How To Adjust Air Compressor Pressure Regulator | Step by Step Process

How To Adjust Air Compressor Pressure Regulator | Step by Step Process

Does your air compressor pressure regulator need to be adjusted? Do you feel that the pressure is higher or lower than its original pressure then this article is for you? Adjusting the air compressor pressure regulator is an essential task that needs to be performed. This is an important action that you need to do. Investing in adjustment is the right thing to be done.  In this article I have explained the steps to make adjustments. Go through the article to know more.

Air Compressor Pressure Switch Adjustment

Here is the step-by-step procedure, follow the following steps, and understand how it will work. So let’s know more about it.

Step 1: Turn on your Compressor

The very first thing in this process is to connect the air compressor and turn the compressor on.

Step 2: Fill the tank with air

After your compressor turns on, wait for some time and let the tank fill with air.

Step 3: Check the status whether it’s half or full

The noise of the air compressor will let you know whether it is full or not. But you make sure that the tank must be full.

Step 4: Measure the PSI and check the compatibility of air tools with your compressor

The right time to measure the PSI is when the pressure is at its peak. This is the time when you should check the compatibility of your air tool.

If the PSI on your air tool is higher than that of your air compressor then the air tools cannot go with the air compressor. It needs to be replaced. But if the PI is smaller than the air compressor than your air tools are perfect for your air compressor and you can move on further.

Step 5: Hose the air conditioner and connect your tool

Once the compatibility is checked, connect your air tool with the hose. Now connect the air hose with the compressor. You will see a port where you can connect the air hose.  If you can’t find it then go through the manual then you will find it.

Step 6: Adjust the pressure regulator

Now here comes the step where you can adjust the pressure regulator.

Step 7: Locate Knob

The location of the knob varies from model to model. Mostly it is observed on the right side of the regulator. Also some features come up with the locking feature. Unlock the knob by pulling it out and then push to lock it.

Step 8: Turn the knob clockwise and increase pressure.

By turning the knob in the clockwise direction you will notice that the pressure will increase.

Note: Pull out the knob to unlock, if you support this feature.

Step 9: Select the correct pressure and lock the knob

If you want to bring the pressure down then you can turn the knob in an anti-clockwise direction. You will notice the pressure drop soon. Also make sure that you have a push in the knob to lock it.


Adjustment in a pressure regulator is an easy task to perform. But what matters more is you should know the right steps and methods to do that. This is one of the major features of air compressors. Make sure that you keep adjusting the quantity of tank pressure. This will add more life to your air tools and will be more efficient. Knowing how to adjust the pressure will be a boon for your tools. This was all about the article. I hope the article has helped you and provided you with the best knowledge. tries to give you one platform that saves your time in today’s hectic schedule and also puts an extra effort to make your decision better, wiser and, economical whenever you spend even a single penny over the internet.

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