E-Safety Tips For Parents: Internet Safety Facts for Kids To follow | 2021

E-Safety Tips For Parents: Internet Safety Facts for Kids To follow | 2021

Worried about what your child is going through while searching on the internet? Is he being diverted to somewhere because of this random searches all over the internet? It is very important to keep monitoring your child and to guide them on what to search for and what not to and how to search for. It is always important for the parents to keep their children out from harm. At the same time, it is also important to equip children with skills so they can experience the internet positively. If you are wondering and confused about how to handle your child, here is a complete article on Kids e-safety guide which will help you throughout.

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What is E-Safety?

E-safety is also commonly known as Internet safety or even online safety. It is basically defined as the use of technology responsibly and also harmlessly. Basically, E-safety refers to the use of the internet and other electronic means of communication. But in today’s world, we do not even know what our children are searching around the internet or are they being safe to do so. It is really important for any parent to monitor their children’s internet activities and also to know what they are used for. Thus, this E-safety guide will help you to find real tips on how to keep your child safe.

Kids e-safety
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What do you need to do to secure your kids?

Use Antivirus Software

Antivirus Software
  • Antivirus Software protects any device from any kind of breaches or hacks and defends the firewall of the device.
  • Hackers from all around the globe always target the weak spot of any device to enter the system. But with the help of Antivirus Software, it is completely protected.
  • Antivirus Software allows the data inside the PC or a device to be completely safe. This ensures that no unauthorized person is able to read the data if anyone has intended to do so.

Protect Against Identity Theft

Protect Against Identity
  • Identity theft is one of the most prominent ways for hackers and online fraudsters to steal your personal data. They use this information to steal your personal data and to pose as you to make use of your own information.
  • In some of the cases, Identity thefts and allows the hacker to get details of your bank account and even steal money. You may not even know it before it becomes too late.
  • Protecting against Identity theft means that storing your data in a secured location where no one can access your data even by hacking your PC. So you can always protect the information by securing the PC.

Optimize the Passwords

Optimize The Passwords
  • While using the computer and internet, fraudulent activities are highly aware of the same trending passwords across the board. We often use the same set of passwords for our work, online accounts and much more.
  • This is a sure fire way by which fraudulent services can get a hold of your personal information and log in to your accounts. Hackers only need to spy to your password pattern to get a hold of all.
  • If you wish to get relief from it, you can simply optimize the passwords. Change the passwords frequently and try to not repeat it for any other service. This always helps you to find great benefits.

Update the cookies

  • Cookies are a part of small data which gets transferred to your desktop while you access a website. It is practically a way by which the websites can collect information about your browsing history.
  • Websites can sell the analysis to any third party of their choice to have information about you. So it is important for you to keep checking for cookies present on your PC.
  • You can simply delete the cookies or even your browsing history to get rid of this feature.

Use a VPN

  • VPN or virtual private network is probably the best way to protect you from any type of fraudulent activities. They work by connecting the user to the internet through a private server that cannot be breached.
  • In case of a VPN, the connection is which means that it is completely safe and secure at the same time. The data goes through a tunnel that cannot be encrypted at all. So it is important to use a VPN that has great security.
  • The VPN can easily stop tracking of your actual IP so that no one can get a record of it. Thus, your location and your browsing habits are completely secure.

Turn off the GPS

  • GPS is one of the most accurate hardware components of any device that allows all the apps or services in a device to know where your location is. By turning it off means that no application will be able to track your position!
  • The GPS may be good at times, but also is bad for your privacy. It alerts someone when you are not at home. This involves major safety risks as well. So try to keep it off while you are outside or you do not want yourself to be tracked.
  • GPS also involves in geotagging which accurately describes your location. Try to turn off the GPS from all the devices and only use it when you require the most.

Deactivate Auto Fill Option

Deactivate Auto Fill Option
Deactivate Auto Fill Option2
  • The Auto Fill Option helps us a lot to save time, but it has major side effects at the same time. Turning off the AutoFill Option is one of the first things that you can do in order to secure the device and personal information.
  • The Auto Fill Option has a tendency to fill up any form automatically when you fill it once with your device. While your type in anything similar, the auto-fill option helps to fill up the entire form by inputting the corresponding data to the respective tab.
  • At the same time, it gets easier for hackers to entirely get information about you without any hesitation at all. By turning off the AutoFill Option, you can secure your personal data easily.

