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πŸ₯‡ Autel md802 Review | Maxidiag Elite md802 All System

Almost everyone has heard about the renowned brand of Autel while purchasing electronic types of equipment. The manufacturer has come up with another impressive product to feature the Autel MD802.

This is an advanced OBD II scanner that allows you to get real-time data tracking and multiple scanning tests. Don’t be surprised by the price it offers, but the features and the rapid testing technology is here to blow your mind.

The Autel MD802 review covers all aspects of ABS, Airbags, transmission, and other testing requirements for your daily running. If you wish to know more about the product before purchasing it, do scroll down below to know more.

Autel OBDII OBD2 Code Reader Diaglink (DIY Version of MD802) All Systems/Modules Diagnostic for ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, EPB, Oil Reset
1,209 User Reviews
Autel OBDII OBD2 Code Reader Diaglink (DIY Version of MD802) All Systems/Modules Diagnostic for ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, EPB, Oil Reset
  • All system diagnosis: The scan tool capable of accessing every module...
  • Breakthrough diagnostic tool : The Autel diaglink OBDII EOBD scanner is...
  • Wide codes diagnosis: reads and clears all systems (EPB/SBC, ABS, SRS,...

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Autel MD802 Review – A Quick Look


  • Test results are fast and do not take much time to scan
  • It comes with wide vehicle coverage
  • This product comes with advanced features
  • It has a compact and sturdy scanner
  • Comes with lifetime software upgrades


  • You may face minor compatibility issues with the product
  • The customer service is not the best

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Weight1 Pound
Dimensions14.57 x 3.94 x 8.66 inches

Easy to Use Scan Tool

The Autel MD802 is one such device that comes with easy to use mechanisms. They allow you to get complete access to scanning options. However, the most impressive part is the easy to use mechanism.

It is always user-friendly and the md802 is one such device that comes with a quick setup. To help you with the display, this product features a large LCD screen where you can easily look for the data codes and many more.

Wide Vehicle Coverage

The md802 comes with a wide range of coverage for most of the cars. There’s hardly a few cars around that would not be compatible with this OBD II scanner. The only thing that you need to take a note of is whether the car has been manufactured after the year of 1996 or not.

If it is, this scanner from Autel would be a great purchase for you. It can provide you with all the critical information about the vehicle and will give you major benefits.

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Full OBD II Functions

Not many OBD II scanners come up with complete functions and features. However, the MD802 is one such device that is designed to provide you with pre-programmed features. As a result, you can expect to receive live data transmission and also the multiple tests that are available.

To be specific, you can get a lot of help from the scanner including the O2 monitor test, the oil reset, as well as the Vehicle Viewing information available. This seems to be a top buy for any of your daily scanning requirements.

Full Systems Diagnosis

The md802 comes with multiple scanning modes and has a lot of scanning reads. The database is filled with almost all the possible error codes and combinations. So when you plug in the scanner to the dashboard, it can easily scan and record the error codes coming up. But the one thing that impressed us the most is the easy detection of the ABS, SRS as well as engine and transmission records.

It is ready to provide you with detailed information on the error code showing up so that you can get a possible idea for the diagnosis.

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Mode 6

Another impressive feature of having the md802 is the option of the elite scan tool. It has an enhanced mode 6 that allows you to get the root cause of the problem. The mode 6 feature helps to guide technicians to the root cause of the trouble.

This is the reason why most of people opt for this feature from the md802. It allows you to get a complete step-by-step guide and information on what to do. Overall, this entire process takes around 3-5 minutes.

Fast and Time-Saving

One of the major reasons for having the md802 is because it offers you to get fast and time-saving options. It can easily read and scan the codes as per your necessity. Even if you find the fault related to the ABS or the airbags, you can verify the codes in just a few minutes.

The scanning is faster than the previous generation models from Autel. So, if you are working with this device in your garage, it will support you to the fullest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this clear airbag light on a BMW?

Most of the BMW cars do support the OBD II scanning and reading options. So you won’t have to worry about scanning and removing the tool. You can easily remove the emergency light showing up.

How could I update this tool?

To update the tool, all that you need to insert the SD card to the PC suite. You can download the updated version of the Autel on your PC and then transfer it to the SD card. Once you are done, simply get it back to the scanner.

How Do I Get a Lifetime Warranty?

To get the lifetime warranty, you won’t have to figure out major tips and tricks. Autel automatically updates the warranty of your product if you do not claim it after a year. However, you may have to register the product for this.

What Buyer Says

“Worked great for reading codes”

One of the consumers from Amazon was using the 2008 BMW 650i. It’s been just two weeks since he received the yellow warning light on the dashboard. This product has helped him a lot to figure out where the problem lies. He can now change the oxygen sensor easily.

“Excellent product at an attractive price”

A consumer name as Bob from Amazon has reviewed this product to be satisfying. The installation procedures along with the connectivity options are certainly fast and effective. It takes up just a few basic steps to connect to the device. Simply plug into your pc and get the data.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of OBD II scanning tools that you may find in this price segment. However, not many of them will offer so many features like Autel MD802. This product comes with high-quality scanning and automotive diagnosing sensors that will help you to repair the damaged part of your car. Scanning with this product is fast and it takes a very short time to complete. Do let us know in the comments below while sharing your experience with the Autel MD802. It will give you a lot of advantages over others.

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