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πŸ₯‡ DeWalt XPS Light System Review [Updated Light Kit]

The XPS technology is mainly used to provide an enhanced workforce to meet your saw melting requirements. As blade owners, it becomes evident that you choose a miter saw that becomes fruitful to use. Essentially, with the help of the XPS technology, you get multiple LED lights either side of the blade that allows you to create a shadow of the blade. It becomes much easier to work in the area. With the help of the shadow, you will be able to measure the accuracy of the cut. But if you are thinking about what to buy and what not to, here is a detailed guide on the DeWalt XPS Light System which you can check for.

What is the Dewalt XPS system?

The XPS is a cut-line for the saw miter saw laser that is available in multiple Dewalt Models. You can find this technology especially for the DWS779 which is preferred by most of the professionals. To cut through a line, it takes high concentration. For compact locations, it can be difficult without a guide and the XPS is where you can get help from. For woodworking professionals, the LED light casts a shadow that guides you properly to cut through the lines. Even if you need to cut through different angles, the LED lights placed on either side of the blades allow you to get complete guidance.

How Does the Dewalt XPS Light system Work?

The XPS system is a typical technology that allows you to get precision lighting to both sides of the blade thus forming a shadow. It helps you to get two major benefits so that you can use the system right before the cut or even while you are cutting. To work with the XPS Light System, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Try to place the cut-line to the laser arrow. This will give you an idea about what will be the saw miter cutting line.
  • If you need to change the blades, it does not affect the light either. You can still get a precise blade line.
  • While you place the miter saw, it gives you a direction of the blades so that you can spot on the next cut stage.

Pros and Cons of Dewalt XPS system


  • The light is extremely bright
  • There are no batteries to replace
  • It comes with long-lasting LED
  • The product comes with durable metal casing


  • The shadow line can be faint at times

My Verdict

I hope that the detailed review of the DeWalt XPS Light System will help you to choose the right model according to your needs. To be specific, you can choose either the DW716XPS or the DWS780 which comes along with the factory-built XPS system. If you have any separate models, you can easily choose to install the XPS technology in the dewalt miter saw laser. This will allow you to get a complete setup. Overall, the response for the XPS light system is great and most of the consumers do rate them highly as well.

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