Award-Winning Ideas To Save Energy At Home/Offices | 2021 Updated Guide

Energy is imperative for living, and it’s our primer responsibility to save it. Energy Conservation is also a great help to improve environmental problems and a shortage of budget. As John Baldacci quoted:

Energy consumption matters both to our environment and our economy.

House owners set resolutions for the coming years and always search out ways to save money and on their basic requirement of life “Energy”.

Here, we will discuss the quick and easy ways that how can we save energy at home easily.

Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.
– John Muir

A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.
– John James Audubon

Some Top Notch Ideas without Headaches

Turn Off “Electricity” and Take Advantage of Natural Light:


What do you perceive with the word “natural light”? Natural light means daylight or Morning light in the presence of the Sun. Try to use Natural Lights more and make less use of artificial lights in the day time.

The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved.
– Richard Rogers

Make it a Habit of Switching Off all the Lights while Going Out:

Sometimes, while going out, we forget to turn off the lights or even appliances like (television, iron, etc.), which is true, the great wastage of money and energy. Make sure that all the unnecessary lights or appliances were off when you left home.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Switch to Laptops than Computers:

Buy laptops instead of desktop computers. Indeed, a more convenient and energy-efficient way. Do not put them on screen saver mode, rather than that opt-out for hibernating or sleep modes to save energy. Furthermore, parents should stop their kids from using the internet, especially at night, as it not only disturbs the minds but also enhances the use of energy.

I feel more confident than ever that the power to save the planet rests with the individual consumer.
– Denis Hayes

Use of Portable(wireless) Devices:

Wireless phones and wifi devices must be used, which needs less charging.  The use of portable and wireless devices has limited the use of energy, and consumption has improved. Devices like a laptop, wireless phones, digital notepad are a great addition in our daily life routine.

Changing Settings of Heaters

It is good to keep the thermometer level low and use oil heaters or electric blankets to keep oneself warm. Inverter Heater is available in the market, which consumes less energy and keeps the environment warm when needed.

Stop using Smart Meter

Smart Meter

Sometimes, smart energy meter consumes more power than needed, which can cause great damage in the wires as well as to the entire building, when all of a sudden, they catch fire. Moreover, the use of electric meter and energy has increased in the USA by the passage of time. Try to switch from smart meters and depend on its substitutes. 

Use Properly Your Water Tank

Electric motor or pumps store water for later use. Try to use them when required. Do not fix an “automatic machine or button” with the pump, which allows the motor to turn on automatically to fill the tank every now and then as it wastes the energy most of the time.

Use Water Warmer Geysers with Storage

Water warmer is effective in winters to store warm water for hours. It can be considered as more effective if it saves energy. Once it has filled the geysers tank with warm water, switch off its button.

Turn on AC Only When Highly Needed

Use of Air conditioners can be reduced by switching on them only when required and depend more upon fans. Try to use only one AC in the entire home, and to let cooking reach all corners of the home, keep doors of your rooms open while the main entrance door closed. Once the home is cool, switch off your device. By doing so, cooling will stay longer and you will save on bills as well.

Use Inverters

Now, we can easily find the “inverter Ac.” Inverters use less energy while producing more cooling. Moreover, in winters, they work like heaters. Using them can reduce energy consumption and power.  It will also save on bills.

Use Natural Breeze

Try To Use The Natural Breeze To Keep Your Home Cool In Summers. In hot weather days, avoid opening windows during day time and keep the cool air inside the home and do not allow sunlight to come in and take all the calm breeze.

Use Energy Saving Bulb

Install energy savers instead of high-voltage bulbs. Use low energy bulbs for exterior lightings, like LED lights that conserve low energy and are cost-effective. The use of energy-saving lights has reduced the bill amounts.

Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) And LED’s

Use CFL bulbs to save energy instead of ordinary bulbs. For instance, 2 CFL bulbs produce equivalent light to a 100-watt ordinary bulb. It means you are saving twice on your utility bills.

