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How To Fix A Leaky Air Compressor Hose | Air Hose Repair

Air compressors are a boon for us but sometimes it can be a bane. It does not matter how new or old the air compressor is. It will be out of work one day. Now, what could be the methods to get rid of or how to fix the air compressor hose easily? Well to know more keep reading. 

Steps For Air Hose Repair

Fixing hose leakage is one of the simplest things to do. All you will need is some tools and a little bit of experience. The tutorial is specially customized to share only the necessary details. So let‘s get started with the following steps that you need to follow.

Things you will require

  • A sharp tool or a knife
  • New kit
  • Tape (of your choice)
  • Screw Tighteners

Step 1: Find the leakage spot

The first step is to find out the point where you observe leakage. Most of the time it is near the hose or joint. This is the point where it all starts.

You may find it somewhere else too but this is the most obvious place where more frequently the leakage is observed. Therefore, your first task is to find out the point of leakage so that we can continue our fixing process.

Step 2: Cut the Part

You need to cut the part from where the leakage is observed. As said most of the time it is near to the joint. Use a sharp tool or a knife to cut it off.

You can also use the tool you get from the kit. But make sure that the cut should be proper. It should not be irregular. Because this is where the process will start further.

Irregular patterns on the pipe may lead to disturbed and uneven connections. Hence be aware of it.

Step 3: Replace the hose with the newer one

After cutting the pipe that has worn out or might have got some pit hole, unwrap the new screw that you need to buy earlier. To do that first understand the size of the pipe that your tank uses. If it is smaller buy a smaller one and if bigger then go for that. Select product accordingly.

Now as you buy the kit just open the screw. You will notice a thread inside that you need to roll over on the pipe. Roll it until it gets fixed over on it.

You need to remember that the connection must be tightly coupled over the pipe. And once it gets over it inserts the other part inside the roll. Now use a tighter to tighten the connection.

Step 4: Final Step

And to get the previous connection you need to check that the connections are tight enough so that no leakage would be possible again. Ensure the connections are held tightly and then have a trial round whether they are connected well or not. I hope this step will make a great difference.

Additional Step: Use a plastic wrap

You can also use a polybag and roll it over on the left surface tightly trying to create a sloped surface there. All you need to hold the poly bag and roll it over on the entire setup. Now secure it using tape. And that’s all it will make sure that your connections are tightly coupled and there is no other space of leakage.

Follow the above four steps and there you go. You don’t need to panic much. This can be done easily without any loads in your pocket. I hope the article guided you with the best of knowledge.

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