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🥇 How Do Plasma ARC Lighters Work | Best Plasma Lighter [2021]

It may come as a surprise to our traditional study, that there is a fourth state of matter. This fourth state of matter is called plasma and it is this form that triggers the entire working mechanism of the best plasma lighters. These lighters are very convenient, cool-looking, flameless, and environment-friendly substitutes for the traditional fuel lighters and can be used over and over again. Making life more economical, easier, and hassle-free for smokers and non-smokers alike.

A handy lighter is definitely one of the most essential tools that come to your rescue at all times! Whether you go camping or you are at home, A kind of best plasma lighter is one of the handy equipment promises to be your friend forever. Overlooked, yet versatile, these type of electric lighters are those compact tool that fits into your pocket easily and has tons of uses. In fact, going camping without a lighter would be a complete nightmare! Smoking, grilling or just lighting a fire – plasma arc lighter makes your trip comfortable in every way.

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Like any other gadget, lighters have also evolved over time. Gone are the days, when people used the old flint spark to light cigarettes; now is the time of plasma lighters. Unlike regular lighters, best electric lighters don’t produce a flame light things up, it uses a high voltage between closely placed electrodes giving an electric arc. Known as windproof or blunt lighter, plasma lighter doesn’t have the effect of wind – this feature makes it effective in bad weather too.

When regular lighters sputter and go out, this is your lifeline! Most of the arc lighters are airport safe as they do not contain any dangerous fuel. With a powerful built-in USB Rechargeable Li-ion battery, it can be connected to the charger or any other standard USB port, i.e. computer, mobile or power bank. However, before you decide to buy the best plasma lighter for yourself, here’s a sneak peek:

If you are in hurry and want to save your time then go to directly our 10 best picks of electric lighter

  • Battery: The battery power is probably the most important feature to keep in mind. You need to know if it is rechargeable or not. There are millions of lighters to choose from. Hence, read the reviews and most importantly, read the reviews of its battery. Charge time is important. Ideally, it shouldn’t take more than an hour to get full charges. Some lighters come with both wireless charging and wired charging.
  • Auto Shut-Off: This is another important feature to look for. While you need to shut some of the lighters off, others shut themselves off automatically. This safety mechanism is a handy thing to have around!
  • Easy to use: Plasma lighters do not get affected by the speed of the wind. You don’t have to cup your hand tightly or find a sheltered location to use it. Hence, they are easy to use.
  • Size: Plasma arc lighters vary in width, height, and length. You can choose the size depending on the place to use. If it is something you want to keep at home, you might opt for a bigger model. On the other hand, if you want to use it for camping and trips, a smaller model will be more suitable for the pocket of your jacket.
  • Durability: The lighter’s durability is another important aspect. It is advisable to check the metal or component used. A strong housing such as zinc helps prevent scratches. 
  • Price: Another important feature is its price. An expensive lighter is not always a good model. Besides being easy to carry in the pocket, the product also needs to be easy on the pocket.

Plasma lighters are electrically operated, environmentally friendly, and perfect as an outdoor lighter, candle lighter, BBQ lighter, wedding celebration utility, fireplace starter, and emergency fire starter tool. With various designs and colors, a stylish plasma lighter can make you stand out in your group.

Plasma ARC Lighters [Replacement For Traditional Lighters]

Before getting into other nitty and gritty, it is quintessential to understand the working mechanism of the plasma lighters. They follow the same principle on which nature works when it produces lightning. Almost all types of Plasma lighters work when the ionized gas allows the flow of electrons. When the button on the lighter is pushed the electrons start to get ionized and at its maximum throttle, they spread in the air.


Once the air gets ionized the spark starts to move and electricity is generated. These electric lighters have +ve and –ve electrodes which make the spark travel to opposite directions, ultimately connecting the two electrodes and forming an arc. This arc is actually electricity which has a high level of intensity to ignite anything from a cigar, a candle to a barbeque. These lighters are powered by batteries and do not need any fuel recharge and what makes the entire deal more appealing is the fact that their batteries are rechargeable.

Why Go For Plasma/ARC Lighters?

Since now we know how do electric lighter works it is very easy to figure out how it stands in a better position than the conventional lighters.