Proper Washing Machine Uses

Make sure that washing machines are used only when the “need is high.” Make a routine to wash clothes weekly rather than having a daily “rinse it off” day. 

Dry Clothes in Sunlight Or In Fresh Air

Try not to use spinning machines for drying clothes when you still have a good option outside. Spinning machines consume “excessive” energy. So, when you can easily take advantage of the daylight in summers its not a bad idea, though.

Turn Television on only when Required

Televisions are used in every home. To conserve electricity, turn them on only when you’re interested in watching a show. Do not keep them on when there is no one to watch tv.

Reduce your dependence on Energy

Reduce your dependence on electronic devices as much as you can. The more you do your tiny tasks by yourself, the better the energy-saver you become. It also helps in power plus energy saving. 

Unplug Unnecessary Electronic Appliances/Devices

The wastage of energy is not a good habit. So, once you are done with using any device or appliance, turn them off. Don’t let them keep running.

Solar Energy Usage – A Better Option

Use Solar energy to supply electricity to your home instead of UPS or generator as it needs continuous charging. Solar energy systems are installed usually on the roofs of the houses. Solar Lamps can be also fixed in the porches, backyards, or the garden to save on artificial energy usage and takes advantage of natural energy; Sun rays.

Use Refrigerators in Lower Power Mode During Winters

In winters, you should use refrigerators with low-temperature level. Use the “power save mode” on your fridge if available. it properly working on this mode too, there is no harm in food as well. Due to this, your energy consumption goes below as per your assumption, juts because it’s tried and tested method from my side too. ?

Conserve Energy while using an Oven

In the kitchen, we use cooking ranges embedded with ovens; however, they consume high volts of energy. So, while eating food, try to use a microwave oven or toasters instead of the entire cooking range as they consume less energy and do the same help.  Also, switch the button off as soon as you get done with its usage.

Do not Overheat Ovens:

Overheat ovens only when the high temperature is required to cook foods. Overheating may also cause damages in the home or the surroundings.

Stop Using Portable Electric Inductions Stove

For daily kitchen chores, one uses a lot of handy devices like blenders, choppers and one of them is a portable electric oven, which consumes more energy and is less beneficial as they do not the cook the food in the way as required. Stop it.

Dishwasher Usage

The task of dishwashing is done three to four times a day. To make it even better, try to do it once in a day instead of dividing the usage into portions. Also, turn it off as soon as the washing session finishes.

Appropriate Usage of Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are fixed everywhere in the homes. However, forget to turn them off, usually. To save on energy, do not keep them on rather than that switch them off when use is no more demanded.

Do not Overload Home with Machinery

Energy appliances like a second refrigerator or cooler consume heavy voltage and are unnecessary as they are used rarely. Unplug them for good.

Try to use Less energy During Peak-Hours

Do not use energy items during peak hours. Peak hours are the times in which energy conservation-rate and charges are high.

Check “Energy star” Sign

When you are buying an energy item, do check its “energy star” sign as it indicates that the product consumes low power electricity and can be used for a longer span of time. It also tells if the appliance is reliable and durable.

Ventilation is Everything

Many homes have good ventilation systems, and some haven’t. Having more windows in the home can result in a reduction of energy usage as it allows the air to circulate in the home. It can reduce inner-light usage, as well.

Insulation Helps

Make sure walls are insulated well to save home from outside temperatures and control energy loss. Cover floors with rugs or carpet to help insulate home. By doing so, you can save more energy.

Less use of Fireplace for Energy-Saving

Fireplace dampers should be closed to keep the warmth inside. They can keep energy saved for long hours, and you get a hot fireplace next time, without turning on the heat.

Plan Outdoor Games

Prefer playing hide n’ seek with kids, spent some quality time with family members by having some conversations, playing board games, and walking around the pathways. The longer you are away from the energy-usage devices, the more you save it.


All the possible ways to save energy have discussed above. Plus, by implementing these ways at home will also help you to save money. As it is quoted:

“We need strength, we need energy, we need quickness, and we need brain in this country to turn it around” – Donald Trump

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