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Which one to Choose: Oil vs Oilless Air Compressor | Comparison (2020)

Air Compressor comes to be very handy if you are working in your home or even in your garage. It literally helps you in a number of tasks. But a lot of people do get confused in selecting the right type of air compressor for them. Air compressors are available for two types- the oil-air compressor and oilless air compressor. But which one is right for you? Here is a complete guide on Oil vs Oilless air compressor that you can choose. We’ve explained a few factors, features, and comparisons that will help you to get your hands on the best air compressor type for your home.

Understanding all About Oil Vs Oil-free Air Compressors: Decoded Now

Understanding all about Oil vs Oil-less Air Compressors

Understanding the mechanism is important and this is what defines the types of air compressors available. In case of an air compressor, the air is compressed into a storage tank. But in some cases, the piston requires lubrication. These are known as the oil air compressors. However, in the case of oilless Air compressors, the mechanism is the same. But the only difference is that the piston is pre-lubricated. There is a Teflon coating on the pump. It protects the compressor from any damage. But if you are using an Oiled Air compressor, you need to put in regular lubrication.

Head To Head Comparison b/w Oil and Oil-less

Checking the Maintenance

Oil Air Compressor

  • Oiled air compressor requires more maintenance and service. In fact you may need regular service always.
  • You need to keep changing the lubrication on a regular basis. It is because the mechanism asks you to continuously lubricate the compressors.
  • You need to keep changing the lubrication on a regular basis. It is because the mechanism asks you to continuously lubricate the compressors. The maintenance cost is more because of daily lubrication.

Oil-Free Air Compressor

  • Oilless air compressor requires less maintenance and service. You do not have to go for regular service.
  • There is no need to change the lubrication. You may need to change the Teflon Coating Once in a Blue Moon.
  • The maintenance cost is less because there is no need for any lubrication at all.

Comparing the Weight

Oil Air Compressor

  • Oil-based air compressors have more weight.
  • It has more parts when compared with any oil-free air compressor.
  • The body design is huge because there are so many parts to accumulate.

Oilless Air Compressor

  • Oilless Air Compressor is slightly less in weight.
  • There are no extra parts and thus maintenance cost becomes low.
  • The body design is compact and becomes easy to carry

Which is the Best one for Long Usage?

Oil Air Compressor

  • Oiled Air Compressor tends to dry out after use and you need to pour in oil daily.
  • The daily cost is high because you need to change the lubricant.
  • It is great for commercial space because the oil-based lubricant is good for the long run.

Oilless Air Compressor

  • There is no option for the Teflon Coating to dry out. You do not have to change it daily.
  • The daily cost is low because the Teflon coating stays on for a long time.
  • It is great for any home space. The Oilless Air Compressor is not so great for long usage.

Editor’s Suggestion

If you are using the compressor for daily purposes, it is efficient for you to buy an oil based compressor. This is because the oil-less compressor tends to cool down after a long run because of the oil present. But in case of an oil-free compressor, there is no lubricant present. It does not allow the compressor to cool down.

Why Should You Consider The Noise?

Oil Air Compressor

  • Oil compressor has lubricants to support the mechanism. This is the reason why friction and sound are less.
  • Great for eco-friendly ambiance and commercial chambers where many compressors are running at the same time.
  • Because of daily lubrication, the sound stays low even after long usage. however the sound any increase with heat.

Oilless Air Compressor

  • There are no lubricants added to support the mechanism. Thus, sound and friction are high.
  • It is great for homely purposes but not good for your ears if you have a baby sleeping.
  • There is no option for lubrication. Thus, when the body heats up, the sound level also increases.

Air quality The Oil-Less System has more development but at the same time, it’s a bit more expensive. The oil-less system still delivers a better.

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Oil vs Oilless Air Compressor- The Plus and Minus Analysis

Oil Air Compressor


  • Long-lasting
  • Good for daily use
  • Very silent in Work


  • Maintenance is more
  • Heavier in weight
  • Price is higher

Oil-Free Air Compressor


  • It is cheaper in price
  • The body structure is compact
  • It’s ideal for home use
  • The parts are simple and easy to install


  • Noise production is more
  • It may break down more often


If you are willing to buy the Air compressor, you need to choose a few factors and always keep them in mind. While you are shopping for a quality air compressor, you need to consider the ambiance and the daily amount of use. If you have a daily use and looking forward to getting a hefty air compressor, you can always choose an oil-based air compressor. In case of random use but with low maintenance, you can opt for an oilless air compressor. The difference is between sound, weight, maintenance, and price. The outcomes of both these types of air compressors are the same. So you need to figure out which one to buy according to the workload you have.

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