How to Use Best Moisture Meter on Drywall?

Drywall at your home means that it is quite sensitive to moisture. Even just a small amount of moisture in your wall can create heavy damages to it. If the moisture is quickly removed, the damage can be contained in just a small area, but if it stays for long, it may hamper the whole wall. So it is important to detect the Moisture and to remove it but now the question is how does a moisture meter work? Certainly, you cannot just do it with your hand; you need a proper Meter to detect the amount of moisture present. Best moisture meter show reading charts that have a scale from 1-10 which denotes the relative moisture level.

How To Use a Moisture Meter

Steps to Use a Moisture Meter

Step 1:

Even if it’s a pin-type Moisture Meter or an unpin type, it is important to set it to the mode that you are using. This mode may vary a little from different models. You can always follow the instructions provided by your manufacturer. 

Step 2:

Next up, place the pins perpendicular to the wall and push them into the wall. You can use a small hammer if the pin is not smoothly getting in. But make sure that the pin completely gets through the wall. This will allow out getting a perfect reading about the moisture content inside the wall. 

Step 3:

The next thing that you need to do is to take note of the reading. Make a note on a page, because the moisture meter does not have any memory. Try to repeat the process through some random areas in the wall. Once you find the appropriate area with a high amount of moisture, you can make a note of the percentage of moisture in it.

Types of Moisture Meters in Market

Types of Moisture Meters in Market

There are majorly two types of Moisture Meter that you can pick at any time. They are Pin-type and Pin-less Moisture Meter. Both of these have their own features and specifications that make them different from each other just like infrared, reading chart level and more. Though they are different in looks and functions, they both have the same objective. The end result is to measure the % MC in the material or the wall.

Difference Between Pin and Pin-less Moisture Meter

Sensor Difference

Pin Moisture Meter

  • The sensor works according to the flow of electricity between the two pins.
  • The pin distance is stagnant which makes readings more accurate.
  • Pin meters can only measure the MC at the point in the wood between the two pins.

Pinless Moisture Meter

  • The Pinless moisture meters use a sensor pad for getting the measurements at times.
  • They emit electromagnetic signals to measure the moisture content.
  • These sensors can accurately scan the density level and get better results.

Difference In Holes


  • A pin meter will easily penetrate through the surface to measure the MC.
  • It may lead to some damage to the surface. So it requires more maintenance.


  • The Pinless moisture meters do not cause any damage to the surface.
  • There is no hole created on the surface.

Readings Difference


  • The pin moisture levels operate at two standard reading depths. It is around 1/4 inch below the wood surface or 3/4 inch below the base.
  • They are more variable in reading depths because the distance is not much. It allows the pins to take accurate readings.


  • There are no pins, so the readings are fixed. It cannot take much variation in reading.
  • The sensor is not replaceable and so you cannot change the dimensions.

Breakage Difference


  • The pins have more chances of breaking. They are soft and if you push the pins hard on the wall or a surface, it may break easily.
  • If the pins break, you can change the pins easily. Simply attach new ones to the top and make it comforting.


  • There are no pins and the sensor is Pinless. The Moisture meter uses a ground surface for measuring.
  • Pinless Moisture Meter comes with a sturdy body and there is not much to break. But there is no calibrating power for the product.


Thus, choosing the best Moisture Meter will always be helpful for you if you want to detect the moisture content in any particular area. It’s simple and easy to follow. tries to give you one platform that saves your time in today’s hectic schedule and also puts an extra effort to make your decision better, wiser and, economical whenever you spend even a single penny over the internet.

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