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41 Mind-Boggling Simon Says Ideas | How To Play With Twist [2021]

Simon Says game, an interesting game that is not only loved by all the kids but is loved equally by their parents and teachers as well as a game that is more than just a game.  It is one of those classic games which never gets old and even you never are too old to play it. It can be enjoyed anywhere, irrespective of where you are. Just get your favorite bunch of people and start playing and having fun.

The rules of the game are very easy to follow and keep up with and the best part is that apart from acting as a recreation, Simon says ideas also help kids to attain the development of certain skills like listening skills. 

Simon Says Ideas

Beginning Of The Game

One of the best things about the game ‘Simon Says ideas’ is that there is room to accommodate as many people as you like. But, there is space for only one Simon in the game. Before you initiate the game, you first are required to choose Simon from the bunch of people you are playing with.

Rules And Regulation Of Simon Says Ideas

As specified earlier, the rules and regulations of the game are very simple. The chosen Simon needs to give instructions to the remaining players, and if in any case his instruction has not been followed by someone from these participants due to any negligence, he or she will get eliminated. The trick in this game is that you only have to follow those instructions which start with SIMON SAYS. If you have followed one without the Simon Says with a twist, you will tend to get eliminated. So, keep your ears open and for Simon, know how to make this trick work.

The game continues till only a single player is left to be eliminated.

Becoming A good Simon

There are various ways in which you could become a good Simon and trick others into getting eliminated.

You can either come up with instructions which are good enough to get the better of the other players or speed up the ways in which you instruct them, and the last being you can come up with a name which sounds familiar to Simon, which will lead to confusion amongst the participants and they will have to be extra careful in order to get the better of you.  

The game is all about being smart and attentive and seeing if you can be good enough to be the last one alive. And for Simon, be a smart and tricky one and know how to get the better of the nerves of the other participants on the other side of you.

The Game

The best part about this game is that starting from the young children, the toddlers and the preschoolers to the ones above the age of 12, the game can be enjoyed by everyone. You just need to come up with different instructions for every age group. 

While you can play it easy for the small children and the kindergarteners, you really have to come up with better and more confusing instructions for the older ones. For them, you can alter the speed in your instruction so as to confuse them and ask them to perform various distinct actions that come in pairs and see if they crack in this amount of pressure.

The other incredible thing about this game that makes it different from the other ones is that it is not only for the purpose of fun but also fulfills the purpose of educating young children. The game teaches the children several integral points such as the development of listening to the instructions well, about the process of decision making and its importance and also about the process and importance of thinking critically and the issues of solving the various problems. 

One could also teach the children about various shapes and provide them the knowledge of the various colors and identify them.  You could also give them ideas about the spellings of the different difficult words which you use in the whole Simon says game. 

Hence we can see that the Simon Says Ideas game is not only a game which entertains us but also helps the children learn new things thus being good for everyone.

Objective Of The Game

The objective of the Simon says game is very simple too, like the rules and the regulations. You just need to abide by the instructions given to you by the assigned Simon and follow them for as long as you can. The last person who is there standing on the ground gets the opportunity of becoming Simon in the next game.

Various Ideas For Simon

The game also sees the creativity level of Simon and how he can trick the participants and hence getting them eliminated from the game. So, here are some of the ideas for our very own Simon, and how he or she can get others out of the play.

Simon Says Questions

  • Simon Says to clap your hands.
  • Simon instructs to walk like a dog.
  • Simon says to click your fingers.
  • Simon says to walk backward.
  • Simon Says to write in the air.
  • Simon Says to dance.
  • Simon says to act as a joker.
  • Simon says with a twist instructs to jump twice.
  • Simon says to pout.
  • Simon says to kick in the air.
  • Simon says to play the drums in the air.
  • Simon says to meow like a cat.
  • Simon instructs to stand on your toes.
  • Simon instructs to kiss your hand.
  • Simon says to lift your right leg.
  • Simon says to punch your nose lightly.
  • Simon says to bark like a dog.
  • Simon instructs to sing.
  • Simon says to take a huge leap forward.
  • Simon says to draw in the air.
  • Simon instructs to move like a robot.
  • Simon says to shake one hand with another.
  • Simon says to look up.
  • Simon instructs to look in the right direction.
  • Simon says to walk left.
  • Simon says to bend down on the knees.
  • Simon says to close your one eye and touch your toes.
  • Simon says to run in a backward direction.
  • Simon says to crawl.
  • Simon instructs to touch one elbow with another and keep your face between both the hands.
  • Simon says to flap your hands like the wings of the birds.
  • Simon says to act like a swimmer.
  • Simon instructs to pick a leaf.
  • Simon instructs to act like eating something.
  • Simon says to kick your leg in the left direction.
  • Simon says move in the left direction while swinging your right arm.
  • Simon says to spin similar to that of a top.
  • Simon says to sound like a cow.
  • Simon instructs hiss.
  • Simon instructs to dance with silly moves.
  • Simon says to tickle the feet of your friend.

The Closure

While the game is a classic one, yet it can never get old for the kids to play. With various Simon Says ideas instructions and the ability of the game to accommodate a large number of people, the game is intriguing and is good enough to keep the children and the kids busy. The important thing about this is that it helps the children to learn too and hence is loved by parents too. The parents can take their children on the beach or any other fun spot and play with them, thus building a strong parent-children relationship.

All in all, it is a fine classic game and the one which everyone can play and enjoy.

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