  • These lighters help in keeping the budget in check, as they can be used again and again, unlike the conventional lighters which are use and throw.
  • Since they are fit for repeated use they do not add to the pile of waste and helps in protecting the environment in a big way.
  • These lighters are safe, as they work on electricity and there is no flame or fire generation.
  • Their quirky and modern design adds a lot of oomph and style to the user’s personality.
  • These rechargeable battery operational lighters have done away with the hassle of regular fuel recharges in lighters.
  • The presence of USB ports in the lighters makes charging batteries a very easy task.
  • Since they do not involve flame and work on electricity generation, the working is not interrupted by the wind. Making them more functional.
  • They are very powerful and can be used for just any task from lighting cigarettes to stoves.

5 Best Arc Plasma Lighters

Tesla Coil Dual Arc Lighter
Tesla Coil Dual Arc Lighter
  • Size: 3” x 1.5” x 0.5”
  • 1 Lithium Polymer battery
  • Charge via USB
Saberlight 2 Pack Lighter
Saberlight 2 Pack Lighter
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • 1 AAA battery
  • No more harmful butane.
ETERNITY Double Arc Lighter
ETERNITY Double Arc Lighter
  • Weight: 2.88 ounces
  • 1 Lithium Metal Battery
  • Flameless eco-dual arc
TriGear Elite Series Lighter
TriGear Elite Series Lighter
  • Weight: 4 Ounces
  • Size: 4.3 x 2.2 x 1.2″
  • Easy USB Charging
Novelty Wares Dual-Arc Plasma Beam Lighter
Novelty Wares Dual-Arc Plasma Beam Lighter
  • Weight: 5.6 Ounces
  • Size: 4.7 x 3.4 x 1.1″

Best Plasma Lighters Brands

Given below are the few choices available in the market with great reputations just have a look and make your buying decision wiser.

1. Tesla Coil Dual Arc Lighter

A very good and stylish looking Dual arc lighter which is efficient and safe in usage.

  • The Tesla Coil Dual arc electric lighter just takes about one hour to get fully charged.
  •  It has a very easy and convenient use mechanism, which entails opening and closing of lids and pushing a button to start the dual arc.
  • A perfect choice for small errands, it is quite an economical choice with a sturdy body type.
  • Available in black and golden color.
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries (through USB).

2. Saberlight Sparq Dual Plasma Beam Lighter

A joy to use and pleasing to look at. The slim and sleek design of this lighter makes it highly functional

  • This Plasma lighter creates such a powerful beam that it can ignite any object in a jiffy.
  • It can be charged fully within an hour, with the help of the USB cable.
  • The batteries have a long life once charged and can be used up to 300 times before a second recharge is needed.
  • It looks very stylish and has an appeal to it.
  • Efficient in work, smart design and high on usability.

3. SPARX Dual Arc Lighter

If durability and sturdiness of the product matter to you as much as its efficiency than this lighter is a perfect choice.

  • The long battery life of up to 300 ignites.
  • Made of zinc alloy, which lends its high durability and smart look.
  • It comes in black matte, silver, and golden variants.
  • Easy to use by just opening the lid and pushing aside button to ignite the electronic plasma arc.
  • Very powerful and effective in lighting just anything.

4. Ralix Single Arc Lighter

This plasma lighter develops a single arc and thus goes low on battery power consumption. It is a good choice for lighter tasks.

  • It has a sturdy feel to it and is made of durable material.
  • Since has a single arc, the battery power lasts for about one full week.
  • Very easy to use. Ignites with just a button push.
  • It comes with a USB cable for recharge.

For detailed product specifications, you can go through with this, you will get some better choices as well.

Types of Electric Lighters: Varieties In Vogue

Electric lighters have been a successful entrant in the field of lighters and have very conveniently replaced the traditional fuel lighters. But they too come in two different forms. The single arc plasma lighter and the dual arc plasma lighter. Which one to choose depends entirely on the usage and the need of the buyer.

single and double arc

Single ARC Plasma Lighters

This variety of plasma lighters, as the name suggests has a single arc forming through the diagonal play of electrodes. A single arc definitely means lesser power eventually leading to lower efficiency. But on the other hand, these lighters can last longer as far as battery life is concerned. So when you are traveling or out for an adventure it is a more recommended choice, as you will not need frequent battery recharges.

