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Error Code P0700 | How Do You Fix a Transmission Control Malfunction [2020]

Today in vehicles various types of diagnostic troubles are found like p0700 code, P2646, P0456, p0155 trouble code, and many others. Importantly the matter of fact is that, that the customers or users of the vehicle do not know how to confirm that whether their vehicle is having such errors and how to be safe so that they don’t have to face such issues in future, and how to get rid of such errors if they have any of these. Here in this article, we will be having a full look at the p0700 engine code,  you will get to know how to recognize the error, how to check it, and causes of the trouble which are better to know before only facing the prior consequences. 


P0700 code, generally found in the cars with OBD-II. Being a generic code it only signifies general issues relating to malfunctioning of the transmission control system of the vehicles with including some other diagnostic trouble codes in it. p0700 code does not tell the exact issues arising inside the vehicle which we need to detect. Specifically, the transmission control module detects this error under the transmissions happening inside the vehicles. Further, we’ll let you know how do you fix a transmission control malfunction.


Now you might ask how to know if P0700 trouble code is present in your vehicle, so here we have some symptoms which your vehicle might show if it has this trouble code.


Primarily the most direct way to know whether the vehicle has a P0700 error is to check the Engine light. If the engine light is illuminating then it’s a direct indication of the presence of troubles in the vehicle and the trouble code set can be p0700.


If your vehicle is showing less fuel efficiency or its fuel consumption is more than in other normal days it uses to be before, then you should show your vehicle to the mechanic your vehicle might have a p0700 error because of which this is happening.


We should understand that there might be a presence of trouble codes also because p0700 always includes some other trouble codes occurring with it.


If you are unable to shift your gears nicely or any other unusual change which does not allow you to ride smoothly then your vehicle may have a p0700 error code.


You cannot detect this issue by yourself. You need to go to the mechanic who will see if this mode is alright or not by checking the RPM rate of the vehicle. Good Fail-safe mode ensures direct correct working of the transmission process in the vehicles which p0700 importantly affects.

What can cause a p0700 code

Here are some causes of p0700 error code which one should know before and after any sort of issues faced by the vehicle:

1. Faulty TCM

p0700 code refers to TCM to check the transmission going inside the vehicle. So if the TCM is not working properly then it may show p0700 error even after it may not present there in the vehicle.

2. Short in the wiring

The short circuit in the wiring also detects the 0700 error code in vehicles.

3.Transmission issues

Since p0700 engine code refers to TCM to check transmission issues, if there will be any transmission issue present then p0700 will be found in the vehicle.

4.Defective Transmission solenoid

Transmission solenoid regulates the flow of fluid in the automatic transmission. So if there will be any problem in it TCM will detect and show the p0700 error code.

5.Defective Transmission fluid

If the transmission fluid level is low or it has become old then there might be an issue in the transmission leading to the p0700 error code.

6.Defective engine coolant sensor

If the sensor may not work properly it can show the p0700 error even without its presence or in some cases it may generate the error by reason.

7. Mechanical wears flakes

The mechanical wear causes flakes inside the transmission body which hinders the proper fluid flow and other transmission processes. This also causes a p0700 error code.


  • Look at the freeze frame data in which you can see the state of the engine by checking the engine torque, RPM. Simultaneously, check the slip speed, lockup duty, and output shaft speed whether they are normal or having any unacceptable changes.
  • Test the TCM by connecting a scan tool if they do not communicate well there might be some fault in the TCM. So replace it with a new one.
  • Replace or repair the underuse transmission solenoid which might not be working well due to which the transmissions inside the vehicle are taking place incorrectly.
  • Replace the old valve body & engine coolant sensor.
  • Replace the old & dirty transmission fluid which may not be performing the transmission as desired.
  • Take the data before resolving the fault and compare it with data after the test drive. If the data is showing positive results then do not change anything in the vehicle. But if the error code’s data remains the same then resolve it again.
  • Remove the flakes that mechanical wear generates, by changing the transmission components and body after use for a long duration of time.

What would it cost to remove the P0700 error code?

Valve body-320-900

Not only these things but there are many other aspects like electric wires issues, checking tools & equipment costs which will increase the total cost. But if there is a need of changing some specific parts only then it will cost less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to be sure that the trouble code P0700 is no longer present?

We should check whether the data present on screen is changing to normal data or is it the same as when we detected the trouble by using the freeze-frame. The diagnosis should not be less so you should think before removing the error and also do not over-diagnose, like making the repetitive changes in the components to remove the error. 

Q2. How serious is the P0700 error code to our vehicle?

First of all, not only the P0700 error but we should remove every possible error arising in our vehicle. Likewise, P0700 is an error relating transmission, therefore, any problem in this may generate problems in fuel consumption, gears, and engine malfunction which are some very primary types of equipment of our vehicles and if they do not work properly on time it may cost this our lives.

Q4. What does being a generic error of P0700 mean?

Usually, there are two types of Diagnostic trouble codes present one is generic, and the other is manufacturer specific. The P0700 error code is a generic code which means we can easily know about it through the internet only and can resolve it by making the transmission component of the vehicles having OBD-II transmission work properly.

Q5. What are the precautions that one should take to avoid P0700 trouble code?

The causes which we have mentioned above are also the things of which we should take care of time to never meet with this generic P0700 trouble code. We should check the internal body of the transmission components and replace them as soon as possible after observing any sort of unusual changes in the driving experience or fuel mileage of the vehicle. 

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