Want To Step Up Between Bottle Jack Vs Floor Jack? Must Known Facts

Having a jack with you while driving or working in your garage will help you to solve an innumerable number of problems on the go. Of course anything like a bottle jack or a floor jack will be quite handy for you to work with. There is always a debate on which model to choose and which one not to. But, if you’re looking for a comparison between a bottle jack vs floor jack, you will be able to find an innumerable number of points.


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It won’t be the toughest decision to pick the right one that will match your needs. But for this to happen, you need to undergo a complete detailed comparison between the two models available.

Bottle Jack Working Mechanism

The bottle jack is a hydraulic jack that has a complete vertical lift that allows a simple vertical lift to hold up the car. Because of the mechanism, it allows the car to attain a proper height that will allow you to work with it. To be specific, the design of this bottle jack is quite compact but can rise with the increasing height. So it should not take much room to store this product as well. Because of this simple mechanism, they are specially trained to even lift the heaviest of vehicles as well.

As a result of this, you can expect a high-performance jack from this. The lifting pads are usually light in weight which makes the controllers much easier and smooth to operate with.


  • It is compact
  • It can lift heavy vehicles
  • There is a small lifting pad
  • The product is more economical


  • It is more complex to use
  • The product can tip easily

Floor Jack Working Mechanism

What is a Floor Jack?

Quite similar to the bottle jack, the floor jack is also another type of hydraulic jack that is used to lift the car. However, the major difference is that this jack can be used horizontally. As a result, it can fit into the bottom of the vehicle and allows lifting it attaining a lower height. Such jacks come with universal fitting options and can be quick to use. Moreover, if you have the low-riders, you can even choose the models which have a lower profile and can help you with it.


  • Low profile
  • Easy to use
  • Easy positioning
  • Large lifting pad


  • May cost a bit more
  • May not lift high (in few cases)

Detailed Comparison between Bottle Jack vs Floor Jack

Bottle Jack vs. Floor Jack: Cost Difference

Comparing the costs of the two jacks, the price of a bottle jack is much lower than that of the floor jack. Not because of the material, but the bottle jack is limited to use only for some tasks of towing the vehicle.

Bottle Jack vs. Floor Jack: Weight Difference

The Bottle jack is a much more compact body to use when it comes to the size and the weight. On the other hand, the floor jack is much wider and may consume more space. As a result, the bottle jack is lower in weight.

Bottle Jack vs. Floor Jack: Efficiency Difference

The matter of efficiency is quite similar for both of these jacks. Though the floor jack is more commonly found, they are both important for any type of automotive works. So, this factor seems to be a tie between both.

Bottle Jack vs. Floor Jack: Stability Difference

The stability for the floor jacks is much better than that of the bottle jacks. The bottle jacks consume lower space at the base. As a result of this, they seem to be much more vulnerable to fall off if there is no support.

Bottle Jack vs. Floor Jack: Durability Difference

Both these types of jacks are quite durable. However, the chances of falling or breakage are much higher in the case of a bottle jack. The floor jacks work on low profile height adjustment. So they are much more durable.

Final Talk

Both these jacks are equally important and licking the right one depends on where and how your work requirements are. The basic structure of a bottle jack is to lift the vehicle with the help of vertical support. As a result of this, it makes the model tall. On the other hand, the floor jack is horizontal. This allows the vehicle to have a much lower profile when it comes to lifting the car. Do let us know about which type of jack you like the most and which type is working well for you.

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