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How To Clean Throttle Position Sensor Body [Without Removing It]

The entire ECU system is the most important component of your car. If it is dirty, TPS sensors will fail, and of course, your throttle position sensor will not work at all. You can’t travel much if none of the sensors are working.

If you find that you’re facing multiple engine problems, it may be just a symptom of a throttle position sensor problem. The sensor may either be damaged, or it may require effective cleaning.

The throttle position always requires a sensor check while you are working or requires a decent engine performance. So how to clean throttle position sensor and keep it working?

What is TPS and How To Tell If Throttle Body Needs Cleaning?

The throttle position sensor is utilized with input carburetion and electronic fuel infusion to advise the PC about the rate regarding throttle opening and relative throttle position. The throttle position sensor can be mounted remotely on the throttle shaft or inside the carburetor.

The throttle position sensor is a variable resistor. It changes the opposition as the throttle opens. When the PC is flagged that the throttle is open, the PC advances the fuel combination to keep up the legitimate air to fuel proportion.

The capacity of the manifold outright pressing factor sensor is to detect pneumatic force or vacuum in the admission manifold.

How to Clean a Throttle Position Sensor?

To clean the throttle position sensor, you will require a couple of things. Out of them, having a null driver with a screwdriver should be important. You can also keep all automobile tools and accessories handy if you wish to clean.

  • Apart from these tools, keep in mind that the cleaning system can be either wet or dry! As a result, having compressed air and paper towels and a solution will keep things handy.
  • You can now follow the steps mentioned below to clean the throttle position sensor.
  • You can now have a close look at the sludge buildup, and then you can determine how much air pressure is required.
  • If your sensor is already bruised and not working, the only solution would be to remove or replace it.


Try not to spray the ECU or battery straightforwardly, but these parts get wet when it rains so that a little water won’t help them.

You can utilize the frothing cleaner and afterward spray flush that most DIY spray car washes offer, and that is it. You may have to apply a little silicon to your hood lock and actuators to shield them from staying.

Does Cleaning Throttle Body Make a Difference?

Cleaning the throttle body is additionally a method of keeping up your supercar. It is fitting to clean the throttle body every 30,000 miles.

To help keep up your supercar, ensure that the tires don’t go bare because it will have a breaking down impact on the suspension. Particularly that you have a powerful supercar, you would prefer not to experience potholes and fall hard due to helpless tires and suspensions.

Changing the air channel every 10,000 miles will contribute to your car’s most extreme presentation.

Key Tips to Clean the Throttle ECU System

  • Get to the exterior part of the car can grab your spray bottle. Now it’s time to start spraying on all parts. This will take out the wax part of the paint. 
  • Now you will have to repeat the same process on the engine system of your car. T do this, you’ll have to open up the hood and then spray it up completely.
  • Let the spray foam settle for a few seconds and you will have to clean it up. If a towel is not ideal, take the help of a q-tip and then wipe it down. This will enhance the colors of your car.
  • Once done with the body of your car, you’ll have to repeat the process again for your engine system. While doing this, have a look at the actuators as well as the hood.
  • Take the help of a spray hose and it is time to rinse off the dirt that is present over here. You can repeat the procedure mentioned above again to clean the entire unit.
  • The next that you need to do is to wait till the engine system completely dries up. It is the best to work with a dry engine so that you can clean properly.


The throttle position sensor is always an important part is it determines your fuel injection system and other performances. If you’re facing repeated problems even after cleaning, it signifies that you need proper maintenance and a flush system.

The best solution is to completely replace your sensor, and you will be able to configure it completely. Do let us know if you are facing more problems with the ECU system.

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