Single Arc lighters usually come with long battery life; however, they are more suitable if you require a low generation of heat. These lighters cannot always be useful in lighting things that have a big surface area. Single arc plasma lighter has two electrodes. These are the ones that produce plasma to light small-sized objects and hence, might not be a very energy-efficient tool. These arc lighters are differentiated based on the number and placement of electrodes they use. Single arc lighters have two electrodes opposite to each other.


  • These lighters are light on the battery power and thus help in economizing the power for a longer run.
  • They are lighter on the pocket as compared to the dual arc lighters.
  • They are great companions when continuous battery recharge is not possible.


  • They exhibit lesser power and thus take a longer time in igniting objects.

Dual ARC Lighters

The more common and preferred variety is of the dual-arc lighters. These lighters form a dual arc that forms a perfect X. This double arc leads to the generation of more electricity and thus oozes more power. If efficiency and quick work are what you are looking for, these lighters definitely outdo the single arc lighters. The only downfall is the fact that these lighters have a very high consumption of battery power and need frequent recharges.

An atomic dual arc plasma lighters come with four electrodes instead of the two electrodes present in single arc lighters. As more heat is produced by increasing the number of electrodes, this type of lighter is used to create a stronger light. Dual arc lighters are suitable for more extensive surfaces. These can light up objects fast and are more energy-efficient than single arc lighters. Dual arc lighter has four electrodes, and two of the electrodes face each side. These generate two arcs and consume more battery power in the process. It can produce more heat than single arc lighters, and hence, dual arc lighters are good for medium areas.


  • They are high on power and energy and thus can ignite anything in question within seconds.
  • They are a great choice were efficiency and quick work is the preference.
  • Since they have a USB charger port, charging the batteries is an easy and quick task.
  • Their efficiency makes them a value buy.


  • The dual arc plasma lighters drain the battery at double the speed as compared to the single arc lighters and thus there is a hassle of frequent recharges attached with them.
  • They are a more expensive choice.

Triple Arc 360 Plasma Lighter

The triple arc 360 degrees lighters are known for being the highest form of versatile usability. It comes with six electrodes which make it suitable for lighting larger surfaces. The 360 degrees designation simply means that this type of lighter can light from any given angle. It is powerful, has more capacity and is probably the most suitable type of lighter for camping and other purposes. Such lighters come in different designs and variants.

The placement of an electric lighter gives them different features in terms of functionality. Triple arc 360 degrees lighters are capable of producing more light and heat. However, due to a large amount of heat produced from the triple arc, these lighters can be a little intense at times which means they should be used with caution.

Choosing the best plasma lighter solely depends on the purpose it is being used for. A single arc is sufficient for lighting small objects, however for bigger surface, dual arc or triple arc lighters are a better option! 

10 Best Electric Lighter Reviews 2021

Below are some of the plasma lighters which made it to our TOP 10 list. Each one exhibits notable quality, value, and features.

Ralix Electronic Lighter (Best for Lighting Cigarettes, Candles & More)

Ralix Electronic Lighter is considered one of the best USB rechargeable lighter. This affordable, easy to use lighter features a single plasma arc but has a wider set arc space. The lighter has a sleek design with a beautiful shiny black body. It has a small USB charging cord and can reach a full charge in around an hour.

What Best

  • Low price
  • Easy to use
  • Wider set arc space
  • Sleek look
  • Modern look 
  • Small USB charging cord can reach a full charge in around an hour

What Not So best

  • Single arc
  • Awkward button placement

Tesla Coil Lighter (Windproof Arc Lighter)

Tesla Coil lighter comes in various colors and has a large arc area. Tesla Coil weighs 3oz and the arc length it 5mm. The lighter comes packed with a USB cable and can be easily charged. A full charge (an hour) can last for about 200-300 clicks.

What Best

  • Comes in various colors
  • Low price
  • Solid build
  • Large arc area

What Not So best

  • Single arc

Saberlight Sparq Lighter (Revolutionary Flameless Plasma Beam Lighter)

Saberlight lighter

Saberlight sparq lighter features a cylindrical shape and has a contemporary look. It has a dual arc and can easily light up bowls and pipes too. There is a power button located on the bottom side, along with a charging port. It comes with a USB cable. Mostly preferred just because it’s a flameless lighter.

