4 Easiest Ways To Clean Gutters On A 2 Story House

Through this article, we will give insight into the correct procedure of cleaning a gutter. Though we argue that we do not need to know about it, yet this piece of information might help you at a time when you wouldn’t have expected. Anyway, a gutter is also a part of your house which tends to its beauty by carrying out the wastes. Houses have been pulled down by the weight of dirty gutters. Moreover, not cleaning your gutters could result in dirty water coming down from the sides and ruining the walls and beauty of the house; leaving permanent stains. There are various ways one can clean a gutter of a two-story house, let us have a look at the most common ones and what are the advantages and disadvantages they offer.

How to clean a gutter

So just have a look at some best ways to clean your gutter, you just need to follow these given below methods and bingo 🙂 🙂 you are done:

Hosing Method

  • Place a ladder on level ground and ensure steadiness. Wear rubber gloves and carry a trash bag up the ladder.
  • Remove debris from the gutter with a trowel or scoop. Place it in the trash bag.
  • Get down, reposition the ladder to another segment of the gutter and continue with the process of removing debris. Make sure you empty the trash from the bag once in every while so that it does not get very heavy and make you fall off. If possible, we would suggest you hook up the bag so that your hands are free to remove the debris properly. There might be twigs and stuck dirt that would need to be scratched harshly.
  • Once all the debris is removed from the complete gutter, use a hose with high pressure to rinse the gutter of any other obstructions and drain it into the downspout. This would completely clean the gutter fresh.
  • The process might take around an hour to be completed. We advise you to keep a spotter nearby who could hold the ladder if required and ensure your safety.

Blower Method

The gutter is cleaned by blowing out the waste. You might have it down without having to climb up and risk your safety. But apparently, it has many limitations like it would splatter debris everywhere in the surroundings, be it the lawn, house walls, or the neighborhood road.

You wouldn’t want to end up messing everything for cleaning one thing. It could further lead to blocking of the downspout with the blown waste which would increase your problems manifold as you would then have to unblock the pipe. All in all, this method is not very useful and not really advisable.

Vacuum Method

This method involves using vacuum pressure to suck out the waste from your gutter. This is a better method than the previous one as it does not require climbing up and neither does it splatters dirt. But the limitations are that it might not be able to clean the mosses, debris or hardened dirt which often remain fixed to your gutter.

As you are not able to view it, it would not lead to proper cleaning and the gutter would still be dirty. Fitting the vacuum and keeping it in position or moving it in the direction of the gutter is another problem though.

Ground Cleaning

This method involves using tools to clean gutter from the ground. It is a safer option as it doesn’t require climbing up along with a trash bag. Its limitations are that the gutter might not be cleaned thoroughly and there is no way one would know. This includes everything one could do from the ground level such as cleaning the gutter through the downspout. However, this method is useless as it may further block it, adding to your problems. Hence, we do not recommend it.

You don’t need to clean gutters very often and once a year would be enough. However proper check should be ensured and if you have enough trees hanging over your house, you might have to clean it more than once. It completely depends on the surroundings of the house. We would suggest you gutter guards if there are lots of leaves and twigs falling. These guards would trap the debris out and let the water flow through, although, it will not be able to stop small particles and dirt. There are various sites that show you homemade gutter cleaners and tools. You could try those too if need be. 

The housing method is one of the most used methods as it ensures complete cleaning. It might take up some time, but it is worth it. Then you would not need to care about cleaning gutter for quite some time. The other processes, however convenient, could end up increasing your problems and the gutter would require cleaning again in some time. The person should keep in mind that he does not clog up the downspout as the gutter would be useless f the downspout isn’t functional.

Most people get their gutters cleaned from millennial or servants. But this piece of content will help you do it yourself and save that amount. Some people consider the work below their standard but practically we know that we need to perform and know about all sorts of work if we have to survive in this world. However, if you think you might injure yourself or not good at such jobs, you must call the professionals. It’s never easy to clean the second story gutters.

Final words

A perfect method would include all of the above methods and clean the gutter perfectly from every angle including the backside, downspout and every little bit of dirt. The gutter guard should be lifted and cleaning should be done beneath it followed by reinstalling the guard. The surroundings should be left spotless without any mess; that would ultimately prove to be the proper cleaning process of gutters.

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