plunger can be a reliable solution if you can’t take out the hair easily.
  • You need to completely remove the plughole to insert the plunger to the drain pipe.
  • Try to reach out as deep as possible to help you get the best results.
  • Start plunging through the surface. This friction will allow the hair to move either out or closer to the opening.
  • Once done, you need to apply water to clear the debris that has also come out along with the hair.

Bonus Method: Applying Cream

This is quite unique but works sometimes, so it’s good if you can use cream or we can say if you can afford your costly product for Darin kind of process than you should definitely try this.

  • You can try out this procedure if you have the budget to form. Pick a proper hair removal cream that will do the job.
  • You need to apply the cream to the plughole. Make sure to apply the whole tub in case of heavy clogging.
  • Leave the cream for an hour or for overnight to remove the hair.
  • You can take the help of hot water to completely rinse the drain and then force the hair out. The job will be done.


Just making sure that your faucets are fine in the bathroom will not help you to keep it tidy. Removal of clogged hair from the drainpipe is very important under any circumstances to avoid serious damage to the pipeline. We hope that following the guide mentioned above will help you to get rid of the clogged hair from the bathroom on any day. However, if these tips still do not work for you, you can opt to hire a professional to do your job.

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