2 Stage Air Compressor Working Process | How does It work

2 Stage Air Compressor Working Process | How does It work

We know that there are a variety of air compressors available which includes single-stage, two-stage, and multistage air compressors. Although they follow a similar working principle still it varies with some additional property. Amongst them, we will be discussing two-stage air compressors. In this article, we are going to learn what is the working principle of a two-stage air compressor? What principle does it follow and many more? So let us understand more about it.

Working Principle of 2-stage air compressor

Although the market covers a huge range of air compressors there is a similarity between all of its types. All air compressors follow a similar principle of working. They convert the power from the source- let’s say electric motor or diesel engine into the pressurized air and then it can be delivered to the machinery parts.


Unlike the one-stage air compressor, a two-stage air compressor consists of two pistons and cylinders. Firstly the air is compressed in the first stage i.e. the low compression stage from there the compressed air is shifted to the intercooler where the hot compressed air is cooled down and then again enters in the second stage where the air is compressed at high pressure.

How Does A 2 Stage Air Compressor Work

As the single-stage air compressor uses a piston or a rotary screw so that it can draw air from the external source and it is pressurized once similarly, two-stage air compressors work in a similar manner with the only difference that it repeats the pressurization process twice. In other words, it holds two cylinders that are used to store the pressurized air and repeats the process twice.

The Air compressor consists of a piston that is mounted on the crankshaft with the help of a connecting rod. As the crankshaft rotates the piston it lets the piston move up and down. The crankshaft is connected with the crankcase. The delivery valve and suction are connected with the cylindrical heads that contain valve pockets.

Step 1

The air has been drawn from the inlet valve and enters inside the cylindrical space. The piston will continue to function and will be in motion. The inlet will continue to be open until the pressure difference has been observed. As soon as the pressure difference is observed the inlet will be closed.

Step 2

The air is compressed in the first stage at low pressure as soon as it gets compressed it is shifted to the inlet cooler where it is cooled down.

Step 3

Now the hot compressed air enters the intercooler where it is cooled down and then it is shifted to the second stage.  Here the piston moves up and down and compresses it at a higher pressure and then it is collected from the discharge valve.


This is how a two-stage air compressor works. In this article, we have covered all the necessary details that explain the working principle of a two-stage air compressor. It only varies at some point. It is better because it does not let the air heat up and prevents the explosion.

So, go through it and you will get to know more about it. I hope the article provided you with a piece of good knowledge.

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