How Do Torque Sticks Work: The do’s & Don’ts Guide

In 2020, I’ll assume that almost everyone is looking for modernized gadgets to get done work faster and efficiently. Even I have had the same thoughts as most of you have to use the old school tools. But, ever since I got to know about the uses of Torque Sticks from my friend, I loved to get one for myself. If you are still stuck with the old school mechanics for lug nut and you need an upgrade, I have prepared this guide on Torque Sticks for you. 

Do Torque Sticks Work Accurately?

Since I have used so many Torque Sticks over the years, I’ll tell you something honestly. Most of the Torque Sticks are designed in a specific and universal measurement. So I had to re-calibrate it again. However, there is one thing that I found out- if you use the Torque Sticks properly, it will always be accurate. But if you even want the inch-perfect details, I’ll recommend you to go for a torque wrench. 

Now coming to the speed comparison, the Torque Sticks will give you a better advantage of using the product. In fact, it an excellent tool for most of the garages… So it can either be very speedy to finish your work faster but with a slight chance of in-accuracy. However, I’ll go for both when it comes to accuracy and getting the work done faster.

How Does A Torque Stick Work?

A lot of people may not know about what is the actual use of a Torque Stick and how does it work. But if you want to know more about it, I’ll tell you here… The Torque Stick is a specific tool that you can attach with the impact gun. So if you need to tighten any bolt, this is the perfect tool to reduce the time and do your job accurately. It’s specifically a stick which you can attach with a socket. So while the stick is rotating, it just forms a new flex that can always be helpful. But when the maximum torque is reached, the Torque Stick will stop working. It will also indicate that your work is done.

Whenever I use the Torque Stick for my works, it helps me in completing the work much faster than I would normally expect. So, I’ll just quickly grab a stick without any constant reference to the torque. As soon as I start my impact gun, the Torque Stick starts working as well. But you need to make sure that the stick is connected properly and there is not much gap present. So it all depends on the specific amount of flex that is required and the amount that I used.

Can I Use Torque Sticks with Electric Impact?

I’ll share the experience that I had with the Torque Sticks and needless to say, I was quite surprised. I can’t find out a reason why you will not be able to use it with an electric Impact. I found it to be extremely useful when it comes to using the electric impacts with the Torque Stick. It did not give me any trouble at all. But you need to make sure that you have properly charged up the electric impacts without any issues at all. So you won’t have to wait for more time to get the Torque wrench and then use it.

Will An Extension Change The Torque?

When it comes to the measurements of the Torque, there are two major factors that you need to consider while you are about to change the extension torque. You need to make sure that speed and accuracy are always maintained. Now, coming to the physics of the Torque Sticks, the torque stick speed depends on the speed of the extension. So the faster the extension will work, it will work better. So try to make sure that you get the correct measurement beforehand. Because of the high speed, it becomes more difficult for any person to get the accuracy correct. So adding up an extension may just change the torque a little in terms of accuracy.

How Tight Should You Torque The Lug Nuts?

Lug Nuts may be used in multiple places and for different occasions, but let’s assume that you are using it for your car. Coming to the dynamics of your car, it runs around 80-100 ft-lbs of torque. In such a case, it is always ideal to use a deep locking lug nut with the maximum amount of torque. You can start with 75 ft-lbs when you need to remove the tire. However, if you have just fixed and started using it, it is ideal that you can fix up the setting to 100 ft-lbs.

What Is The Ideal Torque For Lug Nuts?

Just like I have mentioned above, the appropriate torque for the lug nuts depends on what your next move is. If you are going to replace the wheels, you can bring it down to 25 ft-lbs. However, if you have just installed a new tire, you can keep it within 75 to 110 ft-lbs for 90 degrees.

Top 3 Torque Stick Sets

1. Abn 1/2in Drive 8in Torque Extension Bar

The ABN 1/2in Drive 8in Torque Extension Bar is a great choice when it comes to secure hold. The product features spring-loaded ball locks that help the device to get a proper grip on the torque stick without any issues. 

Coming to the construction, the product seems to be very good when it comes to long-lasting. The product has proper sizing which is permanently laser etched. This allows any user to easily use the Torque sticks without any problems. 

The ABN 1/2in Drive 8in Torque Extension Bar includes an 8-inch long extension which can always be easy to grip and to push through.

2. Neiko 02453A 1/2″ Drive Torque Limiting Extension Bar

The Neiko 02453A 1/2″ Drive Torque Limiting Extension Bar comes with high versatility. This set allows you to get extension bars with deep sockets as well as proper torque applications. The product comes with high accuracy levels which provide fast work experience.

The product has multiple color-coded options which makes them look attractive to use. Apart from this, it also helps you to understand the settings for each of the torque sticks which help you to remember all about the settings according to the requirements.

The grips and the hold of the products are very secure. The Neiko 02453A 1/2″ Drive Torque Limiting Extension Bar has proper ball detent drive ends to provide you proper stability while working.

3. Abn 1/2in Drive 8in Extension Bar

When it comes to choosing a proper extension torque settings, the ABN 1/2in Drive 8in Extension Bar has long reached out. The product comes with 8-inch models which allow you to reach out to the hard to reach areas. They are hard to reach.

The product comes with proper grips and secures locking. This ensures you to easily work with the ABN 1/2in Drive 8in Extension Bar while you are working with fast speed. Since it contains a locking ball, it works better to get the proper results. 

The ABN 1/2in Drive 8in Extension Bar comes with quick identification with different marking options. This helps you to find out the different setting changes as per your needs.


You can choose any of these Torque extensions while you are working with a lug nut. However, if you need more accuracy, you can also go for a Torque wrench.

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