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How Do I Silence My Air Compressor (6 Simple hacks) | 2020

An Air compressor is a device that has great usage. It is used for many purposes. But even the best things have certain limitations. The same is with the Air Compressor. It lags with its noisy property. But no worries guys, everything in this world can be fixed. In this article, I have explained 6 simple hacks that one should know. So read the article and reveal how to quiet your air compressor.

1. Install Rubber on Air Compressor

Rubber tunes great when used for sound insulation. This property makes it more efficient to absorb the noise. If you are annoyed with the noisy behavior of your Air compressor then place the rubber grommets in between the floor and air compressor’s mount. As there will be no contact amongst them it will not produce any vibrations because it is absorbed by rubber. Rubbers are available in different sizes so find out which goes best with your and make soundproof air compressor.

Installing it can do wonders. Do try this hack.

How does it work?
® Avoiding contact from the ground will not create the sound
® The rubber will absorb all the sounds.

2. Shift the intake component outdoors

As we know that air intake is the biggest component for creating noise. Most probably if you are indoors then it sounds too annoying. What to do next? Maybe shifting the air compressor outdoors can help you.

The reason for the noise is because of the air intake valve. So if we use a rubber hose and install it tightly then we can get rid of it.  Just use brackets or grommets so that it can be fixed.

For best results drill a hole in the all so that the sound may pass through the rubber hose.

How does it work?
®Sound is inversely proportional to the area. Wider the area less is the sound. Therefore, shifting it outwards will help you
®Also if the rubber hose is installed tightly it will not produce much sound.

3. air Compressor muffler Method

One of the quickest methods to solve your problem. You will require a muffler and heavy-duty air hoses. What you need to do is connect one end with the air intake and another end with the muffler and again connect the hose with the other end of the muffler. Doing this will bring the noise to 4dB down. Although it doesn’t sound good it will show you the difference.

How does it work?
® Connecting it from end to end and then making holes will lower the sound production. Although it doesn’t lower the amount, you can feel the difference.

4. Tighten the loose part

There might be a possibility where you can find that the noise is caused because of the loose parts of the compressor. It can be the screws or bolts that create vibrations which is a common thing. Just tighten the loose parts and there you go.

How does it work?
®  The loosely coupled parts produce more sound. If not paid attention they can damage the machine.

5. Cleaning Air Filters

It is very necessary to clean the air filters. As it filters the air so there is a great possibility of having a lot of dirt and dust around the filter. This makes the filter run harder. As the filter is not cleaned for a long time it makes it run harder which creates vibrations and noise.

So it is better suggested to clean the air filters more often or every six months.

How does it work?
® The dust particles stuck in between the air filters will not allow them to work it efficiently. Therefore, it should be removed.

6. Lubricating bearings

As humans need food similarly the moving parts of the machines need to be lubricated from time to time. As the oil from the parts has been reduced it creates more friction producing a lot of noise as an indication that they need to be lubricated. So do lubricate them from time to time.

Remember: Not to apply excess grease on the surface because it can harm the moving parts which results in not running properly.

How does it work?
®   Lubricating the joints will help the parts to move smoothly. Therefore lubricate them from time to time.


In this tutorial, I have explained some amazing hacks that you should try. The use of the above facts will help and save you from the annoying noise produced by the air compressor. Although the sound cannot be shut lowering it down can happen. So give them a try. I hope the article has helped you.

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