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Who Makes Supertech Oil? | Supertech Synthetic Oil vs. Mobil 1

Lubricants are way too essential for the cars to keep them running smoothly. Every car owner understands the importance of oiling in the car. As we know, the market has plenty of oils available but amongst them, Supertech has its value. It withstands the first position in this category. Supertech oil is one of the cheapest and most satisfying oils used in the market. Let us check out more about Supertech oil.

Supertech Synthetic Oil Review and Who Makes It

Several online forums are discussing where the Supertech oil is made and who makes Supertech oil? The oil is produced by a company called Warren Oil, Inc. which holds its name in the list of one of America’s largest lubricant manufacturers.  At the bottom of Supertech oil, you can also spot the symbol WPP.

The oil is available to you in both ways, online and offline. To buy this oil you can go through Wal-Mart, Amazon, eBay, and many other online platforms. So, check it out on any of your favorite platforms. Make sure that it is necessary to choose the right oil for your engine.

The History Behind Supertech oil

Supertech got its fame from a company called Warren oil company International. Here is the small information about the company.

Name of the companyWarren Oil Company International
IndustryOil, Gas & coal
Sub- IndustryIntegrated Oils

Supertech Vs Mobil 1 | Comparision

Another most popular oil available in the market is Mobil 1. This oil is also known for its quality and durability. Mobil 1 is the official motor oil for Nascar and is recommended by experts and specialists for the car. Supertech and Mobil 1 somehow have many similarities but it cannot be said that they are identical.


  • Both are Synthetic Oils.
  • They both are licensed by Dexos 1.
  • Both are considered as the perfect gasoline
  • Complaint with government safety regulations.
  • Compatible gasoline engine

And many more…


  • The major difference is cost.

Mobil 1 is way too expensive as compared to Supertech. It cost almost double the price of Supertech with no extra feature. Therefore, people believe in buying Supertech instead of Mobil 1. However, it cannot be said which amongst the two is better.

Facts About Car Oil Brands One Should Know

Often many of us are confused regarding which oil brands we should buy. We have plenty of options available that serve us with a variety of oil. But how to choose the right one for us? Either you should ask the specialist to tell you about the engine or you can follow the following tips:

® Understand the performance level
® Buy synthetic oils
® Learn that the oil meets your automotive manufacturer’s requirements
® Understand viscosity ratings
® Oil classification codes

Additional Information

Quality of Supertech Oil

Most people often get suspicious with regard to the quality of the oil. They are so surprised that such effective oil is available at such a low price which makes them suspicious about the quality of the product. However, the oil offers the best quality. The oil complies with all the standards and regulations set by the government which ensures it to be a high-quality product. Even it has been licensed by dexos which ensures that this product has good quality.

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Cost of Supertech oil

The oil is available to us offline or online. From Wal-Mart it is available to us at an average cost of $20 (i.e. the price of SWA 5W-30 motor oil). Similarly, you can buy any other. The price depends on the amount and the grade of the oil. You can also compare the price on Amazon or eBay.


Buying the best oil for the car is the most important step because this will make your car more durable and healthy and will run your car smoothly. So choose wisely the oil. Supertech oil solves this problem and every car owner knows that Supertech oil is the best for their cars and their pockets as well. Supertech is one of the most popular brands which serves you with excellent quality at an affordable price.

So this was all about Supertech oil. I hope the article has guided me in the right direction. I hope you have enjoyed the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Should we go by brand name or not?

The answer is both yes and no. We all have misconceptions. The higher the rates, the more good the oil is. It is wrong. Sometimes it is possible that you can get a good deal in a lesser amount also. All you need is to search the right fuel for the engine but it must meet your requirements. Check the compatibility of the engine and then buy the right oil for you.

And of course, find the right fuel that goes great with your car’s engine. As I said, it is necessary to understand the brand type and learn everything about fuel.

Q2. When to change the oil?

There is no general rule made to find this out. However, you should change the oil more often so that you may function smoothly. It doesn’t matter whether you use Supertech or Mobil 1 you still need to change the oil. Well, many experts have different opinions.

According to some, you should change after 3,000 miles while some recommend changing it when it turns 5,000 miles. For some, when it reaches 7,000 miles.  But I would suggest changing it within 4-5 months or when you notice the following indications:

® When the oil replacement indicator starts blinking
® When the texture of oil feels rough
® You notice some kind of noise irregularly
® The oils turned black and had lost their transparency

When you observe any such kind of indications then your car needs fresh oil. Sometimes you may get these indications early but don’t worry maybe you have covered a long distance that’s why.

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