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How To Find The Car Color Code Of Your Cars? Quick Steps

Color-code is a combinational code containing numbers and alphabets. Color code is available for getting the perfect tone of color we need for re-painting our vehicle without any odd noticeable changes in it. So if you want to repaint your cars you should know its exact color code for a proper desirable look. However, it’s an easy thing to get, but sometimes people get confused between color code and color name terminology. Here we will tell you how to find out your car’s color code.

Car Information Sticker

Car informational sticker is the car present on the car itself containing every sort of important detail of the car like manufacturing year, country, etc written on it. Since it has every type of detail it also contains all cars paint information under which we can get the car’s color code. It’s also called service parts identification sticker and vehicle certification label, we have told you this so that you do not get confused if you heard these other names. PNT, BC/CC, “PNT PKG”, “C/TR”, ”Paint No.”, these are the terms which can tell you how the color code will look.

From Where We Can Get

For getting the car information sticker you have to go nowhere, it is found on the body of the car only. Different manufacturing companies have car code in different locations. So here we have different brands with various different places where they have their SIPD or VLC.

Alfa Romeo

It has 3 numbered combinational color codes with numbers and alphabets. It is found under the trunk deck or on the inside surface of the bonnet.


It has 2,3 or 4 numbered alpha-numeric combination color codes on the spare wheel or trunk deck lid.


It has varying length combinational color codes with the “Paint No.” indicator title making it easy to get it on the front hood, doorjamb, door edge, or under the trunk.


It has 3 number color code with a forward slash and a number, also having the name of the color written in English or German language. The Colour code of BMW is present on the left or right wheel well.


It has BC/CC as prefix and 2,3 numbers written in combinational color code with the two-shaded color of the car indicated by L or U. It is found on the driver’s door compartment or firewall.


It has a small 2 letter or 2 number combinational color code. The sticker is present either on the doorjamb on the door edge.


It has 1 letter and 1 number in its color code under the radiator of the bonnet, firewall, or door jamb.


It has 3 or four numbered color codes followed by letters on the door jamb of the drivers’ side.


In this brand model, the color code consists of one number and one letter. Here, the information sticker is present on the driver sides door jamb.


It has a 3 digit number color code. Only in some cases, a letter is at the start of the color code.


It has 2-4 digits alpha-numeric combinational code present inside the rear deck lid, spare tire well, or trunk mat.

Here we have just taken some brands of cars under consideration but you can find the exact location of your SIPD or VLC in your service history if you have done any prior modification or servicing of your car.

Also, you can find the information sticker’s exact location on the car, inside your owner’s manual.

2. Vehicle Identification Number(VIN)

VIN is a 17 character unique code for every car so it helps to find out the unique color code of your car. If the car model is of before 1981 the VIN will have 11 digits or maybe less than 17 characters on it. This can be found mainly inside the following documents:-

*the title legal document.

*Vehicle registration certificate given by the department of motor vehicles of the particular region. 

*insurance document of the car.

*Car dealers or service providers document. 

With a Vehicle identification number you cannot find the color code only and directly. You can get your color code with other information on the vehicle by entering this VIN into some governmental official online platforms. These sites not only provide you with the color code but also many details about your vehicle including their various parts information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How is color code different from the color name of a car?

The color code on the vehicle tells you not just the color name of the vehicle but also the color code assures you that the color you are looking for to paint your car or any other vehicle is exactly the same as the color painted. Color code is put on at the time of manufacturing only Because every color code changes year by year as companies make slight changes in tone of color they are painting on the cars. By name two colors may sound the same but with color code, we come to know that they are slightly different although they have the same name.

Q2. What precautions should we take on color codes at the time of repainting an old car?  

As the car gets older due to the effect of excess sunlight, rain, other weather changes, and blemishes its color fades. This may lead to wrong coloring during the painting. In this case, your car’s spoilers may have a different color in comparison to the remaining body’s color.

Q3. Is there any other way to find out the color code?

Yes, the ways we have told above are sufficient to get your car color code but in case if you are still unable to find it then, nowadays many new websites are present on the internet which can tell your car color code. All you have to enter there is your car brand, it’s making, year and model.   

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