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Never Done Before Backyard BBQ Party Ideas | 2020

As summers are near and we all are waiting to have our Bbq party of the year. Many of you may get excited as soon as you get to know about such parties. The delicious grilled food with exciting games is the center of attraction for the party. If you are looking to throw such a party to your friends and family, then make sure that the games should be unique and interesting so that every age group can enjoy it.

The three key features of any party are a good food to eat, great friends to greet and adventurous games to rock! To make your party more fun we are here with some great ideas that you and your guests are going to love.

Check out the list to find which will fit your party.

Wealth Out Of Waste

We all bring different groceries product for our home. Many of them come in boxes. This time don’t through the boxes rather than cut them in a rectangular or in any desired shape to make the puzzle out of it or you can also bring some unjumbled pictures or puzzles. Allot some time to jumble it. Let’s be a kid this time. One who will jumble it first will be the winner of the game. 

Color detection

Take beads in multiple colors and spread the beads on a table. Arrange containers according to the number of colors. For example, there are five colors then place five containers. Separate the beads and add the similar color beads in the same container. The one who will separate it first will win the match.

Giant Snakes and Ladders

For this, you will need a big banner printed with snakes and ladders on it. Along with that, you will need multiple bigger dices.  A group of people can play together in this game.

It will be played as usual snakes and ladder with a little twist that, if you are at the snake’s mouth then you will be given a task to perform and all the tasks are written on the paper notes and will be kept in a bowl. You have to pick any one of them and have to perform the respective task. Meanwhile, Bring out some DJ at your yard and play all your favorite playlist. 

Welcome to Hogwarts!

Yippee! Another great idea is right here.  No doubt there are many Potterheads, and we all love Hogwarts! Don’t we? So, if your guests are too a Potterhead then give this a try.

Here you have to collect some elements of the harry potter movies.

For example:

  • The broomstick.
  • The wand.
  • Potions, etc.

You can design a treasure hunt. Here the teams will be given some clues and they have to find out the famous objects. These objects will be hidden and the teams have to find where the object is kept. The team who will discover all the objects first will win the game and the team that loses has to perform some task written in the paper notes.

Other than this you can have a buzzer round asking about the different dialogues and characters of Harry Potter. This is defiantly fun.

Floating balls

For this, you will need some cups loaded with water and are arranged in proper rows and columns. Now a small ping pong ball will be placed on these water cups. Now the players have to blow the ball to reach the ball at the end. Do not use hands in the game. The one who does it first will win the game.

Hide and seek, but not the usual ones

So it’s time for everyone’s favorite game but waits, are you thinking of the usual hide and seek game?  Not this time as we are here with the old-new concept of hiding and seek. For this game, you will need some paper notes written with the names of all the players playing a game. One has to give den, and others have to hide as usual, but wait for the twist here. 

The person who is giving den has to pick one of the paper notes from the bowl and shout the name of that person and other players have to distract the one who is giving den. If he/ she found the respective person then he/she has to give den and the game continues to play.


Ready players! So here we are with another interesting game that is a shootout without a doubt. All you need to have is guns and cans. The leftover cans of cold drinks or you can even use small paper cups if you don’t have cans. Place the cans one over the other, as a kingdom. Then shoot them the one who destroys the kingdom first will be the winner.

PUBG, but in a different way

This idea is appropriate for parties. But this time we will be playing PUBG in a different style. The game is not played online this time. We will be playing this game offline in the yard. For this game, you will need the toy guns and extra essentials required in the game. Divide your friends or family in a group of two’s. Now play the game as it is played. You can even customize the game according to your facility.

Let’s test your memory

Have you ever played the match Game? In this game, multiple symbols in the pair of two will be placed on the land in different rows and columns. For the preparation of this game, you will need some cardboard, some spray paints, and different shapes. First, spray the paint on the cardboard the select the desired shape to be drawn on both sides.

The top side of all the cardboards must be the same but the other side must have different symbols in the pair of two. The players have to remember where its pair has been kept and match its pair. 