Private Browsing Modes

Private Browsing Modes
  • The Internet has now become a common feature of almost every home in the world. But similarly, because of browsing, there has been an immense risk in security and fraudulent services. Private Browsing Modes are a great option to solve it.
  • The Private Browsing Modes from Google like the Incognito mode helps to keep your private browsing sessions with yourself. Because of this, no information gets stored to any website or service that you are currently browsing.
  • If you do not find it easy to use Private Browsing Modes, you can even go for Private browsers that are great for help. This generally helps you in securing the method of browsing.

Only Use HTTPS Links

Only Use HTTPS Links
  • HTTPS Links are a form of tech jargon that only a few people know and also the benefits of it. There is a slight advantage of having the “S” in the URL which refers to the “HTTPS”. One should always keep in mind that the user is having an “https” in the address. This makes it more secure.
  • No website is safe if it does not have any protected URL. If it simply stays as HTTP, this means that the line is not secure and may be breached at any time. So try to opt for a website that includes HTTPS Links in each of the pages.
  • HTTPS Links ensure that no fraudsters can actually breach the technical advantage and get into the PC. Thus your browsing and information always stay safe and within a secure network.

Social Media Accounts Are Private

social Media Accounts Are Private
  • This may not go down well with most of us, but it is the exact reason why there have been so many numbers of fraud activities on Social Media Accounts. Hackers try to breach in with different social media accounts to gather information about you and build a bigger picture for fraud.
  • Making Social Media Accounts private means that you only allow people whom you know and ask them to build up a bigger picture for online fraud services. Try to change the settings and make it completely private.
  • Social Media Accounts are great for networking and interacting with people. But if you make it public, most of the people will get in touch with you with whom you have never known about. Some of them may be hackers or fraud stars.

How they Become a victim?

Kids always love to explore and know more about the world. They meet new people through chat rooms, blogs, videos, social networking sites and much more. They communicate with people for better advantage and in the end, become prey for fraudulent activities. Most of the hackers try to go for kids to get into a device because they find it to be soft targets. Once they can draw the children to their desired website or through chats, they show the kindness, flattery, affection and even gifts to seduce their targets.

How they get a victim?

These types of manipulation allow the kids to lose their awareness and instead help the predators to find more personal information. This not only includes kids but may happen with any person of your family. The main intention is to protect your child and so monitoring them is the biggest priority.

What Are The Major Laws Regarding This?

Cyber fraud is now common in almost every country and thus every Government is trying to take in serious actions against the fraud. Though it is not possible to restore back everything that you have lost, it is still important that you can be aware of the fraud activities going around you. The Government from every country has taken serious measures and also different steps regarding this. The USA has introduced different measurements for laws against this.

Infact you can also visit https://www.usa.gov/online-safety to officially know more about this. Cyber fraud is one of the most important things to consider for any such activities are the rules that the Government has created for your country. You can check in the official sites which will give you a clear idea about the activities against phishing, work at home or even different activities. There are different laws for catfish scams, unexpected prizes, and even Internet Fraud scheme. However, before you fall into any scams, try to be aware and make your kids be aware of what internet fraudulent is. This will help you to secure personal information and different data.

What Are The Symptoms That Your Kids Are Addicted?

There are obviously many ways by which you can get to know more about the addiction that your kids have. Getting used to technology is good for developing skills but when it becomes an addition, it becomes difficult for parents to control them. Thus, it is always important to know about your children and monitor them to know if they have an addiction or not. You can look for some symptoms like losing time track while being online. Checking emails and messages several times in a day or even pending time online instead of doing homework or studying!

There are also some factors which you can keep in mind to check the addiction levels. You can look for the hours that they spend while online even if it is exceeding your given limits for internet usage. Look for if they prefer to spend time online or with their friend and family. If the things go out of hands, you can look forward to using monitoring services and install in the PC to get more information. Try to use these monitoring services to know about the browsing history and much more.

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