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Best Bow And Arrow Sets For Kids [2020] | (Review & Buying Guide)

It is now the summer season, and there isn’t much to do, so instead of letting your kids play Xbox and IPad games, you decide to give them something to do outdoors. You need to make your child active, and you know the best thing to give to them.

Hunger Games was released a long time ago, but watching the movie trilogy just gives you the itch to buy an archery set. You go like, hey, why don’t I buy one set for my kids to play with? It is fun, but make sure to supervise your child the whole time so that they won’t accidentally hurt anyone.

So what type of archery set should you get for them? That is why you need to research, based on the size and your kid’s age. Make sure to give them an archery set that cannot cause any harm to others, especially if they are below six years of age.

Below, we have compiled a guide on the best bow and archery set for kids.

Next, we will be doing product reviews on the top 10 archery sets for kids. We will start from the top then down to the best one ranking at the top place.

Bow and Archery Set Reviews

#10 Disney Brave Archery Set

Disney Brave Archery Set

This archery set is for kids that have never used a bow and arrow before. The product has been created from kids’ accessories under the Disney Brave label. It is called the Disney Brave Archery Set. For those kids that are die-hard fans of Disney, they will love this archery set. The love kids have for Disney products are a lot, that is why most kids cherish any gifts that they are given as a Disney present. If your kids have an interest in hunting and shooting like a Hunger Games star, make sure to get them the best archery sets in the market.

As some archery sets are heavy-duty, you need to get them a kids’ level beginner archery set to let them improve their shooting skills.

It lets them have vast experience in handling a proper bow and arrow. This bow and arrow are great for kids that are starters and let them practice at ease without fear.

This bow is the best bow for kids around the age of 4. However, parents still need to supervise them properly.

#9 Nerf N-Strike StratoBow Bow

Nerf N-Strike StratoBow Bow

This bow is rather stylish, and it might strike a kid’s fancy. No matter whether it is for a boy or a girl, the kid will love this start bow set. This nerf bow is one of the most appealing toys a kid can have, and it makes it irresistible for kids.

The Nerf bow is a great gift to give your kid on a special occasion. If they have shown interest in shooting, then this is the best present for your kid.

It is one of the top archery sets for kids that will let you have a peace of mind when the kid is practicing the toy.

The toy comes in a full package, so you don’t have to worry about assembling the parts accurately. The minute you open the box, your kids can dive their hands on it. The package arrives with darts, instead of arrows. However, this is due to a safety precaution. Your kids only need to put in darts into the bow and release the darts right at the target.

#8 Nerf Sports Bow

Nerf Sports Bow

Next bow that we have on the list is the Nerf Sports Bow. There are two arrows with shooting targets and a manual on how to operate the bow on the packaging. The package is all that is needed to keep your kids super active in practicing their shooting.

This bow is one of the largest in the Nerf series, and it can only be handled by kids that are ten years of age. This sports bow has a peephole that allows the kids to aim at the target without missing out on anything.

After releasing the arrow, your kids will hear the sound of the arrow flying through the air. The target of the shaft should be placed at 105 feet away from the shooting spot.

#7 Rebelle Kids Archery Bow

Rebelle Kids Archery Bow

The next bow that is to be introduced to you is the Rebelle Kids Archery Bow. It is a great bow to be given to your kids the real action in shooting the bow. Upon opening the package, you will see a bow that has a purple and white color.

It also comes with three arrows and a quiver. After reading the instruction manual, there shouldn’t be any other problem in operating the archery set. If your kids are already experienced at using the bow, then this bow will be a great tool to have in the house. You just need to put in the arrows one after another into the bow. Next, draw the string to let loose the arrow. Your kid might not get used to it, but with lots of practice, they will be able to carry out the shooting with ease.

#6 Liberty Ninja Warrior Archery Set

Liberty Ninja Warrior Archery Set

If your kids are a die-hard fan of Ninja turtles and want to become a Ninja one day, then, you can surprise your kid with a Ninja Warrior Archery Set. These bow and arrow sets are great to play with, and you can have pretense on playing Ninja Warrior in your room. Soon your kids love these games, and it can hone their concentration and shooting skills.

To make the pretense real, you can let them wear ninja wear and make the experience completely real. When the package arrives, you will find out that it doesn’t only come with a bow and arrow, it has a sword as well.

Your kids can slowly emulate any one of the Teenage Ninja Turtles in the movie. Kids that love the Ninja turtles will love this gift as a present. It is an excellent gift for a 4-year-old kid. Cherish the moment with your loved ones in this Ninja Warrior Archery Set.

#5 Merida Archery Set

Merida Archery Set

You have a little princess at home, and it is her birthday in 3 weeks. You wonder how to give her the best gift for her birthday. We have an excellent recommendation for you – It is called the Merida Archery Set from Disney’s label.

The archery set comes from Merida, and she is a Scottish heroine. If your kids enjoyed the movie, then they will love this gift.

You might need to open the package with a knife. Upon opening the packaging, you do not need any type of assembly, and you can use it without any delay.

The arrows that are in the archery set are sticky and easy to handle for your kids without any risk of getting hurt. The archery set is also decorative making it an excellent game for any kid to have.

#4 Marky Sparky Archery Bow

Marky Sparky Archery Bow

Are you still searching for the best bow for your children? Look no more, we have a recommendation here – the Markey Sparky Archery Bow. The whole set makes the archery conquest come true when your children want to do shooting with their friends. The archery set is striking and fancy, and one of the best game for young kids.

The arrows are very lightweight and can reach up to 200 feet to reach the target. The arrow tip has foam on it, making the arrow bounce off the mark quickly. Therefore, it is safe for kids to use the arrows for shooting outdoors without harming anyone.

#3 Handmade Adventure Bow

Handmade Adventure Bow

 If you love wooden bows, then you should go for this Handmade Adventure Bow set. The archery set is created from wood and comes with twenty wood arrows to let your kids practice on all different terrains and enhance their shooting skills. The bow is made out of bamboo and has bamboo made quivers as well. It is a great birthday gift for any children, and you can have excellent sports activities anywhere you want to. 

#2 SainSmart Kids Archery Set

SainSmart Kids Archery Set

It is the Christmas season, and playing Santa isn’t easy. It is a big surprise, and you want to delight your kids with a big present after their school performance. The whole body of the archery set makes it easier for your kids to carry and use. It gives the kid a real-life shooting experience, and it helps them to develop their motor skills.

Soon they have excellent hand and eyes coordination, and you can even shoot at night! The bow comes with a luminous light at night as well.

This is an excellent adventure toy, so make sure to give it to your kid as well.

# Top Choice: Editor’s Pick – Kiddie Toy Archery Set

Kiddie Toy Archery Set

This bow and arrow is the best archery set for your kids. It is one of the kid’s archery toys for hunting games, and it is excellent for all outdoor shooting activities. Your children can give themselves a challenge and practice the toy, and they will know which bow and arrow are the best to shoot targets with.

This set comes with three arrows and arrow tips that are filled with suction cups, so no one gets a risk of getting injured. To make it a worthwhile experience, the archery set also comes along with a target. You can hang the mark with a wall or a tree.

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