What Best

  • Cylinder shape
  • Contemporary look
  • Dual arc

What Not So best

  • Difficult to carry in the pocket
  • Higher price

Novelty Wares Dual-Arc Plasma Beam Lighter

Novelty Wares Dual-Arc Plasma Beam Lighter

This affordable dual arc lighter is highly portable. It comes in various colors and is corrosion resistant. The charging port is located at the bottom with an indicator. A full charge takes about 1-2 hours and lasts for 100-300 clicks.

What Best

  • Dual arc
  • Highly portable 
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Low Price
  • Comes in various colors

What Not So best

  • Smaller arc area

ETERNITY Double Arc Lighter (Flameless Electronic Rechargeable Lighter )

ETERNITY Double Arc lighter

The stylish Eternity double-arc lighter comes in various colors. It has an eco-dual arc that can light up a cigar (widely known as plasma cigar lighter) with the push of a button. The lighter will achieve full charge within two hours and works up to a week or 100-300 clicks. Plenty of extras are included.

What Best

  • Dual arc
  • Stylish
  • Plenty of extras included
  • Comes in various colors

What Not So best

  • Smaller lighting area
  • High price

TriGear Elite Series Lighter (Windproof USB Rechargeable)

TriGear Elite Series Lighter

It is a single arc lighter giving the feel of a conventional lighter. The handy lightweight lighter is portable and features a sleek design with expanded lighting space.

What Best

  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Expanded lighting space

What Not So best

  • Single arc

BOLT Electric Arc Lighter (Windproof Electric Plasma Dual Arc Lighter)

BOLT Electric Arc Lighter

BOLT Electric Arc Lighter has an innovative dual arc design with a metallic look and feel. It is easy to carry and very affordable. It has a USB port for charging on the bottom and gets fully charged in about an hour.

What Best

  • Innovative dual arc design
  • Easy to carry
  • Very affordable

What Not So best

  • One-color choice
  • Awkward button placement

Mantello USB Plasma Arc Lighter

Mantello USB Plasma Arc Lighter

The affordable lighter with unique design has a spacious lighting area. The power button is located on the top side. The lightweight lighter comes packed with a USB cable and a carrying case.

What Best

  • Low price
  • Unique design
  • Spacious lighting area

What Not So best

  • Suitable for cigarettes only
  • One-color choice

RUIMX Tactical Flashlight With Arc Lighter (Flashlight and Zoomable Attack Head)

RUIMX Tactical Flashlight with Arc Lighter 

The front end has the flashlight portion and the other has a screw off lid revealing a single arc plasma lighter inside. Powered by an alkaline battery, the lighter would be a great gift choice for outdoor enthusiasts. It is affordable and has a sleek look.

What Best

  • Affordable
  • Sleek look

What Not So best

  • Slightly weaker arc than most lighters

USB Lighters 2 Pack (Dual Arc Electronic Lighter)

Dual Arc Lighter

Useful Thingy’s Dual Arc Lighter features two lighters in one purchase, both of them using dual arc technology. The lighters are suitable for lighting cigarettes, cigars, and candles.

What Best

  • Two lighters
  • Unique designs
  • Dual arc

What Not So best

  • Small lighting area

Editor’s Thoughts

What one chooses is entirely based upon the budget consideration and the kind of work which one plans to undertake with the lighter. Light work with low-intensity needs will make the single plasma lighter the right choice. Whereas if more power is needed there is no substitute to the dual arc plasma lighter.

Final Buying Suggestion

The final decision on buying a plasma lighter should be based on

  • The purpose for which the lighter will be used.
  • What are the durability of the body and the battery?
  • How much time does a recharge take?
  • Till what time can battery power sustain after one recharge.
  • Ease of use.
  • Efficiency
  • Power generation.

Plasma lighters are better than traditional lighters due to various reasons. They are environmentally friendly, safe to use and affordable. They can also make a statement and impress other people. If you are interested in purchasing one of these lighters, make a list of the kind of lighting you require and the type of design that interests you.

