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5 Bad Radiator Symptoms | How to Tell If Your Radiator Bad

A radiator constitutes a significant part of the vehicle. It is the most important component of the cooling system of your car. The role of a radiator is to protect your engine from overheating. 

Over time, car radiator parts or the radiator, on the whole, may start to show signs of repair. In such a situation, it is necessary to get your car radiator serviced by a licensed mechanic to avoid any further issues while driving your vehicle. Catching a small problem before it takes a serious shape can save you from the hefty expenses incurred in car repair. 

Here are the common signs that suggest that your car radiator has failed and the machine needs to be checked at the earliest: 

Low Coolant: 

If the low coolant light on your vehicle keeps on blinking now and then, it may be a warning sign of failed car radiator problems. It usually happens because of a radiator leak. You may want to refill the coolant and forget about it in the first instant, but do not take this issue so lightly. Get your car radiator parts inspected by a certified mechanic. They may spot the real problem and fix it at the right time. 

Leaky Coolant: 

Another warning sign of a car radiator repair is a coolant leak. This problem arises as a result of the leak in the radiator. The coolant flows via the engine and radiator and is responsible for the smooth functioning of the machine. If the coolant begins to spill and you observe it on the floor, it’s a definite sign of a car radiator repair. You can take your car to a professional auto repair service, and the professional will locate the leaks using a specialized testing method. 

Discolored Coolant: 

A discolored coolant is yet another issue with the coolant that indicates that your car radiator requires a quick repair. Generally, the color of the coolant is red, yellow, and green. However, when this liquid starts rotting, it may turn into the colors like brown and black. 

Apart from the color change, the coolant becomes very oily and rusty and turns into sludge inside the machine. This whole phenomenon then intrudes on the performance of the car radiator. You cannot overlook this problem because if the sludge gets inside, the radiator will need to be replaced and not repaired.

Overheating Engine:

If the engine of your car heats up too quickly, know that there is an issue with the car radiator. The reason behind the quick overheating of the engine is a low coolant. However, if the engine keeps on overheating, repeatedly, your car demands a more serious repair. In this situation, you must get your car repaired before the condition gets worse. 

Issues With Shifting: 

Issues with shifting are often observed if your vehicle has an integrated transmission cooler. The troubles with shifting are usually caused because of defects and cracks in the system. Other warning signs of a damaged car radiator is when the passenger heater of the car doesn’t function well or if the exterior fins of the vehicles get blocked now and then. 


The above-listed warning signs should be taken very seriously to avoid any further damage to your car. Get in touch with a professional service to maintain your vehicle and protect it from unforeseen damages. It will help you keep a check on all the car radiator parts and coin out the faults if any. Regular servicing of your car will not only maintain its performance but increase its life as well. 

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