How To Make An Air Compressor Fast and Efficient? Speed Air Compressor

We use air compressors in different applications from using them in our air tools to filling our high-pressure air tanks, these applications make air compressors very essential components. But in this fast-moving world, we also want our tools to be very fast and efficient to make the best use of them.

We notice that initially when we purchase anything, it works very well but with time it starts getting slow and less efficient, same happens with the air compressors, with time they become slow and their efficiency also reduces a lot.

We are here to help you in keeping your air compressor fast and efficient with time, here you will see some tips to keep it fast and working fine.

In the first part of the article, you will see how to make an air compressor fast while on the other part you will gain knowledge for making your air compressor efficient which also contributes towards its speed.

Make Air Compressor Faster

How to Make An Air Compressor Fast?

1. Change the side of the air filter

Generally, an air filter of a compressor acts as a muffler as it connects to the foam filter with an indirect path, but if you want more flow of air from the compressor one easy way is to change the side of the air filter, it leads to speed air compressor.

Changing your air filter will also work as sometimes the air compressor also gets slow because of the air filter.

2. Keep the temperature of the intake air low

This one is very easy, in this, you just have to keep the temperature of the air that your air compressor is intaking low. Compressors do have to do a lot of work in compressing the warm air while on the other hand, it has to do less work on the cool air because they are already more in compress form than in hot air.

This can increase the speed of the compressor to compress the air to a good extent. This method is very preferable as there is no need for extra components in doing this.

3. Clean the air before sending it in your air compressor

Cleaning the air before your air compressor will take it inside for compressing can work very well in speeding it up because dirty air contains contaminants, particulates, etc and before compressing the air, air compressor first filters it out and it is obvious that it will be less hard and less energy-consuming for a compressor to compress the already clean air which will eventually make it fast and speed air compressor. You can not even think of how efficient this method is in speeding up the compressor as the clean air can pass through the system of the compressor in very little time.

4. Purchase compressors with smaller tank size

Using a set of small tank compressors in place of a big compressor will provide more compressor air in less period, as the smaller the air compressor less time it will take in filling up its tank, but this method is not so good as a set of compressors can cost us more and also will not be handy while carrying.

5. Maintain high pressure

When the air goes from a compressor to an air tool, it has to travel a lot of distance from going through the connecting passages, also it can face resistance while passing through them because of some reasons, this will reduce the pressure through which the air is flowing and the air from the air compressor will take more time in reaching to the destination which in turn reduce the speed of the compressor, so maintaining the high pressure can help a lot.

Now you will think about how you can maintain the pressure. The answer is very simple: just try to minimize the length of the connection passage so that it can not offer resistance and will not reduce the pressure.

Now let’s move on to the second part of the article which will tell you how you can increase the efficiency of the air compressor.

How to Make an Air Compressor More Efficient?

Increasing the efficiency of the air compressor will also increase the speed of the compressor by itself, so now lets at the ways of increasing the efficiency.

1. Type of hose you should use

The work of hose is to pass air from it, now you can understand the more the length of the hose the less will be the pressure as we have already discussed above, so always keep the hose short in length to increase its efficiency.

Also, one thing to see while choosing hose is its diameter, the hoses with less diameter will decrease the efficiency of the air compressor while using a hose with more diameter will also decrease the efficiency, so the ideal size of a diameter that you should use is ⅜ inches.

2. Keep your air compressor up to date

It is very obvious that if we take care of anything it will last more and work more efficiently in the same way we should maintain our air compressor also to keep it working efficiently.

Do lubricate its parts very frequently as lubrication will reduce the resistance between the components and keep them in good condition, for lubrication also use a good lubricant.


Follow these easy tips to increase the speed of your air compressor, but keep in mind use the method that will cost you less and make the system more efficient, also avoid using the methods that can harm the air compressor.

How to increase the CFM of an air compressor?

Decreasing the pressure of the air can help in increasing the CFM, but on the other hand, decreasing the air pressure has its demerits, so think before you do this.

Air compressor with a large tank OR buy two with small tanks for more speed?

Buying a set of air compressors with a small tank size other than an air compressor with a large tank will speed up the air supply. 

Size of hose to make it fast?

The hose of diameter ⅜ inch is ideal to make an air compressor more efficient and fast. tries to give you one platform that saves your time in today’s hectic schedule and also puts an extra effort to make your decision better, wiser and, economical whenever you spend even a single penny over the internet.

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