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There are lots of OBD II scanners already available in the market today, but Foxwell nt630 review is a bit special. This product comes with unique features that will make your car scanning options smooth and easy. You may face technical errors in any car once it starts to get a bit old. There could be several reasons for such problems. But without knowing what it means, going for a diagnosis can be difficult.

The Foxwell nt630 pro is here for your help. Simply plug in the device and you can get almost every piece of information about your car. If you wish to read more about the product, here is a detailed review of it that you can follow.

FOXWELL NT630 Plus OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Code Reader Automotive OBDII SRS Airbag Diagnostic Scanner and ABS Brake Bleed Scan Tool
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FOXWELL NT630 Plus OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Code Reader Automotive OBDII SRS Airbag Diagnostic Scanner and ABS Brake Bleed Scan Tool
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  • ?【ABS BLEEDING SCAN TOOL】?Note: ABS bleed function only works on...
  • ?【ABS SRS BIDIRECTIONAL/ACTIVE TEST】The abs scan tool temporarily...

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Foxwell NT630 Pro Review – A Quick Look

What We Like

  • It works accurately and faster
  • This product is compatible with most
  • The software update is decent
  • It can remove fuel from the brake fluid

Trouble Area

  • The customer support is not the best
  • Not for heavy

Some Other Foxwell Scan Tools To Buy

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ModelNT630 Plus
Weight2.65 pounds
Dimensions17.72 x 9.84 x 2.36 inches

ABS Bleeding

This product comes with automatic ABS bleeding sensors installed. It is a helpful scanner that automatically detects the bleeding process. When you open the brake system to replace the components, it requires bleeding and cycling the pump.

f you place them back without proper bleeding, the brakes may not perform well at all. Luckily, the Foxwell NT630 does the job well for you.

It allows you to complete the diagnosis for the entire bleeding process and brings up the measurements on display. You can get a diagnostic running feature until the bleeding stops.


One of the best features for using the NT630 is the compatibility of the product. The NT630 is compatible with almost all the makers and the models available for use nowadays. It can easily fit into a variety of cars that are present today.

Most of the American vehicles that support OBD II can be compatible with this. If you are unaware of which type of diagnostic scanner tool will go for you, try to know the year of manufacture. If the car is manufactured after the year 1996, it has to be compatible with the OBD II type diagnostic scanning tools.

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Another impressive feature of the NT630 is the software. You would want to go for a product that has automatic updates. The NT630 comes with such options that make this product to be attractive.

If you wish to update the software, all that you need to do is to press the HELP button available. Hold it for 5 seconds and then in the display, you will be shown with NT wonder applications. You can easily connect the scanner to the computer with the help of a USB cable. This will allow you to select the Update Online option which you can easily click onto to drive forward.

Active Test

The NT630 is a specially designed product that allows you to control an ABS. Moreover, you can also perform multiple other tests and diagnostic scans with this product. This will save up a lot of time and labor costs as well.

The one unique feature of the NT630 is the presence of the SAS function with this tool. It is not only used to cover a wide range of vehicles, but it also can provide accurate diagnosis options with the product. With the help of this feature, you can easily scan any major Airbag faults that can be present.


Not many diagnostic tools can bring up the inside information of the vehicle. This is the reason why VIN is an important part of any vehicle that comes up. However, this product comes with an automatic VIN scanning feature. It is a shortcut for the Vehicle Identification Number tracking which allows you to get detailed information about the car.

You can get an automatic acquisition as well as manual input. So when you go on to replace a part, you can simply open up the AutoVIN to figure out which part is set to be replaced. If you want to enter manually, simply press the cancel button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this reset the SRS light?

The NT630 is designed to be a complete scanning and diagnosing tool. To be precise, it can work well to diagnose the problems that you are facing. However, resetting the SRS light completely depends on the repair. If repairing is done, it will automatically be reset.

Will this unit read the transmission fluid temperature?

To figure out the transmission fluid temperature, you need to know about the thermal sensors. However, this product is not designed with such features. It does not obtain any additional thermal sensor to measure the fluid temperature.

Will it pull/reset airbag codes?

The NT630 is designed to work on specific areas. These places include the ABS and the Airbags. However, if you are facing any other major technical fault, it will show up on the scanner. But it will not have the potential to reset the error code as shown.

What Users Say

“Very powerful for the money”

One of the consumers from Amazon has claimed that this product has impressive features that can easily read the codes. He used to drive the 2005 Honda Accord and the NT630 was successful enough to detect problems within the SRS and the ABS.

“Pretty useful, but going to take a bit to learn”

Another consumer from Amazon has claimed the NT630 to be a great purchase for his garage. His previous OBDII scanning tool did not have many software upgrades and ultimately stopped scanning. However, this product does not. The only problem he is facing is the shortage of time to learn using this OBD II scanner.


Finding an accurate product for your car could be a difficult choice. Not many OBDII scanning tools can come up with such features just like the Foxwell nt630. Since it covers a wide range of cars, it is supposed to be compatible with your vehicle as well. Moreover, it is affordable giving an upper hand to the product. Drop your comments below about how beneficial it is to use the Foxwell nt630 pro for multiple reasons. You can check for the customer reviews mentioned here as well.

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