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Fluke 323 Review | Fluke 323 RMS Clamp Meter | Price

Are you looking for the best clamp meter cum multimeter? Do you want a multi-utility device that will reduce your hard work and make readings more effective, the Fluke 323 is definitely a top-notch choice for you to opt and get great results? This meter is an exceptional choice to measure current and voltage along with great results.

It becomes a great choice for professionals to choose the device for performing well in tight spaces and ensuring that you get accurate results. However, if you are willing to buy this you must read out the complete guide now. Here is the ultimate guide to Fluke 323 review that will solve your purpose.

fluke 323 Design

Fluke 323 Review Features and Specification:


Coming through the design, the Fluke 323 is a great choice. Especially with the built-up and the sturdy body makes is more protective. The body comes with a tough case and a durable slimline jaw mechanism. This makes sure that you can get a proper reading even in a narrow space. Moreover, the tester comes along with a narrow design which allows the professional to get into tight spaces. So for trunking and cable ducts, it is an ideal thing to go for. The jaw size is also good which makes the passage of 30mm conductors. The design also allows easy changing of batteries which you can easily use and replace.

Fluke 323 True RMS Clamp Meter

It comes with a 4000 count screen display and it can easily measure 399.9V. The refresh rate is also great which makes the product more beneficial. Moreover, the product comes with a standard multimeter which makes it a great choice. There are certain icons on display such as the A, DC V, and Ω. There’s just a slight difference between the Fluke 323 and the 320 series as the display does not have any backlight.


Fluke Clamp Meter Fluke 373 Safety

The Fluke 323 comes with proper safety measures that have both input protection and voltage protection at the same time. The voltage category ratings are CAT-III to 600V and CAT-IV to 300V.  So we can always presume that it has the best safety measures which will not let you worry further. While checking the fuses, it seems to be fine and apt for the work. The one thing that we like the most is the amperage is measured with the induction. So there is no direct amperage running through the meter. This makes it safer to use than any other product of the same series.


One of the most important features of the Fluke 323 is definitely the accuracy it gives. The fluke clamp meter 323 comes with the ability to read RMS current. The clamp can easily read a 60 Hz sine wave and can make a good result out of it. What we like most about that, is the smooth supply of power it has. This allows, to get undistorted power which makes the reading more accurate at the same time. The sensor comes along with VFD which allows the speed to be adjusted quickly and making it more efficient at times. It becomes effective even when the signal is a bit distorted at the same time.


Now talking about to the sensors, the Fluke 323 is powered by RMS meter that can always give you the actual reading of current. It happens even when the signal is distorted. The product comes with a low-level filter. But there is always one thing that the professionals need to keep in mind. Since there may be multiple devices connected at the same time, there are many chances for errors. But at the same time, these nails at every aspect of accuracy. Even when other devices are connected, this device measures the readings accurately.

Warranty And After-Sales

Fluke 323 after sales

Fluke is one of the most renowned brands of recording and measurement devices from 1953. Over the years, the brand has produced a handful of measuring devices throughout the globe. Similarly, Fluke 323 review says that it is one of the most reliable devices from the fluke manufacturer. Overall, this comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer which makes it a great choice. The after-sales service from this brand is also great and it makes the product a great choice.

For more assistance, you can always contact +91-80-6715-9033/34/35

Pros & Cons of This True-RMS Clamp Meter:


  • The Fluke 323 can easily measure up to 400 A. This is technically a lot more than most of the multi-utility devices from Fluke.
  • The Fluke 323 can easily measure both AC and DC voltage. Only you have to manually adjust the settings.
  • It comes with 99% accuracy in which makes the device a must-buy for any professional or for home.
  • The body is sturdy and has a slim structure. Moreover, the tip is narrow which makes it easy to fetch readings from low space.
  • The meter comes with a great display. Though there is no backlight, it has a display hold feature to keep storing the record for a while.


  • The Fluke 323 lacks to measure DC amp clamp and so it becomes tough for commercial chambers.
  • There is no backlight present in the display. It is not similar to any of the models in the 320 series. 
  • The carry case is a bit tight which makes it difficult for random use. However, this has no effect on readings.

So why Wait Just Go on

In the end, this fluke 323 RMS clamp meter is one of the best choices for you if you are looking for a professional clamp meter. Not only it has one ability, but it also includes a multimeter. Coming to the specifications, the readings are accurate which enables better readings at any time. Moreover, this device has a slim design which makes the device perfect for recording at narrow spaces. The ergonomic grip, the lightweight, and the accurate measurements make the Fluke 323 a must-have for your home. We definitely suggest the Fluke 323 and recommend it for most of the professionals.

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