Ryobi p122 vs p108 table saw Review & comparison

There are situations when the batteries of electronic devices like mobiles do not work properly. They are unable to remain charged for a long time and frequent charging is necessary. In such a case, people will prefer those batteries that take less time getting charged and remain charged for a long time. In such a case, Ryobi p108 and Ryobi p122 batteries are considered as the best ones as they are the batteries of high capacity. These batteries consist of one plus tools having 18-volt power.

Further, we will discuss Ryobi battery comparison, Let’s have a look;

Ryobi P22 Battery Review

Ryobi p122 is a battery that consists of a lot of capacity. If one battery is not enough, people can purchase two of them. This is the only difference between Ryobi p108 and Ryobi p122 batteries. P122 batteries are actually a set of two P108 batteries and this increases their capacity. Because of two batteries in a pack, there will be no downtown time for the users. They will not have to wait for a long time for the battery to get charged.

When one battery is being charged, the other can be used to accomplish various kinds of tasks. The life of a p122 battery is four times more than the life of NiCd batteries. The power of the device will also increase with these batteries. The weight of these batteries is very low and people can use them for a long time.

Usage of P122 battery

People will find that when they start using P122 battery, the capacity of the devices increases. The battery comes with Ryobi’s One Plus tools, which has cutting and drilling powers. The running time will also increase and people can use their devices for a long time.

These batteries also have indicators, which show the amount of charge left in the battery. Lithium batteries have the capacity of working in an environment where the temperature is very low even at freezing points. Charging these batteries in such an environment takes time because these batteries need to get heated before charging starts. One disadvantage of these batteries is that it cannot work in such an environment where temperatures are very high. People will face problems in using them in such an environment.

People have to keep in mind that if these batteries are not in use at least 50% charge should be left in them. This should be done in order to slow down the degrading of the batteries. A P122 battery degrades within a time period of three to five years.

One advantage of these batteries is that they can be recycled when their life end. In order to recycle these batteries, the contact points should be sealed with tapes and then they can be sent to any recycling center.

Specifications of Ryobi P122 batteries

Let us now discuss the specifications of P122 batteries.

  • It has the power of one watt.
  • It runs at 18 volts.
  • The weight of these batteries is 1.7 lbs.
  • The warranty for these batteries is three years.

Advantages of P122 battery

Here are some of the advantages of a p122 battery.

  • The runtime of this battery is very high.
  • The power of this battery is very high.
  • The battery comes with huge torque.
  • The battery can be used easily.

Disadvantages of this battery

There is only one disadvantage of this battery and that is it gets overheated some times.

Ryobi 108 Battery Review

Ryobi p108 battery is also very powerful and it consists of a 4.0 ah battery, which consists of lithium-ion. The battery has the capacity to run four hours more in comparison to NICD batteries. The battery comes with high power and torque and its runtime is also very long. The weight of these batteries is very less n comparison to the NICD batteries. So they can be used easily and also for a long time. The battery has the capability of working at extremely low temperatures.

This battery also has a power gauge, which shows the amount of charging left in it. This power gauge consists of an LED indicator to display the charging. This is a nice feature, as the battery will not get fully discharged because users will come to know about it. Ryobi also provides and IntelliPort charger which people have to buy separately.

One of the things that people have to keep in mind is that there is no need to wait for the battery to get fully discharged. If the battery is left in charging and users forget to switch off the charging, it does not harm the battery. If people have a plan to store the battery, the maximum time period for storing it is 30 days. The chagrining of the battery should be at least 30% to 50% when stored.

Three years warranty is provided for this battery. If there is any problem, it will be replaced with a new one and no charge will be taken.

Specifications of P108 battery

The specifications of the battery are described here.

  • The power used by the battery is one watt.
  • The battery uses 18 volts of electricity.
  • The weight of the battery is 1.7 lbs.
  • The battery comes with a warranty period of three years and if there is any problem, it can be replaced free of charge.

Advantages of P108 battery

Some of the advantages of this battery are as follows.

  • The battery can give its performance for a long time.
  • The battery is of high power and people will find improvement in the performance of their device.
  • The torque of the battery is also very high.
  • The usage of the battery is very simple.

Disadvantages of the battery

There is only one disadvantage of this battery and that is overheating. There are chances that battery may get overheated but it happens very seldom.

Buyers Opinion on Ryobi P122 battery

People have given positive reviews about p122 battery. They have appreciated the life span and quality of the battery. People have told that these batteries are good for any kind of Ryobi tools and they provide a new life to the tool. People have also told that the batteries are good for any kind of Ryobi tools like jigsaws, drilling machines, and many others. These batteries can be utilized for various kinds of jobs like plumbing, jobs based on engineering, working on wood, and many others. Another thing that people have told us that the battery gets fully charged within 30 minutes.

Buyers Opinion on Ryobi P108 battery

People who are fond of using P108 batteries have given positive reviews for it. The battery is appreciated for its life span. The performance of the tools has improved with this battery and people can use these batteries for drills, jigsaws, and other things. Any old charger can be used to charge these batteries. The feature of an indicator is good as it tells about the amount of charging left in the battery.

Wrapping Up

Ryobi p108 and p122 have similar features. The only difference is that the pack of P108 comes with a single battery while the pack of P122 comes with two batteries. Both of them can be charged easily and their lifespan is also very long.

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