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What Is Dielectric Grease Used For? Does Dielectric Grease Conduct Electricity?

The use of dielectric grease has become an important component for any mechanical power tool or device. By basically, placing a dab of this great lube directly on the connectors and clipping or snapping it together will help keep a strong dampness-free and erosion-free system. Every engine and power tools require maintenance. 

Before using this first you need to know what Is Dielectric Grease and applying it all over the engine system and flushing it could prove to be important. There are multiple other reasons why it is important to have a dielectric grease compound with you. Here is a quick guide on what dielectric grease is.

What Is Dielectric Grease Used For

Purpose of Dielectric Grease

It is a lubricant intended to keep electrical associations clean and consumption-free. It isn’t intended to improve electrical availability. And rather, it is just intended to maintain an electrical network. So if everything is working when you apply dielectric grease, if it works for you as it has for me, you won’t have any issues other than the occasional wore out bulb.

It does not matter what type of trailer association you have. If it is a 4 post, 5 pole 5, 4 flat, 5 flat, 4 way, 5 way, 6way, 7 way, right blinker, left blinker stop signal, 1 cycle, 2 Pole, 4 flat, 4 cycles, 7 blades, 7 round pin, 9 round pin. Any electrical association can cause you headaches, and a little dielectric grease will go far in avoiding inconvenience.

How to use Dielectric Grease?

Step 1

Take a small wire brush and clean up the male closures of the association point. Then add the grease and interface the two finishes together. Because of boat trailers ducking into the water, each time you put your boat into or recover your boat from the water, a proper consumption-free electrical association is also important if you want your lights to keep working.

Step 2

Apply it at all places of electrical associations, including the ground. The association highlights the towing vehicle and the lights’ interfacing points, and all wire spiced areas. To put it plainly, any place there are electrical associations, disassemble and clean the area.

Step 3

Utilize a wire brush or sandpaper if necessary to clean the area. Then, preceding reassembly, place a liberal amount of dielectric grease to the association focus and reassemble for inconvenience-free lights on your boat trailer using dielectric grease. It’s straightforward and easy to do.

What is Dielectric Grease used for?


The source of most boat trailer light issues is a poor electrical association. Either a bad ground, helpless association of wires, or at the mark of association with the towing vehicle site connector or a light attachment connector. If any of these focuses are corroded, you will have inconveniences with the lights on your trailer.

Lawn Mower

Your tire issue may be caused by an air leak from the valve stem. These stems are easily replaced, and they can be purchased at any auto repair store. Be certain and apply a grease touch to the stem before embedding it and check for leaks after inflating the tire.

If the motor starts but the blades do not engage, check the belts on the deck to guarantee that they are adjusted properly. You may have to contact a repair company if the belts are helpless and should be adjusted or replaced. Belts can be somewhat difficult to fix.


Now, dielectric-based grease is actually grease made with a combination of dielectric soap and oils. All grease has either an oil or synthetic liquid base and is then blended in with a thickening substance to make it into a partially strong lubricant. 

Grease has a certain thickness that guarantees its viability as a partial string and causes it to hold its consistency under extraordinary conditions or conditions. 

Although grease does disperse over the long haul, its characteristics make it a solid lubricant that can get into hard-to-get places and withstand all machine capacities and pressing factors. Dielectric type grease is a solid lubricant to use for heavy obligation machine capacities.

Roller Bearings

The most generally utilized lubricant is grease for roller bearings because it is cheaper and easier to be applied. With the increase of its popularity, the decision in grease gets broad. Wellness is essential for everything. Therefore, when you pick dielectric grease, you should consider wellness. It is vital for picking the grease. 

Grease determination is more complicated than the decision of dielectric grease. Picking the right grease for your bearings is a higher priority than picking the best-quality grease.

Do you need a grease gun to Apply Dielectric Grease?

With the advances in innovation, the cutting-edge purchaser has a great deal of variety in the re-greasing devices. The clients of such gadgets must go through broad training to operate the gun. Lack of proper training can actually lead to over or under lubrication of the bearings, the two of which can take a cost for its life. Then, there is the danger of contamination. 

A small amount of trash in the grease or inside the device’s spout can permanently damage the bearing. Recollect that we are dealing with exceptionally high pressing factors of the request for 7500 to 10,000 PSI relying upon the type of the gun being utilized. 

The pressing factors applied by the gun are equally important to be noted. A few bearings cannot bear the pressure to the degree of 500 psi. Naturally, if you utilize a gun having a yield of 7500psi, the bearing lip can be damaged. Furthermore, a few bearings may be placed in difficult-to-access areas; naturally, you need to search for a gun that can help you reach such hard targets.

With regards to putting away, remember that this device cannot withstand high temperatures. Along these lines, could you keep it in a cool and dry place? When not being used, cover the grease apparatus with a towel or a fabric to forestall dust gathering on it. Lastly, never at any point leave the grease device compressed when not being used. We should see which 5 best grease firearms on the market are.

Does dielectric grease conduct electricity?

This is a common misconception that people think about dielectric grease. If you go through the chemical properties, you would understand that it is a silicone-based grease that is applied to stop any formation of corrosions. However, the grease does not conduct any type of electricity.

How to apply dielectric grease to connectors?

  • The first thing that you need to do is to keep all the electrical components safe. Make sure that they are properly covered and grease is not applied to the path of any electrical wire.
  • You can now set up a grease gun to move forward. With the help of this device, you can locate specific areas and connectors on where to apply the grease.
  • Go slow and apply the grease properly on the connectors.

Things to Keep in Mind

Except for grease, there are many other sorts of lubricants that are also extremely helpful for bearings. You can pick them relying upon bearings and their specific work. The temperature range is a vital point for picking most lubricants. 

If the lubricant can’t deal with the high temperature, it is conceivable that it cannot work under high velocity. That is to say, and you ought to pick low-temperature lubricants for low-temperature occupations, on the other hand, utilizing high-temperature lubricants for high-temperature occupations.


By utilizing the segments intended for marine use and taking an opportunity to make great associations, and always installing the right breaker for the wire gauge and gadget, you are ensuring. You won’t ever lose valuable fishing time attempting to sort out why your profundity locator, savaging motor, or whatever electrical gadget you need quit working because of loss of power. Lubrication isn’t just important but essential for all working machinery and machine parts. There are all sorts of lubricants for different machine operations; therefore, knowing which one you need is vital to benefit from your machine. Proper lubrication gives you a 100% performance level and allows your machinery to be more durable while acting as a defensive layer for your machinery.

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