R22 Vs. R410A: Which Cools Better | 5 Major Difference

Thinking about purchasing an AC which will be good types of refrigerant for your home? Worrying about which refrigerant type should you use for your home? There are a lot of doubts over the best type of refrigerant that one can have for their home. Both the R22 and R410A are the most common types of refrigerants used for the home which makes air conditioning possible. However, if you still want to get the best type of refrigerant for your home, here is a complete guideline on R22 Vs R410A that you can easily pick for your AC.

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How important are R22 And R410A?

Commonly known as refrigerants, both the R22 and R410A are actually liquid agents which can cool and dehumidify indoor air. These liquid agents are present within the coils of indoor air. Basically, any refrigerant goes through phases that can change the form of liquid to gas based on heating and then again from gas to liquid after passing through the compressor. Getting the ideal refrigerant for your home means that it has great thermodynamic properties! This helps the AC to become non-corrosive and non-toxic as well.

Difference Between R22 Vs R410A: Better Cooling

We cover head to head difference and carry five given below aspects just have a look before use:

  1. Properties
  2. Performance
  3. Charging
  4. Global Warming Potential
  5. Pressure

1. Properties Difference


Considering the modern requirements R22 has now been obsolete from 2010 due to its properties being HCFC. By this, we mean that it has properties to increase Ozone depletion. Because of these active minerals present inside the R22 liquid, it becomes tough for any manufacturer to produce in the new ACs. Commonly, it is known as Chlorodifluoromethane or even the HCFC-22. Coming to the Ozone depletion potential (ODP), it is around 0.055.


It is also known as Puron which is the main brand name of any type of refrigerant. This one is rich in HFC or Hydro-fluorocarbon which does not hurt the ozone layer at all. Thus, from 2015, it has been almost defiant that all new ACs must have R410A. Coming to the physical properties, the Critical pressure, MPa is around 4.86.


Here, the clear winner is R410A because the former refrigerant has been completely obsolete from 2010.

2. Performance Comparision


R22 can perform well on 0.057 kJ.mol−1.K−1 pressure but relatively it takes more time than most other refrigerants. Most of the R22 agents consume mineral oil which takes a longer time to be soluble and making the unit efficient. But there is no protection for overheat which makes it slightly inconvenient to use.


It comes with a boost performance that can quickly react to heating and cooling conditions. It absorbs heat quickly which allows the compressor to run cooler and does not overheat. Apart from this, the R410A refrigerant has the capability to work under high pressure so that the outdoor unit can always perform better in extreme conditions. It also uses synthetic oil for lubrication which makes it more soluble.


The R410A comes to be the clear winner because of the fast performance and instant cooling ability.

3. Difference In Charging


It comes up with special properties to introduce dry charging the refrigerant. In this case, the product is manufactured without charging the refrigerant. A technician would come to your house and make it efficient for charging. However, dry charging is not so reliable in terms of the warranty. The charges for dry charging for any R22 refrigerant are much less because it is simple.


On the other hand, R410A comes up with complete liquid charging which is directly manufactured from the factory. In case of any leaks inside the tube, it becomes difficult to recharge this one. Charging process of R410A is a very complex process and it requires phases before proper installation. The costing for charging this is quite high because of the complex processes.


The R22 comes up with a simple process to charge but it has no warranty. However, it wins here because the process is easy and it takes less time.

4. Global Warming Potential


The R22 comes up with 1810 Global warming potential is considered to be medium in the modern era. However, it has 55 Ozone depletion level because of the high HCFC present inside the refrigerant.


On the other hand, the R410A leaves absolutely 0 on the ozone depletion level which makes it a great choice. However, if we consider the global warming potential, it is around 2088 which is considered to be around high.


This one has lower global warming potential but at the same time, it is more harmful for Ozone depletion.

5. Difference In Pressure


R22 is majorly installed in most of the Air conditioners which do not have any tubes to push the air through the vents and ducts. Thus, it works in a slow and simple way. The vents present having large holes through which the R22 can easily pass through. This is not suitable for any type of inverter AC which is being manufactured.


Most of the modern ACs come with more tubes that allow the air to flow in with high pressure. It has a properties to work under high pressure leading the refrigerant to cool the air fast. According to the researches, It applies almost 60% more pressure than any other type of refrigerant. Such would cause the R22 to burst out.


The R410A is a clear winner in terms of pressure applied in the Air conditioner.


The R410A has much more advanced properties than that of any R22 refrigerant. It is more effective for reducing global ozone layer depletion and also performs faster. Though the R22 is available at a cheaper rate, it is always better to use the R410A. Moreover, the former refrigerant type is obsolete which makes it more difficult to be available in a few years. Thus, we have a clear winner in our R22 Vs R410A comparison and it is the latter.

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