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Vehicle Registration Number | What It Is | How To Apply [2020]

How do you identify a car and suggest if it is from your native state or not? You look at the number plate mentioned on both front and back bumpers of the car and look for a registered number.

Every state requires the drivers and the car owners to register their vehicles through the Regional Transport Office. That’s the first basic step to drive your car on the road with legal permissions. For this, a car must have a dedicated Vehicle identification number and it must be registered by the Government.

What is the Vehicle Registration Number?

If you’re unable to find what the vehicle registration number is- it’s your license plate number and it is unique for every car that you see. This registration number is a combination of letters and numeric digits that is set to uniquely identify any vehicle that is on the road.

Usually, the pattern follows with a shortcode of the native state followed by a combination of digits or letters. There is no official restriction on the combination of the registration number and so each of the states can choose their own set of numbers as they see fit.

How to apply for the Vehicle Registration number?

The only way to apply for a vehicle registration number is to approach the vehicle registration of the office of your state. There should be a registered office present for every city where people come up for the application. But to get the registration number, you need to get an application from the RTO. You need to provide your vehicle details with official papers of your purchases and then you can get a registration number. It’s not the fastest procedure, but it’s the only way by which you can claim a registered number from the RTO.

Difference between VIR and VIN

A lot of people get confused between what the vehicle registration number is and the vehicle identification number. No, they are not the same. They are two different things about any car. If you are confused between them, here are some differences that you must know.

  1. The VIN is the 11-digit unique identification number. The VRN is not that big. However, it’s the identification of registration.
  2. The VRN is issued by the government and you can get a certification for it. However, the VIN is issued by the manufacturer. You may get a document about it.
  3. The VRN may change if you apply for new registration of your vehicle at a different state. The VIN of a car can never change and no two vehicles have the same VIN

Final Talk

If you’re confused about what the vehicle registration number is, it’s the same as your license plate number. When you get a certified document from the Government, it represents the same. But finding it on the papers may be a daunting task as the format to the certificate may vary from state to state.

A lot of states offer this number as the plate number or the title number. However, all these documents will read out the same. But it’s not the only place where you can find the registration number. You’ll be able to see it on multiple other documents of your vehicle as well.

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