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Arcan Vs Pittsburgh Floor Jack Review 3 Ton [Major Facts]

You all need to work on your car’s engine or a suspension. You’ll require a floor jack. It’s obvious that not every floor jack will give you complete support.

However, Arcan and Pittsburgh are two different brands that have come out on top. With a decent range of floor jacks available, it becomes much easier for professionals to work under a car and get the best results.

It’s a big challenge between Arcan Vs Pittsburgh to figure out which is the best floor jack. If you’re confused between these two brands, here is a quick guide between Arcan and Pittsburgh, which you can get. Let’s get started along with this.

Arcan vs Pittsburgh Floor Jack Key Differences



Most devices from the hub of Arcan are made up of high-quality aluminum. This allows you to get an amazing response from such floor jacks easily.

Most professionals like this because of the lightweight construction. It becomes much easier to travel and carry the floor jack.

Because of aluminum material, it becomes less prone to rusting in many ways. Moreover, having an aluminum construction also enables high-pressure capacity.


Floor jacks from Pittsburgh are also much durable in nature. Instead of the same aluminum construction, they are mostly based on industrial-grade steel.

As a result, they become highly durable and capable of dealing with professional works.

Comparing other grades of steel, it is one of the most powerful in the market today. You can highly rely on Pittsburgh floor jacks for lifting purposes.



Arcan floor jacks are made up of a complete aluminum body. As a result, they are much lighter in weight and transmission.

Even if the floor jacks come along with wheelbases, Arcan makes them extremely light in weight.

You can easily pick them up even without having a strain on your back. On top of this, all Arcan floor jacks come along with a two-piece handle.

It allows you to carry the device from one place to another easily.


The only thing that puts Pittsburgh just a step back is because it has a heavy construction. However, transportation will not be a problem if you have a Pittsburgh floor jack.

It may not be as smooth as the Arcan jack, but you can get to move it because of the wheelbase available.

The devices from Pittsburgh do not come with a handle present. As a result, they are not so ideal for movement and transportation.

[Lifting Power]


Most professionals rely on Arcan because of the performance that it provides and also the lifting power.

There are different models available that can determine the capacity of the floor jack.

Coming over to professional models from Arcan, you can easily get a high capacity of 3 Tons.

The minimum height clearance from the ground is roughly around 3.6 Inches, while you can also get a maximum power lift to 19.4 inches. It takes a total of 12 pumps to attain this.


Lifting power is probably one part where the Pittsburgh floor jacks nail it completely.

Like the Arcan floor jacks, they also offer a high lifting power. You can see a common standard of at least 2.8 inches ground clearance from such devices.

Pittsburgh also makes floor jacks for trucks, which can attain a height of 19.75 inches.

Usually, such devices come with a high capacity of 3 Tons. You can also get multiple other devices according to your requirement.

Arcan Vs Pittsburgh [Pros and Cons]

Arcan 3 ton aluminum floor jack

What We Like

  • The products are highly durable in nature.
  • They are extremely light in weight to use
  • The body is rust-resistant.
  • You can get a 6-inch clearance height.

Things To Consider

They are a bit expensive to use

Pittsburgh aluminum jack

What We Like

  • The products are highly durable in nature.
  • You can get Industrial-grade steel construction.
  • They are much affordable in nature.
  • The pump system is made up of dual-parallel technology.

Things To Consider

It is a bit difficult to transport.

How to Choose the Right Floor Jack?

Your auto floor jack ought to securely lift the heaviness of a specific vehicle.

Car jacks have different appraisals beginning from two tons to twenty tons. You should note though cap the limit of any floor jack outperforms in any event half of the vehicle’s gross weight.

For example, if your car or vehicle gauges 3 tons, at that point, you need a car floor jack that has a 2-ton ability to lift your vehicle.

For your own well-being, you should utilize a jack to help the heaviness of the vehicle you need to live.

Do You Know How to Place your Floor Jack?

Auto floor jacks should be utilized consistently on strong and smooth surfaces, ideally once more, concrete. For your vehicle’s security, you need to check your manual to realize the different jack focuses where your car floor jack can interact with before lifting.

If you place the jack on some unacceptable spot, it can cause genuine harm to your vehicle’s body or undercarriage.

Once more, the vehicle, before lifting, ought to likewise be put in a firm and level surface to keep the car jack from ‘kicking out’ from under the vehicle until your ideal tallness is accomplished.

All You Must Know about Securing the Vehicle

Wheel chocks should be put on the tires before your car is raised. Wedge the chock to the external area of the tire to shield it from abounding toward any path.

After doing so, carefully slide the auto floor jack under the vehicle and spot it on the ‘jack focuses.’

Gradually raise the vehicle to your ideal stature and position the jack stands promptly when the ideal tallness is accomplished.

Final Verdict

In case of Arcan vs Pittsburgh we must say both are two reliable brands on the car tools and accessories available. There are multiple models available from Pompey, and it is always a difficult choice to make from both.

However, both Arcan and Pittsburgh are reliable brands, but they also have different models to choose from. While comparing both of them, you can find that Arcan models are generally lighter in weight. However, Pittsburgh floor jacks are much cheaper in price.

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