Shake the bottles

Take two bottles of the same shape and size. Fill candies inside one and cover the bottle at its top. Now you have to invert the bottle and shake it to bring all candies in the bottom. The one who does first will be the winner. 

Cups in the cup

You can take different colored cups according to the number of players playing at a time. Now, place a different color cup at the top of the similar colored cups. All you need is that have to pull the cup from bottom and place at its top. You have to continue the process until you are reached to that different colored cup. The one who reaches first will be the winner. 

Tongue twisters

This is just like a Blooper. Set your camera ready and write some tongue-twisting quotes on the paper. Place them in a bowl and ask the players to come up one by one and try saying it quickly. The one who will read it correctly and fast will win the game.

Giant Bananagrams

We all have played Bananagrams, a good game to play and keep your brain active. But have you ever heard about giant Bananagrams? What’s that? Well, these Bananagrams would be made with the help of cardboards and will be kept at the corner of the garden. You have to pick up the big cardboards and play the game following its rules and regulation.  Just for the twist, it is made bigger and that’s it. Simple but quite interesting game. Your guests are going to love it.

Frozen t-shirts

As hotness is at the peak, and we all be feeling warm and hot so we have a cool-cool game that will not only bring coldness to you but will also give a good feel. For the preparation of this game, you must take out t-shirts and soak them into the water nicely and make some knots. Now place the t-shirts in the freezer a day before. 

The game is to be played this way that the player has to defrost the t-shirt and wear it. The one who will do it first will win the game.

Lift and drop game

You should have balls placed in a bowl along with the glasses. It will require tables also. For this, you will need two tables for one team. To customize the number of tables according to the tables. One team has will have two players.

A bowl with balls and one glass will be at one table and the table must have the three glasses according to the size of the ball so that the ball easily goes inside. The rule is to lift the ball from the bowl keep it on the glass and then without using your hands you and your teammates have to lift the ball and place in between your face and pour it into the glasses set a little far from your table. The one who does first will win the game.

Water Splash

Just imagine you are under the hot sun and tired, completely wet with sweat and suddenly you feel a splash of water, how would you feel? That’s what is going to happen in this game. When you feel it’s time for something cool and refreshing, splash these balloons on each other. Divide the teams in two and splash the balloons to your opponent team.

Just imagine you are under the hot sun and tired, completely wet with sweat and suddenly you feel a splash of water, how would you feel? That’s what is going to happen in this game. When you feel it’s time for something cool and refreshing, splash these balloons on each other. Divide the teams in two and splash the balloons to your opponent team.

Very simple keep the bucket full with balloons or if you don’t want to do it yourself these balloons are easily available in the market. You will love this game as it will refresh you. So have a balloon fight and enjoy the game. 

Giant Jenga

The most favorite game that goes with every party and gathering is Jenga. Here we will be making our Jenga by cutting the wooden pieces in the bigger size and coloring them. Even the dice is bigger in the size. This is going to be super amazing. The rules for the game will be the same as the similar ones. Only the size has changed. This game is a killer game as you will love it.

Mail call

In this game, you have to arrange chairs fewer than the actual number. One man will be standing in the middle of the chairs. Now he/she will give instructions like mail call for the person wearing a hat, or red, or having a pen, etc. instructions can be given of your choice now the person who has any of the particular things will have to exchange the seats with each other.

The game aims to let the standing person sit before they could exchange the chair. So the person who is left standing has to give another mail call.

Blow the cards

For this game, take a bottle and place a deck of cards arranged in an unsorted manner. Now bring all the players close to your playing area. All you have to do is blow off the cards one or two and give chance to all the players out there. Keep blowing as the number of cards would be lesser and if the complete cards are fallen off the bottle then that person loses the game. Lots of giggles and laughter right there.

Wrap up

All set for the party!!!! As now you have many games to enjoy, I am sure you are going to love them. The games will refresh your minds and of course, you are going to love them. Make some time for the family and friends and bring your home lots of joy and happiness.

The games described above are all safe and secure they are not going to harm you in any context. So, feel free to play these games. In the end, it can be concluded that these parties are not complete without games. So do pick out some of the games from the above list and try them this time. Hope this article helped you! Enjoy!

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