Can I use a Car Battery on a Mobility Scooter?

Many times it happens that we have to urgently use some vehicle but we do not have that specific power battery which we can use to charge it and have some other power battery. So, the question arises in our mind is it safe to do this, to use some different power battery for a vehicle which is requiring some other power to start the engine and also do its other work.

Likewise, here the question is “Can we use a car battery in a mobility scooter instead of using a battery according to its power need?”.

The answer is No, we cannot use a car battery on a mobility charger even if we don’t have a battery the scooter needs. It can be very dangerous to do this thing.

use car battery on mobile scooter

Why we can’t use Car Battery in a Mobility scooter?

Since a high power battery has a larger size, heavier weight, and more number of ingredients like greater volume electrolytes and more plates the current it provides to the engine is also high. A lightweight engine that needs a low power battery having a lightweight, small size, and fewer ingredients in it, it can not take a load of this high power battery as described above.

Likewise, The battery of the car is that high power battery about which we are talking above and the low power requiring engine is the engine of the mobility scooter. As the engine of the mobility scooter is very light it just needs a light power engine that may be already present in it before we tried to replace it with a car battery.

If we will do this and replace it with a car engine, its high power due to its large size and a greater number of ingredients can lead to an explosion of the light engine or mobility engine. As they are there to handle way less power which a car battery can give to them.

How Much Power Battery does a Mobility Scooter Need for Itself?

A Mobility scooter uses two 12-volt batteries in it. Both these 12-volt batteries are joint with each other in a series. We should charge these batteries one by one, just one at a time. We charge the mobility scooter battery with the multistage charger which has a slightly complex setup but instead of doing a simple long continuous charging, it provides short period intelligent charging. This charger comes with an XLR or Cannon plug which is according to the socket of the mobility scooter. The whole charging process takes place after removing the seat cover of the mobility scooter. If both the batteries are identical. These batteries join together with a flexible cable and the terminal is tightly fit with the torque wrench. The terminals should be insulated with a protection cover. Use battery terminal lubricant to avoid corrosion.

How Much Power Does a Car Battery Generate?

Since a single 12 V battery also has 6-plates and a great number of electrolytes it generates very high amperage current. It has 48 Ah capacity. This means it provides 1 Amp current for 48 hours. An average car battery is of 600 watts-horsepower.

Since it provides such high amperage current and power we cannot use it with a mobility scooter.

*Although, after this also if your car’s battery has some technology present in today’s car batteries then it can become possible to use a car battery in a mobility scooter.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long does a mobility scooter’s battery go?

The average warranty for a mobility scooter is 12 months. The lifespan of the battery is 18 months. And the maximum lifespan of the mobility scooter’s battery is 3 years. Other than this it depends on the care you take of your mobility scooter’s battery. If you nicely check and test it on time, it will give better performance for a longer period of time.

Q2: How much time should I charge my mobility scooter’s battery and can I leave it for charging continuously?

If you use your car three times a week then you should leave it for charging continuously. If you use it once or even less than that in a week you should disconnect the charger after charging it completely.

Q3: How to test a mobility scooter?

The test of the SLA AGM or GEL battery of the mobility scooters is done by checking the length of time it takes to discharge. In the comparison of a car battery, the mobility scooter’s battery takes more time for charging. tries to give you one platform that saves your time in today’s hectic schedule and also puts an extra effort to make your decision better, wiser and, economical whenever you spend even a single penny over the internet.

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