Dewalt dcf887 Review | Best Selling Dewalt Impact Driver Under 20-Volt Category

Built for perfection, this tool is a guarantee for success and a must-have for any tool lover of the 21st century.

With just a weight of about 2 pounds, dimensions of 5.9 inches by 8 inches by 3 inches, max bolt diameter of M12, 3-speed settings and 3D LED halo lights the dewalt dcf887 impact driver is portable and very handy for all types of environments.

DeWalt DCF887 Features And Review

  • Power: This monster boasts of 1,825 IN-LBS max torque. So much power in the right hands can yield results in a moment. This handy tool makes a hard job look easy even for a beginner.
  • 3-speed setting: Equipped with 3-speed setting, the DeWalt DCF887 impact driver starts from 250max torque going to 1500 max torque to a high max torque of 1800. This unique feature allows users to have more control in scenarios where raw power has to pave way for finesse. Get your job done 3 times slower or 3 times faster.
  • 3D LED lights: Worried about working in dark areas and getting the job all wrong? Worry not for this impact driver has the solution. The dewalt dcf887 driver has 3D LED lights to illuminate your workspace and reduce any shadows.
  • Mobility: Since the impact driver is powered by a 20-volt Li-ion battery and with its lightweight, it can be carried around on belts when going for camps or areas with no power supply. This feature makes it suitable for any environment in the world.
  • Brushless motor: This impact driver comes with a brushless motor making it even more useful to users. Brushless motors are not as limited in reaching super high and super low speeds compared to brushed motors. Without any brushes in the way, they produce less heat allowing you to get more work done. Although they can heat up, a brushless motor cools quicker than a brushed motor.
  • Belt clip: The tool comes with a belt clip just above the battery pack allowing the user to attach the tool to your belt and reach for it when needed.
  • Aluminum front housing: Loads of heat can be generated at the drive end of the tool when pushing a screw into a tough block. So DeWalt has engineered the housing of the DCF887 out of aluminum for improved heat dispersion. With such a feature, prolonged motor life is guaranteed.
  • Battery level indicator: There is an LED  display to show how much battery life is left.

Use Of The DeWalt DCF887 Manual Impact Driver

  • Insert and remove screws as well as drill holes due to the high levels of torque they produce.
  • Repetitive driving as they can deliver high speed and torque at the same instance.
  • Work on tough material because of the high torque levels.


  • Compact: This dewalt dcf887 impact driver is small and lighter and as a result can squeeze into confined spaces. The lightweight they have also allowed users to carry the tool to any place they want to visit with no problem.
  • Powerful: This impact driver is very powerful with about 1,825 IN-LBS max torque. This is a result of the hammer and anvil mechanism installed in them to deliver very powerful blows to the screwdriver. This allows, impact driver to drive screws into tougher materials at a faster speed.
  • Minimal kick-back: Like all tools, the dewalt 20V impact driver will encounter resistance when driving screws into hard materials making it hard for the chuck to turn. This causes power transferred to the bit from the motor to be taken back to the body. This is referred to as kick back and can result in straining of the arm or wrist of the user as they try to hold the tool steady. Working at high speeds can cause kickback to happen unexpectedly. Dewalt dcf887 impact driver is cordless with torque and it overcomes the resistance that can cause kickbacks.
  • Torque control: This feature allows one to have control over how much torque is delivered at one time. If used correctly, torque control prevents stripped screw heads or damaged work surfaces.
  • Cordless: Since this impact driver is cordless, chances of tripping and or having the air hose get in your way are reduced. This allows you to be even on ladders or roof when using this tool.
  • Rough work: Normally dewalt impact driver 20 volt is the perfect tool for rough construction. Their power makes this monster ideal for tasks were speed and efficiency is more required than finesse.
  • Easy to maintain: The impact driver comes with a storage case to keep the tool from harm’s way.  It also comes with a manual to find solutions to the problems you may encounter when using them too.


  • Extra bits: You may need to purchase extra impact bits. Due to the high levels of torque that this driver has, screwdriver bits can easily wear down extremely quickly and require replacing.
  • 3 jawed chucks: This dewalt impact driver doesn’t have a 3 jawed chuck but has a hexagonally shaped quick-release chuck which only holds bits with hexagonal shanks. This means that you will not be able to use your already existing bits.
  • Battery life: The battery life is another setback for this impact driver. dewalt lt has tried to perfect this specific problem but the batteries will not last for a lifetime meaning you need extra batteries to change from time to time. If not extra batteries, then the user has to stop working and charge batteries when they are flat and this delays the finishing of the job.
  • Price: Cordless tools are relatively expensive compared to corded tools. The design of the DeWalt 887 impact driver, 3-speed settings, 3D LED halo lights, extra torque among other features don’t come cheaply.

Why Choose The DeWalt Impact Driver

  • Dewalt products come with a no-break guarantee. This means that if the bits fail for any reason, while the anchor wears mark ID still visible on the product, Dewalt will replace it free of charge.
  • Dewalt also offers a 3-year limited warranty meaning they will fix and repair the impact driver free of charge if it has any defects. However, this warranty does not cover normal wear or abuse of the driver.
  • On top of the 3-year warranty, the dewalt dcf887 impact driver carries with it a one-year service contract. DeWalt promises to maintain its impact driver and replace worn parts resulting from normal use for free during the first year of purchase.
  • This power tool also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the DCF887 impact driver, Dewalt provides this mind-blowing advantage to the buyer with a money-back guarantee. You have the option to return the tool within 90 days of purchase with a receipt and get a full refund.

The Dewalt 20V impact driver is equipped with some of the latest technological advancements. A 3-year warrant accompanying this mega tool, the dewalt dcf887 impact driver outclasses the rest in the world of impact drivers. tries to give you one platform that saves your time in today’s hectic schedule and also puts an extra effort to make your decision better, wiser and, economical whenever you spend even a single penny over the internet.

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