Browse some of the common brands and check if they match your criteria. Check the above-given review and make your decision better.  With a few minutes on the above reviews and, you will be able to find the best plasma lighter that will suit your requirements.

If these considerations are taken into account a value buy can be undertaken which will help you in enjoying your buy for a longer period in the most comprehensive manner.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. Is Electric Lighter Hot?

    Plasma Lighter

    Well, it again depends on the type of lighter you are choosing or using. As mentioned earlier, there are various types of lighters. Every lighter produces different amounts of heat. The arc lighter can heat up to anything from 1,100 degrees Celsius, which is equivalent to the optimal temperature of 2,012 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an energy-efficient option if compared with the traditional lighters as these types of lighters can produce excessive heat, which can be very dangerous to the user and the surroundings.

    Some electric lighters can heat up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit and are one hundred percent TSA approved due to the environmental friendly flames produced by them. Plasma wave technology produces various types of heat: up to 900 degrees to 7000.

  2. Is Plasma Lighter Safe?

    You should take note of some necessary safety precautions while using the lighters based on the plasma technology. Yes they are safe but do come precautionary measures. The most important measure is not to use any flammable materials while using the lighter. As these lighters can produce heat, they can blaze any flammable material and the consequence could be devastating. 

    It is advisable not to make direct skin contact with the light as the produced heat can burn your skin. Plasma is environmentally friendly technology but the lighters should not be treated ‘lightly’. While this is a high and innovative technology, it should be handled with care to enjoy the benefits.

  3. Does Electric Lighter Require Refill?

    Tesla Coil Lighters

    Refilling is an important feature that differentiates plasma lighter light from traditional lighters. While conventional lighters need refilling, this is not the case with the electric lighter as it is not based on butane or any gas.

    The refill it requires is electric charging which is usually done through a USB recharging device. This USB rechargeable lighter comes with a battery as mentioned above. The charging time varies. The charging can take up to two hours; it depends on the type of lighter being used.

  4. Is Your lighter reveals your Personality?

    The unique design of lighter can represent its user’s sense of style. Clothes and shoes can boost the look of a person, so can a lighter. A lighter, once pulled from a person’s pocket, becomes an accessory, that draws people’s attention to you, and this is why a lighter is one of the most beloved items of people.

    We usually want a lighter that provides us with something that will work in all types of climates and environments, and so getting the best arc lighter for you is as much about style as it is about functionality.

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  1. Just a daily use product and quite rocket mechanism, I mean really interesting and effective procedure you follow in this blog, I am also planning to buy a couple of plasma lighters for my next anniversary, and obviously, I ‘ll go with the looks, a dual arc is my favorite. What You suggest….

  2. ” When the button on the lighter is pushed the electrons start to get ionized and at its maximum throttle, they spread in the air.”

    By definition, an “ion” is a charged atom, not an electron.
    Electrons cannot “get ionized”. Atoms are ionized by adding an extra or removing one electron from the atom, thus giving it a net negative or positive charge.

    I was just curious as to how a plasma lighter works. Looking at what you may have been trying to say, I am thinking that the lighter somehow causes electrons to gather on the cathode (one of the terminals) of the lighter (just like the sparker on a gas lighter), and that the opposite end (anode) has a positive charge. The electrons jump the gap, creating a plasma out of the air (just like lightening).

    I seem to recall that it takes something like 30KV to jump an inch of an air gap. Since the gap on these lighters is about 1/8th inch, I would expect it to take about 3-4KV for a spark to jump that gap. I can understand how that would be generated, but I would have thought that continuing to feed it that voltage to maintain the plasma would require more power than a lighter would hold. However, the air resistance to electrical current decreases after the flow starts, so this likely means the voltage decreases after the initial pulse, much like florescent lights. From what I understand, the more current flowing through the arc, the lower the resistance of the plasma to electrical current flow. They would have to achieve the best balance between current and resistance to make it economical enough on the battery. It also seems that you can see plasma lighters pulsing. I am wondering if pulsing the current to the terminals is done out of phase, perhaps 180 degrees out of phase, allowing the plasma to appear as an “X” as the terminals take turns conducting.

    I’m going to look into it a bit further for a more complete explanation.


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